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"Vegeta means nothing to me. He’s not my king. I chose Zhukin–"
Cyleria, refusing to bow down to King Vegeta

セレリア, Sereria
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Great War

Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series: Genocide Escape saga (cameo)

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten (mentioned)

The Monster and the Maiden

Black Dawn

Species: Saiyan
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Cucubita Mountain, Planet Vegeta
Birthdate: December 21, Age 703
Date of Death: September 25, Age 737
Birth Power Level: 107
Maximum Power Level: 2900
Personal Pronouns: わたし/あたし
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 112.8 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Rank: Elite warrior
Organizations: Zhukin's tribe (Age 703 - Age 720)
Vegeta's tribe (Age 720 - Age 731)
Frieza's Empire (Age 731 - Age 737 )
Favorite Food: Meat
Favorite Vehicle: Space Pod
Hobbies: Training, hunting, spending time alone
Family: Layeeck (husband)
Ledas (son)
Chari (granddaughter)
Olivien (grandson)
Nir (grandson)
Layeeck's Elite (former teammates)

Cyleria (セレリア, Sereria) is a Saiyan in Dragon Ball: The Great War and is the protagonist of Black Dawn. She is the mate of Layeeck and the mother of Ledas.



Cyleria is slender Saiyan who is slightly tall for a female Saiyan, though she is still shorter than her mate. She has medium black hair and blue eyes. Like all female Saiyan warriors, she fights shirtless, but that works since her breasts aren't massive. She tends to wear long pants and leather arm guards otherwise. After being put into the Planet Trade Organization, Cyleria wore the chest armor without the shoulder pauldrons. She also wore the skirt guards - but without the crotch guard. Her armor's colors were purple on black usually, though she was known to wear a model similar to Bardock's on occasion. Her undersuit was a light purple. She also wore soft purple wrist guards and armored purple boots, similar to how Bardock did. Cyleria's scouter is blue. Her aura is medium-blue.


Cyleria is a talkative, intelligent Saiyan. As well, she is quite stubborn. While a skilled fighter, she usually does not like fighting as seen by her refusal to do so under Zhukin's orders. Due to Saiyan culture, she is not very motherly, instead leaving her son to be raised by his warrior father.


Dragon Ball: The Great War[]

Cyleria was originally a member of Zhukin's tribe. In the third chapter of this story, when King Vegeta's group entered Zhukin's settlement, Cyleria was the female Saiyan who threatened Ocra and Layeeck. However, the two didn't seem to be too perturbed by her words.

At the start of the fourth chapter, Ocra was attacked by Cyleria in Cyleria's attempt to get revenge on the recently-deceased Zhukin. After a short but intense battle, Cyleria defeated Ocra and nearly killed her before Layeeck stepped in and saved Ocra. Layeeck then fought Cyleria himself. The two dueled for a while before Layeeck defeated Cyleria. Then he tried to get her to swear fealty to King Vegeta and stop fighting for a dead king, but Cyleria refused. He threatened to take her to King Vegeta if she kept being hostile, which would almost certainly result in her death, so Cyleria stopped being so stubborn and let Layeeck take her back to camp. He held her as a hostage during this time, as he was not completely sure of her loyalty; when he later went to talk to King Vegeta about what to do about her, General Amanito and the Tuffles attacked the camp, forcing the conversation to end before they could come to a conclusion.

In the sixth chapter, when Layeeck returned from the battle at Shintake Square to King Vegeta's camp and entered his tent, he was immediately attacked by Cyleria, who was very angry for being kept as a prisoner by Layeeck. Layeeck subdued her and then explained that he would let her out if she swore loyalty to King Vegeta. Cyleria refused and noted that Layeeck's guards had abused her, which could be seen by the black eye they had given her when she had last tried to escape. Layeeck said he hadn't killed her yet because he saw how capable a warrior she was (after her previous fight with Ocra and him). Cyleria then told Layeeck that she knew about King Vegeta's plan to destroy the Tuffles, as Zhukin had told her about it, but she thought it was stupid and doomed to fail. Layeeck said she should join with King Vegeta, for he was trying to bring their species freedom. Cyleria noted that she wanted freedom from King Vegeta, but Layeeck refused to let her go until she swore loyalty to him, for if she was free to go her own way, the Tuffles would soon kill her (Layeeck stated that the pack survives and the lone wolf dies), and Layeeck did not want to see her die.

