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Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Great War
Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance
Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Planet Vegeta
Birthdate: 728 Age
Birth Power Level: 167
Height: 119 cm / 3'11" (737 Age)
135 cm / 4'5" (743 Age)
168 cm / 5'6" (Adult)
Weight: 67 kg / 147 lb. (Adult)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Rank: Super Elite Class Saiyan
Frieza Army soldier (731–737 Age)
Mrovian Elite Vanguard (750 Age– )
Organizations: Frieza Army (731–737 Age)
Mrovian Republic (741 Age–)
Favorite Vehicle: Lance of Mrov
Family: Dogom (father)
Aubere (mother)
Kailon (brother)
Chaiva (wife)
Ocra (mentor)
Salhior (mentor)
Baochoi (son)
Ledas (temporary fusee)

"If you wish to live, you will not try anything when I release you. Do we understand each other?"
A Change of Pace

Cuber (キュバー) is a Super Elite Class Saiyan who is the son of the Saiyan Dogom. He is the main character of Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series. His name is a pun on the word "cucumber".


Like all Saiyans, Cuber enjoys fighting. However, for a Saiyan, Cuber is quite reserved and frequently assesses situations before approaching them, whereas many other Saiyans would rush ahead to fight without second thoughts. Despite this, Cuber is actually an aggressive fighter, and since the start of his training under Salhior, he prefers to apply pressure to his opponents in order to get them to make mistakes he can take advantage of. Although mild by Saiyan standards in terms of his personality, Cuber is not above taunting his enemies, such as mocking the Venators for being weak and boasting to Zarbon through a Scouter that both his elite team and Chukberry were killed.

As a child, Cuber is initially very unsure of his own abilities; this, however, only encourages him to improve himself through additional self-training. Since his successful mission of killing Tenrin, Cuber has become much more confident while maintaining his modesty. Like all pure-blooded Saiyans raised on Planet Vegeta, kid-Cuber ruthlessly kills his targets, regardless of whether or not they pose a threat to him. Unlike many Saiyans who have been shown to lack any empathy towards even their own family, Cuber cares deeply for his father, Dogom, his friend, Chaiva, and his brother, Kailon. Even when he meets Kailon for the first time, Cuber is immediately protective of his younger brother and goes to great lengths to ensure Kailon's safety.

After spending most of his life with the Mrovians and under the guardianship of Salhior, Cuber has abandoned his murderous ways his previous life had encouraged, but his overall personality and tendencies since his childhood have remained largely unchanged.


The Great War[]

During a montage section in the seventh chapter of this story, Dogom and Aubere are seen holding their newborn baby boy. This boy is Cuber.

Near the beginning of the eleventh chapter, Aubere is seen watching her husband Dogom train with their young son, Cuber. Since Cuber is so young, Dogom is not training him very hard. Near the end of this chapter, during a montage scene, Aubere was shown holding her newborn baby boy, Kailon, while standing next to Dogom. Cuber is shown to be with them in that scene.

The Mrovian Series[]

Genocide Escape saga[]

"You mean that imbecile who killed my dad? Last I checked, I burned a hole through his eye."
— Cuber to Zarbon, over the dead Chukberry's Scouter

Cuber, as a soldier of Frieza's Empire

Several months before the Saiyan Genocide, Cuber, Chaiva, and several other Saiyan children are assigned to destroy the capital of another alien civilization in order to force the aliens to surrender to Frieza's Empire. Cuber, Chaiva, and the other Saiyan children are able to defeat the opposing forces with ease, until they approach the capital, which is guarded by several giant warships with relativistic kinetic kill cannons. Only Cuber and Chaiva are able to narrowly dodge the warships' assault, until Cuber accidentally flies into Chaiva's Aurora Bomb, incapacitating him. In her moment of disbelief, the last warship strikes Chaiva with its main gun, knocking her out as well. This prompts Ocra to finish the mission for the Saiyan children. After the mission, Ocra scolds Cuber and Chaiva for their failure, due to the lack of teamwork, and then begins training them to fight together, using a pair of Saibamen as opponents. Once again, due to their lack of teamwork, both Chaiva and Cuber fail to defeat the Saibamen. Cuber then steals a Saibaman seed in order to use it to train himself. After a few weeks of training, Cuber accidentally kills his Saibaman with a Stun Bolt to the eye.

