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Cyan Team.

Episode 1[]

Episode 1: Meet Our Heroes!

It's cold in outer space. Very, very cold. So cold you can feel it in your butt. If said butt was not covered by a tail.

"Raditz!" came a rather annoyed voice from the left corner of the spaceship. Raditz, son of Bardock and brother of the Saiyan known as Kakarot, looked up from the magazine he was reading.

"What do you want, Vegeta?" he yelled into the empty air.

He, Vegeta, Kakarot, Nappa, Broly, and Turles were the only survivors of Planet Vegeta's destruction. In order to preserve their proud race, they had banded together, becoming a team of bounty hunters, free from Frieza's rule. They were known as Cyan Team, the name coming from the small cyan insignia on their chests.

"I need some more toilet paper!" Vegeta yelled from the bathroom, "And you'd better bring it to me right now!"

"Get it yourself!" Raditz said, "I'm busy!"

"Reading indecent magazines?" the voice called again. Raditz cursed, dropped the magazine, and made his way towards the supply closet. Along the way, another Saiyan jumped out in front of him.

"Hey, bro!" Kakarot said, smiling. Raditz stared at him for a minute, then reached down, grabbed some toilet paper, and started to walk away.

"What's wrong?" Kakarot asked, flying in order to keep up with his brother.

Raditz sighed. "Our royal henie wants me to bring him more toilet paper."

"I HEARD THAT!" came a voice from the bathroom.

"Attention, all Saiyans," came Broly's voice on the intercom, "report to the meeting room. We have a mission!"

Episode 2[]

Coming Soon!