During a montage in the seventh chapter, Layeeck and Cyleria were seen sparring, and Cyleria didn't seem so hostile anymore. Later, Zorn tried to do another ambush attack on a different Tuffle patrol force. This time, however, the Tuffles used their proto-scouters to turn the ambush onto the Saiyans. Led by Viros, the Tuffles soon sprung up and attacked the Saiyans from all sides. Layeeck and Cyleria protected Zorn as they trio retreated from the scene. Most of Zorn's army also escaped with him.

In the eighth chapter, Cyleria participated in a battle against a Tuffle army led by Solitarn. She fought with the rest of Zorn's army and was not with Zorn and Layeeck when the two stumbled upon Solitarn. Due to his energy-powered armor, Solitarn was able to briefly overpower both Zorn and Layeeck and was about to kill them when Cyleria appeared and hit Solitarn with an energy blast that melted much of his armor. This caused his energy-powered armor to fail and his strength to drop drastically. Solitarn then threw a grenade at Cyleria, forcing her to dodge and allowing him to run away. However, he did not get far, as Zorn teleported in front of him and killed him. Later, Cyleria helped Layeeck up, as he had been wounded by Solitarn, and they listened to the news that King Vegeta had been captured by the Tuffles. Her demeanor did not change upon hearing that news. She later retreated from the battle with the rest of Zorn's army after hearing that news.

Cyleria was first seen in the ninth chapter when the Saiyans assaulted the Tuffle capital to free King Vegeta. She was with Ocra and Kusa at the start of the battle, hiding with King Vegeta's entire army behind a wall of clouds above the Tuffle capital. After Viros and his army left the city to attack Lascon and the rest of King Vegeta's war council (who did not have any guards with them), Ocra, Kusa, and Cyleria led the soldiers down from the skies to attack the Tuffles. Eventually, Kusa and Cyleria took to the ground and fought together there for a while. Cyleria remained on the battlefield until all of the Tuffles were killed, though Kusa left her to go find King Vegeta at one point.

Near the beginning of the tenth chapter, Cyleria noted that since King Vegeta had killed Zhukin (the king she loved), she could not be loyal to him. Layeeck rebuked her and told her that Zhukin was dead; there was no use remaining loyal to a dead man. He then argued that King Vegeta had united the Saiyans in a way that not even Zhukin could have. Layeeck was very loyal to King Vegeta, and presented him as an excellent warrior and a brilliant leader. He told Cyleria that when King Vegeta defeated the Tuffles and was formally crowned, she would need to bow to him like everyone else. When Cyleria refused to, Layeeck pointed out Ocra, who was nearby playing with her daughter Chaiva. He told Cyleria that King Vegeta was fighting for the next generation of Saiyans (as well as the current generation). King Vegeta was fighting so that the next generation of Saiyans could grow up in better places than the arid badlands and in peace. He then noted that no other Saiyan, not even Zhukin, would have been able to lead the Saiyans so successfully so far. Layeeck then noted that, once the war was over, perhaps the two of them could start a family of their own. Cyleria didn't get a chance to respond, for King Vegeta himself then appeared. After a short conversation, King Vegeta ordered Layeeck to let every Saiyan commander know that they should have their armies ready on the night of the full moon (about seven days from then) to attack the Tuffles. As Layeeck ran off to send this message, King Vegeta commented that Cyleria had found a good mate in him and that once the war was over, Layeeck would become one of King Vegeta's highest ranking advisers, and his family would be treated as family by King Vegeta. Though Cyleria scoffed at the idea that she was the mate of Layeeck, King Vegeta noted that he saw mutual love in their eyes. Cyleria was later seen with Zorn, Layeeck, and the rest of Zorn's army transforming into Great Apes. Overall, Cyleria participated in several battles against Tuffle armies and cities that night and caused much bloodshed and destruction in her Great Ape form before the end of this chapter.