The following day, Cuber, Chaiva, Priyep, Sheliv, and Tinpern are assigned to assassinate and bring back the head of the Space-badger crime lord Tenrin. Priyep and his gang fly off to find Tenrin, while Cuber and Chaiva stay together. After Cuber and Chaiva arrive at a quiet city, about a dozen of Tenrin's men attack them. While the saiyans hold their own for a time and are able to kill or knock out a few of their adversaries due to being stronger, the Space-badgers overwhelm and incapacitate the children, leaving Cuber for dead and capturing Chaiva in order to enslave her to Tenrin. When Cuber wakes, he interrogates one of the defeated but alive Space-badgers, demanding the location of Chaiva, and then receives his answer after incinerating the Space-badger's communicator and ear. Upon arriving at Tenrin's hideout, Cuber kills each of Tenrin's guards until he finds the crime lord himself and a brutally-beaten Chaiva. Cuber and Tenrin fight, with Tenrin gaining upper hand after several seconds. Once he powers up fully, however, Cuber reverses the fight in his own favor and then ends it with a Save the head; dispose of the rest attack, leaving only Tenrin's severed head. After completing the mission, Cuber unshackles Chaiva and brings both her and Tenrin's head back to the Saiyans' Attack Balls.

Cuber puts Chaiva in her pod and sends her back to Planet Vegeta, but before he can get into his own pod, Priyep and his gang stop him and demand Cuber hand Tenrin's head over. When Cuber refuses, Priyep beats Cuber to near-death, takes Tenrin's head, and returns to Planet Vegeta. After she recovers, Chaiva returns to Planet Frieza 184 and retrieves Cuber. Once Cuber is recovered, he and Chaiva have a sparring match that ends in Chaiva's victory. Chaiva then invites Cuber for the two of them to go on missions that have been assigned to other soldiers of Frieza's army. Cuber agrees and the two of them depart for the planet Vestige the next day. When Cuber and Chaiva arrive, the Venators are engaged in a planetary civil war. They find the highest power levels and kill Renis, Shworameh, Yiriskurm, Nyayi, and Yiburu before leaving the planet. In orbit, Chaiva fires an Aurora Bomb that incinerates Vestige's entire surface.

Cuber and Chaiva continue to claim planets for Frieza's empire before the emperor's assigned soldiers arrive at their respective targets. The pair is eventually and once again assigned alongside Priyep and his gang on another mission, this time, to quell a rebellion on Planet Frieza 114. Only moments after Cuber and Chaiva end the insurrection, Ocra calls the two to leave the 114 to a specified faraway planet and to turn off their scouters, informing them that Frieza has turned on the Saiyans and that they must find Cuber's younger brother, Kailon, who was born with an abnormally high power level, even for a Saiyan. Obeying Ocra's orders, Chaiva contacts the other three Saiyans on the planet, and all of the Saiyan children escape.

When the Saiyans arrive on the destination planet, they discover that Cuber forgot to turn off his scouter. Priyep, Sheliv, and Tinpern immediately turn on Cuber and Chaiva. The ensuing fight results in the destruction of the Saiyans' attack balls and Cuber and Chaiva split off from the others. Once they are a safe distance away from the other Saiyans, Cuber and Chaiva are approached by none other than Kailon, who found them using his scouter. Upon meeting Cuber, Kailon mistakes his older brother for Dogom himself, due to the older Saiyan child's resemblance to their father. Chaiva encourages the two to spar in order to gauge Kailon's strength. The toddler proves to be fairly strong for his age, but is still weaker than the older Saiyan children.

A few days later, Clen, Ayato, and Ryugon arrive on the planet. Clen is the first to go after Cuber, Chaiva, and Kailon, who are hiding in a forest, intending to ambush their enemies and catch them off-guard. Clen, however, is aware of the Saiyans' location via his scouter and evades their energy wave volleys. Before Clen can do anything else, Ayato fires an energy wave volley of his own from above, scattering those below. Cuber and Chaiva remain together and face Ayato, who proves to be stronger than the Saiyans individually, but struggles to fight both at once. Ayato is able to incapacitate Cuber to isolate Chaiva for himself, and then taunts Chaiva with the news that he was the one who murdered Ocra. Despite Chaiva's anger, Ayato is still able to gain the upper hand. Just as the enemy is about to finish Chaiva off with a Full Power Energy Wave Volley, Cuber detonates Ayato's own attack in front of his face with a Stun Bolt, weakening the alien tremendously. With the support of Cuber, Chaiva is then able to overpower Ayato and shatter his skull with an Unyielding Haymaker. Moments after Ayato's death, Kailon, chased by Clen, returns to Cuber and Chaiva.

The children flee into the nearest set of trees that have not been burned down, with Clen taking his time pursuing them. With little choice, Chaiva cuts off Kailon's tail and creates a Power Ball, transforming herself and Cuber into Great Apes. However, Clen hides among the trees and successfully removes the Great Apes' tails without sustaining any damage himself. Before Clen can finish off the Saiyan children, Kailon unleashes his full power and shatters the raptor's skull with a Saiyan Bolide attack. Cuber, carrying the sleeping Kailon, and Chaiva then make their way to the space pods of the Planet Trade Organization soldiers, but are stopped in their tracks within several minutes by none other than Priyep and Sheliv.