Near the beginning of the eleventh chapter, King Vegeta and Kusa were seen on the steps of their palace while many Saiyans stood below them and knelt. Layeeck and Cyleria were amongst the Saiyans shown kneeling to their king and queen, though Cyleria seemed to be very uncomfortable. Cyleria later went to an alien world with King Vegeta, Layeeck, Nappa, Ocra, and a few unnamed Saiyans. They easily wiped out all native life on that planet. Soon, the Arcosians appeared, and Cyleria silently watched King Vegeta forge an alliance with them. She then went to New Arcose with many other Saiyans and helped conquer the planet for the Arcosians. She killed many natives in the ensuing planet clearing. Later, Cyleria, along with the other Saiyans, received Planet Trade Organization armor from the Arcosians.

Later, in the deleted scene of this chapter, Cyleria and Layeeck took a shower together. Afterwards, they had a short conversation, where Layeeck told Cyleria that King Vegeta had recently sired a son with Kusa. He then implied that he wanted to start a family with Cyleria. In the rest of the deleted scene, the two engaged in various consensual activities that ultimately resulted in Cyleria getting pregnant with her and Layeeck's first child, Ledas. Near the end of this chapter, during a montage scene, Cyleria and Layeeck were shown holding their newborn baby boy, Ledas.

Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series: Genocide Escape saga[]

Cyleria made a cameo in the third chapter of this saga, when she was seen briefly talking with Ocra in a medical bay on Planet Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

While she never appeared in the text of this story, Cyleria was mentioned at several points in The Forgotten. At one point, Layeeck compared Ledas' stubbornness to Cyleria's. Ledas assumed his mother died along with the other Saiyans after learning of his species near-extinction in the second arc of TF. This was later confirmed when he looked up his family's fate in Lenomi's Planet Trade Organization database in the third arc of TF and found that both his father and mother were listed as dead (as well as himself, which was erroneous). Ledas grieved again for his parents in that scene, and that was the last time Cyleria was mentioned in this story.

Additionally, Cyleria appeared in the very first of TF's deleted scenes, where she helped her son clean himself in the shower while revealing to him that she was likely pregnant (although Ledas did not seem to understand this).

The Monster and the Maiden[]

In the first section of this story, Ledas prepared for bed. His mother, Cyleria, asked him what had happened to his face. He told her that Vegeta had punched him (after he had failed to block) and given him a black eye. She applied some ointment to his face and told him how impressive he was for even being able to spar with the prince at his age. She told him that she and his father were proud of him. Then, Cyleria asked her son which bedtime story he would like to listen to that night. He wanted to hear about the Legendary Super Saiyan, as Vegeta and him had been discussing that person earlier (they wanted to become Super Saiyans themselves).

Cyleria sat down on a chair with Ledas and began to recollect the story. In the second section, Cyleria told her son the story of a Legendary Super Saiyan. During the story, she explained that Tahros, the king of the Saiyans roughly two thousand years ago, had alienated many of his governors and military commanders, for he acted like a drunken, partying fool all the time. Slave species began rising up against the Saiyans as Tahros ran out of money. They took over many outer colonies. Tahros only responded to their threat, however, when the slave species began to unite, pooling their armies and ships together.

He appointed his nephew Yaro to be the Supreme Admiral to lead the defense of the Saiyan Empire. This proved a disastrous decision, as Yaro was not only unqualified, but not a particularly intelligent Saiyan. He was often out-maneuvered and tactically undressed by the slave species, leading to massive losses. Yaro lost the support of his soldiers. Tahros' half-brother Akres went behind Yaro's back and took control of 90% of the royal fleet. Instead of fighting off the slave species, he returned to the Saiyans' homeworld and confronted Tahros on the stairs leading up to his palace. There, he slew his half-brother and declared himself the new emperor of the Saiyan Empire. He also said that the Legendary Super Saiyan would come from his loins.

Yaro was then attacked by the slave species' fleets and his meager armada was obliterated, with every last warrior killed in the battle above Poraxes Minor. Then, the slave species' fleets entered into the Saiyan Empire's territory and liberated dozens of planets from its control. After the Saiyan Empire began to crumble following various defeats at the hands of a coalition of rebelling slave species, the Tigahl Empire, sensing weakness in their arch enemy's territory, decided to attack.

It was at that time that the Legendary Super Saiyan emerged. Ledas was shocked to learn that she had been a woman. Len lived on Planet Margous, which was under the command of Commander Radichus, who was loyal to King Tahros. Akres sent Daikoros, his best warrior, with a fleet to Margous to take back the planet from Radichus. What ensued was a massive fight with millions of Saiyans on each side attacking one another for control of the outpost. Before Cyleria could continue her story, she was interrupted by Layeeck returning home.

In the third scene, Layeeck entered his house and took off his armor after a long day of work. He told Cyleria that he had been late because of something to do with Frieza. He was surprised to see that Ledas had returned back to the planet so early. Cyleria told him that Lascon had spent the day with Ledas, although Layeeck already knew that. Cyleria admitted that she was telling Ledas the story of a Legendary Super Saiyan.

Layeeck scoffed, knowing that she was recounting the female Super Saiyan story. In his tribe, the story had gone that the last Legendary Super Saiyan had been a man who could only control his Super Saiyan form in Great Ape. He had ended up destroying the planet he was on, as well as his foes, because he had not been able to control his power. Cyleria did not believe that was true and told Layeeck to stop confusing their son about the issue. She reminded her mate that she came from Zhukin's tribe and that Zhukin was the only known descendant of the last Legendary Super Saiyan, so her tribe's tale had to be more accurate than Layeeck's.

He replied that if that were the case, then Paragus' son should be the Legendary Super Saiyan, and there was no way that was true, given how weak Paragus was in comparison to other elites. Cyleria wondered why Layeeck hated Paragus, but he told her that he did not hate the man, he was just stating facts. Then, the two parted ways, as Cyleria carried Ledas to his room, for he was close to falling asleep. The boy asked his mother to continue the story of Len. She told him that the next major point in the story was the battle of Torben Fields, which was a part of the story that Ledas had never heard before.

In the fourth scene, Cyleria recounted to Ledas how Len and her brother Cilano had tried to escape from Margous while Daikoros' fleet attacked. Daikoros' forces overwhelmed Radichus, forcing Len, Cilano, and the few survivors to flee out of the outpost and to Torben Fields, which was just outside the city. There, Daikoros and his men surrounded the last of Radichus' warriors. Daikoros personally dueled with Radichus and killed him. Afterwards, he asked if anyone would step forward to avenge their leader, but nobody did. So he ordered his men to butcher the survivors. They took out two-thirds of them. Then, Daikoros told them to take the remainder as prisoners.

Cyleria glossed over the fact that Daikoros' men raped many of the survivors. Nevertheless, one of the soldiers came and took Len away from her brother so that he could rape her. As he walked off with Len thrown over a shoulder, Cilano chased after him and punched him in the nose, making him fall to the ground. The man went to kill Cilano, but Admiral Daikoros stepped in and prevented it. When the soldier complained that his pick had been Len, Daikoros asked him to take another. He refused, so the admiral killed him. Then, he took Cilano and Len to be his own slaves.

Next, Cyleria told Ledas about when the Saiyan Empire and Tigahl Empire had clashed. Admiral Daikoros invaded the world of Lipanto, but God-Emperor Mingahl's forces pushed the Saiyans back, resulting in Daikoros' death, as well as most of the members of his fleet. The survivors were taken as prisoners, and the Saiyan Empire crumbled that day. Len and Cilano were taken as prisoners by the Tigahl Empire and brought back to Loru Qir, where they were to be used in beast-taming entertainment for the natives. One day, Cilano was pitted against a Uagoni Viper. He managed to kill it, but it bit him, depositing its parasitoid larvae in his flesh. The Tigahl warriors had to kill him eventually, before the larvae broke free from his skin.