Chaiva fights Priyep, while Cuber fights Sheliv. In the middle of Cuber's fight with Sheliv, Kailon wakes and attempts to help his brother. Before Cuber can stop Sheliv from attacking Kailon, Priyep grabs Cuber from behind. Cuber is able to break free of Priyep's grip by biting his fingers, and then returns to help Kailon, who is losing to Sheliv. Cuber stops Sheliv's assault by grabbing her by the throat, and then having Kailon kill her with a Shoenken. After Sheliv's death, Cuber assists Chaiva in fighting Priyep, who eventually weakens enough to be defeated by the Flawless Synergy team attack that sends him into space. Priyep, however, returns and attacks Cuber and Chaiva with his Final Defiant Cannon, prompting them to respond with a Fusion Cyclone and Great Ape's Roar, respectively. The combined power of Cuber's and Chaiva's energy beams overpower Priyep's and vaporize the opposing Saiyan.

The three Saiyans continue their way to the Attack Balls, but are stopped by Buto. Before Buto can kill them, however, Dogom arrives to fight Buto and orders the Saiyan children to find his space pod and wait for him. After Dogom kills Buto, he meets up with the Saiyan children, and then the four Saiyans leave the planet to find another. On the new temporary planet, Dogom spars with Kailon to gauge his power and is impressed. However, Chukberry, who had been pursuing Dogom for many months, arrives. Knowing that they had no hope of defeating Chukberry, Dogom orders the children to escape the planet and telekinetically throws them to their space pods. Dogom does his best to hold off Chukberry, who manages to destroy the children's space pods as they try to escape. On his dying breath, Dogom uses his Kyukyoku no Kamu Sho self-sacrificing technique on Chukberry, but does not do enough damage to cause any substantial injuries. The alien finds the Saiyan children, who survived being shot down, and to entertain himself, he decides to give the Saiyans two chances to try to kill him. He effortlessly survives the trio's most powerful energy wave attacks, but Cuber is then able to kill Chukberry by burning a hole through his eye. With Cuber and Chaiva taking Dogom's space pod and Chaiva taking Chukberry's, the Saiyan children leave the planet in order to continue their survival.

Nitro saga[]

"It's not broken...but I'll break it for you."
— Cuber to Lunuma, who's Scouter reads Cuber's Power Level as lower than hers despite the former having effortlessly dodged all of her attacks

Five and a half months after Dogom's death, Cuber, Chaiva, and Kailon continue to journey from planet to planet, training to become stronger in hopes that one day they will be able to avenge their species. Chaiva continues to stay ahead of Cuber and has not lost a single sparring match against him. The Saiyans land on Planet Nitro 297, having unknowingly entered the territory of Nitro, Frieza's younger brother, due to the fact that the computers of the children's' Attack Balls, disconnected from the Planet Trade Organization database, were outdated. In a desperate attempt to hide any traces of their presence, the Saiyans wipe out all of the Planet Trade Organization soldiers on the planet, but Nitro, along with some of his strongest warriors, arrive before the Saiyans can escape. Nitro offers to have the Saiyans join him and resorts to ordering Nukket to brutally beat Cuber in order to convince them to take his preposition. This, however, angers Kailon, who transforms into his Proto-Super Saiyan state for the first time. With his newfound power, Kailon proceeds to slaughter Nitro's warriors, while Chaiva flies Cuber to his space pod, promising to get Kailon after the toddler kills their enemies and reunite at the destination planet.

Two years later, Cuber arrives on the planet Glaysia, which possesses one of the primary research facilities of the Mrovian Republic. Cuber's arrival in Mrovian territory is reported to Supreme Admiral Salhior as well as the Mrovian High Council. While the Council wishes to have Cuber euthanized, believing the Saiyan to be a danger to their people, Salhior, considering such an act to be cruel, convinces the Council to allow Cuber to live and agrees to contain the Saiyan on Glaysia. Aware that Saiyans are warriors, Salhior gives Cuber a chance to fight for his freedom, but being far stronger than the Saiyan boy, the Mrovian Supreme Admiral inevitably defeats him with ease. Following the duel, Salhior asks Cuber how the Saiyan boy ended up in Mrovian territory. Cuber answers Salhior truthfully, telling him the events that led him to the Mrovians. Kailon supposedly fought Nitro, and he and Chaiva were to catch up with Cuber after Kailon's victory. Knowing that Nitro is still alive, Salhior informs Cuber of the fact and both he and Cuber can only assume that the space emperor killed Cuber's companions. Given that Nitro's empire had been expanding in the direction of the Mrovian Republic, Salhior decides to train Cuber and take the Saiyan as his student.