]Ledas was falling asleep, so he missed some of what his mother was saying. Soon afterwards, though, Len transformed into a Legendary Super Saiyan from her grief. She destroyed the Tigahl Empire and left the planet. Ledas began to imagine himself flying and fighting with her. She went next to Idiro VI, the home of the Ever-Apes, Saiyans who would never leave their Great Ape Transformation, for it was always a full moon there.

Ledas drifted out of the story for a bit, coming back when his mother got to the part about the Corvos League geo-turfers using Len to rouse a hibernating beast for them. Ledas grew excited, for he had never heard this part of the story before. She had been able to wake it up with her immense power. The monster, known as the False Nyarin, was actually Main Jaduu, a false Majin who had been created by Bibidi millions of years prior. Len fought Jaduu, but was unable to beat him. He nearly killed her, leaving her for dead on the planet she had awakened him from. Jaduu began rampaging through the Saiyan Empire. Len did not confront him immediately, instead deciding to take some time to train and hone her abilities in her Legendary Super Saiyan form first.

Once her training was complete, she went to King Akres and tried to get his support to help her kill Jaduu. He agreed and sent an army to her location. When that army arrived, they attacked her. Either a full moon or a power ball was unleashed (Cyleria told Ledas that her mother had thought it was a full moon, but she thought that was too convenient, so thought that a power ball, or a similar technique, had probably been used), and all of Akres' soldiers turned into Great Apes. She too turned into a Great Ape, her fur turning golden as she transformed. Most of the apes, including Len, were not conscious during the fight.

Len only became conscious when Jaduu arrived on the planet she was waiting for him on. Sensing his power, she gained control over her Great Ape form. The surviving Great Ape Saiyans ran off. Len attacked Jaduu, but was unable to land a hit. In her Great Ape form, she was too slow, so she cut off her tail and attacked him again. When she did, she showed him her newly-achieved Legendary Super Saiyan form (she had merely been using Super Saiyan before). There were varying accounts of what this form looked like. Some thought that her golden hair became longer and spikier; some thought that her hair turned blood red. Cyleria, however, stated that she believed her mother's (and Zhukin's) story over the others in her tribe when it came to what Len's Legendary Super Saiyan form looked like - her hair was black, but her body was covered in crimson fur, as if she was still partially in Great Ape.

The two fought, and it was a bloody affair. Ledas was falling asleep while his mother described the fight, so he began to imagine, in his head, himself fighting against Jaduu. He used some of his own attacks, such as Kyorra Flash and Playful Galick, against the demon. He pretended he was in the crimson-furred form of Len while he battled the beast. He won just as he fell asleep. His mother had stated, just before he nodded off, that Len had incinerated Jaduu, killing him and saving the Saiyan race.

In the sixth scene, the Starchasers came upon a statue of the Golden Wind on the streets of Loru Qir. Ledas grinned. He told his companions that his mother had known that woman and silently confirmed to himself that the story she had told him so many years ago about the female Legendary Super Saiyan had been true. Memories of his mother and father, of Len and Jaduu, returned to him, and he felt nostalgic and happy.

Black Dawn[]

At the start of this story, Cyleria was looking down at the Royal City of Planet Vegeta at night. She was preparing to suit up for a planet-conquering mission. She noticed many Saiyans and aliens in the streets below her frantically moving to get out of the snow and cold. She tried to find her home amongst the skyscrapers, where she knew Layeeck and Ledas would be eating dinner. For a brief moment, she considered going back to say goodbye to them, but she had not the time to do so. Pride welled up in her throat as she thought about how powerful her son had gotten. He was now Prince Vegeta's training partner, which was a great honor.

As Cyleria was getting changed into her armor, Araegon, who was one of her teammates, walked in. He stared at her bare breasts, his face going red and a bulge forming in his crotch, before telling her that Kolhrai, the leader of their team, wanted Cyleria to regroup with them on the landing pad as soon as possible. Then, he left, though he still gawked at her breasts. She brought up the fact that both of them had families, which made Araegon leave awkwardly.

Soon after, Layeeck appeared. The two kissed. She asked him about Ledas. He told her that their son was going on more and more missions with Prince Vegeta for Frieza. He seemed to be depressed about the boy surpassing him in strength. He asked her when she would be back and she told him a week or so. He was still being standoffish though. She told him to not worry about Ledas' strength, because by defeating the Tuffles, they had created the perfect environment for him to be trained by professional instructors with the best equipment possible.

Then, Layeeck asked her what her opinion was about having more kids. He wanted two or three more, which surprised her, as it had taken him many years to convince her just to have their first child. She told him that they could discuss it when she returned from her mission. She promised that this mission would be her last one before retiring so that she could spend more time with her young son. They said their goodbyes.

Cyleria went down to the landing pads, where she found Kolhrai, Araegon, and Nazumi huddled around a burning ki blast to keep warm. Kolhrai told her that Rutabach, the fifth member of their team, had died of a heart attack earlier, which they deemed an ill omen. They decided to dedicate their mission to Rutabach, but were unable to postpone it due to Frieza's demands. They left at once, Cyleria thinking about the baby in her belly and wondering if it was a boy or a girl.

In the second scene, Kolhrai's team landed on the snowy world they had been ordered to conquer for Frieza. The natives were weak, so Kolhrai ordered the team to split up to make the job go faster. Nazumi attacked the nearest town in a bloodthirsty display of ki. Araegon and Cyleria joined in on the fun. They slaughtered the residents of that town. Afterwards, a Planet Trade Organization saucer entered the atmosphere and landed. Kolhrai tried hailing it, but there was no response. The Saiyans flew over to it, finding a host of moderately powerful aliens of many different species streaming out of its entrance.

When they confronted the aliens, the soldiers laughed at the Saiyans and made crude remarks about them. Nazumi wanted to kill them for their impudence, but Kolhrai wanted to call up King Vegeta to see what the best course of action would be. The aliens nonetheless told the Saiyans that someone was coming for them and that they better flee at once, lest they die. As the aliens continued mocking the Saiyans, Cyleria asked Kolhrai for permission to kill them. He denied her, but she attacked and killed one of them regardless, because he would not stop calling her a monkey.

At that moment, Captain Ajisa appeared behind the Saiyans. She told them that Zarbon had sent her to the planet. She asked them where their fifth member was, and Cyleria told her that Rutabach had died. The captain didn't seem to care and stated that it was a shame that she wouldn't be able to kill five monkeys that day. Ajisa attacked Kolhrai with an energy dagger, taking him in the shoulder with it. The others prepared to fight her, however Kolhrai jumped up again and hit Ajisa in the face with an energy blast, destroying her scouter. He ordered his team to destroy their scouters and the scouters of Ajisa's soldiers so that the aliens would not be able to track them back to their space pods. Furthermore, he commanded them to return to Planet Vegeta and tell King Vegeta of Zarbon's treachery.

That just made Ajisa laugh. They would have to get through her before they could leave the planet. Kolhrai and Ajisa conjured up ki blades and then attacked each other. Cyleria, Araegon, and Nazumi focused on Ajisa's troops, making sure to not only kill them all, but to destroy their scouters in the process. Ajisa dominated Kolhrai, but Cyleria prevented Nazumi and Araegon from helping him. They had to flee, to get word to King Vegeta about what had happened on that planet. Cyleria was determined to follow Kolhrai's last command. The three flew off.

Cyleria thought about how, six months prior, she had punched Kolhrai in the face, for she had wanted to be the commander of their team. She regretted that now, thinking that he had been right for the job, even if he was weaker than her. Ajisa picked Kolhrai up and stuck a flaming ki sword in his belly, killing him, as the rest of his team disappeared into the sky.

In the third scene, Cyleria, Araegon, and Nazumi retreated to a mountain range that was somewhat close to their pods. They found it hard to breathe up in the mountains. Cyleria told the others that she did not believe that Planet Vegeta had been destroyed. They talked about the Last Legendary Super Saiyan for a short while, with Nazumi stating that her child had recently come home from the dojo to tell her that the Last Legendary Super Saiyan had been a female. Araegon did not believe it, but Cyleria did, for she had been a member of Zhukin's tribe. She told the others that, being a former member of that tribe, Zhukin had descended from the Last Legendary Super Saiyan, who had been female.

She got a reading on her scouter that two of Ajisa's soldiers were nearby. She told Araegon and Nazumi to fight them while she snuck up behind them, which would allow the three to easily kill those two. Araegon and Nazumi confronted the two while Cyleria circled the skies from above. As they prepared to fight, Cyleria air dashed at the aliens from behind. She was taken out by the third member of their group before she could land a hit, however. He was a green-scaled lizard Inovian, and he introduced himself as Jalipek, telling the Saiyans that his companions were named Habero and Anero.

The aliens demanded that every battle be a one-on-one affair, and so Nazumi and Anero decided to go up against each other first. Habero, who was not wearing a scouter, told the Saiyans that he had given his scouter to Ajisa, so their captain was aware of what was going on. He told them that Ajira was currently clearing the planet of all life and would be joining them once she had finished her task. Nazumi and Anero began their duel. Their fight was short-lived, with Anero dominating her. He hit her energy beam back at her, which nearly killed Nazumi. Then, the female Saiyan rushed him and used the last of her energy to explode, trying to take him out with her. Her attack only slightly damaged Anero, though it managed to blow up his scouter.

Cyleria knew that Ajira would be there soon, so she decided to fight Anero next in order to speed up the fights as much as possible. Habero wanted to fight Cyleria, but Anero countered that since Nazumi had killed herself, his turn wasn't over. Cyleria and Anero's fight was short - the Saiyan utterly overpowered the alien within a few seconds and killed him with a Kyorra Flash.

Next up was Jalipek and Araegon. Cyleria wanted them to fight two-on-two, but neither Araegon nor Jalipek wanted that. Jalipek utterly dominated Araegon. Cyleria used an afterimage to sneak into the air. Seeing that Araegon was about to die, she shot a silvery drill-like energy blast down from the sky at Jalipek. Before it reached the alien, however, he punched his fist through the Saiyan's heart, killing Araegon. Immediately after, the energy attack hit him, and try though he did to push it off of him, it bore into his skin and exploded inside his body, killing him.

Then, she fought against Habero. That fight was long and tedious, as Cyleria had used up much of her energy to kill Anero and Jalipek. Eventually, she landed a devastating uppercut that caused Habero's head to explode. Afterwards, she destroyed Araegon's scouter and then flew off to her pod, hoping that she could get there before Ajira caught up to her.

In the fourth scene, she reached the space pods during the middle of a snowstorm. As soon as she got to hers, Ajira appeared and destroyed it. The captain commended Cyleria for defeating her team but swore that she would not get past her. They fought, with Cyleria using an invisible energy beam to take out Ajira's scouter. Even so, the captain was far stronger than Cyleria. She began to overwhelm the Saiyan whenever their fists clashed. In desperation, Cyleria used an electrical slap attack that destroyed Ajira's eyes.

After that, she was able to get away from the officer. She ran towards the pods, but as she was exhausted, she soon tripped and fell. That didn't stop her, as she began crawling towards them. Just then, a boot pressed down against her back. It was Zarbon. He mocked Cyleria and then stomped down on her chest, shattering her ribs. She pled for mercy, telling him that she had a child, but he didn't care. He released a torrent of orange energy upon her, which killed Cyleria.


Non-combative Moves[]

Offensive Moves[]


  • Cyleria's name follows the normal Saiyan pattern of being named after vegetables. Her namesake is celery.
  • Despite being Ledas' mother, she is never seen in The Forgotten, though her existence is mentioned twice: the first time being by Layeeck, who remarks that a stubborn Ledas reminds him of "someone". The second is during the raid on the vanadium mining facility. There, Ledas searches through the hacked Planet Trade Organization files and finds his mother listed as KIA along with his father and himself.
  • Cyleria is featured in the Raging Blast: DLC.
  • Cyleria's theme is Moment.

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