Salhior trains Cuber on the training ground of the Lance of Mrov and teaches the Saiyan how to sense energy. After two years since Cuber's arrival, Salhior decides to have Cuber spar with his daughter, Aysuida, who is easily the second most powerful Mrovian physically, having inherited a portion of Salhior's abnormal strength. Aysuida initially looks down upon the Saiyan boy, but after fighting him briefly, she is impressed with Cuber as he had far exceeded her initial expectations. With her newfound respect for Cuber, Aysuida agrees to keep Salhior's training of the Saiyan a secret from the High Council. Aysuida continues to spar with Cuber over the next several years.

In the year 750 Age, slavers of the Galactrix Arena invade Glaysia. While the Mrovians are capable of killing off the weaker foes, the stronger slavers prove to be too much for the defenders. Cuber arrives just in time to protect the Keeper of the Hidden, Ashuroas' ship, from destruction, and then proceeds to wipe out the remaining attackers, each with a single Explosive Shine. The Mrovian High Council, having witnessed Cuber's actions via recorded footage, allow the Saiyan to live freely among the Mrovians, and inevitably due to his strength, Cuber joins the Mrovian Navy and receives his own suit of Mrovian combat armor.

In March 766 Age, Nitro's forces invade the Mrovian colony of Kuludug. The Lance of Mrov along with a battle group of several other Mrovian ships jump to the colony's aid. Upon the Lance of Mrov's arrival, Litri, one of Nitro's stronger soldiers, mentally corrupts several dozen Mrovians to fight on his side. Salhior deploys Cuber to eliminate Litri, and the Saiyan does so swiftly with the Cuber Special. After killing Litri, Cuber tells Guirrom, the Mrovian Admiral of the Kuludug battle group, to withdraw her warriors from the largest gathering of Planet Trade Organization soldiers before wiping out the opposing army with a Super Explosive Wave. All enemies, except for Lunuma, within several square kilometers of Cuber are killed within the blast. Lunuma underestimates Cuber, due to the Saiyan repressing his power. Cuber initially toys with her briefly, evading all of her attacks, but then destroys her scouter by powering up to his full strength. Lunuma attempts to escape, but Cuber intercepts and kills her with a Bolide Finish. When most of the invading forces are pushed back, Nitro himself arrives, prompting Salhior and Guirrom to begin evacuating the planet. Although the Mrovian weapons shoot down Nitro's ship, the Arcosian lord wipes out a large amount of Kuludug's defenses in one sweeping energy wave. Cuber immediately rushes to fight Nitro and is outclassed, beaten to near death by Nitro's physical strikes and Crazy Finger Beams. Before Nitro can finish Cuber off, the Lance of Mrov teleports Cuber back into itself.

After Cuber's defeat, he requests Salhior to continue to train with him in order to become strong enough to defeat Nitro. Nearly six months later, Nitro's forces, led by Fassfu, invade Typhon. Salhior sends Cuber to the research colony to defend it from the Planet Trade Organization soldiers. There, he encounters none other than the adult Chaiva, who attacks him. Cuber soon notices that Chaiva is attacking him sloppily and realizes that she is merely testing him. Intent on saving the Mrovians, Cuber telepathically informs Chaiva that they can continue their fight later, but he is here to kill Fassfu. Chaiva responds by telling Cuber that she can kill Fassfu, while she needs him to kill Kaesh, Fassfu's subordinate; Nitro has invaded Mrov, and the forces sent to Typhon were a diversion. Cuber trusts Chaiva and the two fly to the surface to face the two Arce-Albumians, who stationed themselves on the surface. When Chaiva makes her intentions clear to her former allies, Fassfu attacks her out of anger of betrayal. Kaesh attempts to help her commander, but Cuber stops her and kills her swiftly with a Shine-Drill Combo into an Instant Shine-Drill. As per his agreement with Chaiva, Cuber leaves for Mrov and tells the Mrovians of the plan and asks them to trust Chaiva.

Cuber arrives at Mrov just in time to prevent Salhior from impacting the surface after the now-true-form Nitro had blasted the Supreme Admiral with a very powerful Kiai. As Salhior retreats, Cuber demands from Nitro what happened to Kailon, seeing that Chaiva is still alive. Nitro confirms Kailon's death, motivating Cuber to go all out. Cuber holds his own against Nitro in his true form, but after an intense fight, the space emperor decides to power up to fifty percent of his full strength. The less-restrained Nitro effortlessly beats Cuber down, but before he can finish the Saiyan off, Chaiva intervenes, having succeeded in killing Fassfu. The two Saiyans then try to attack Nitro with energy wave volleys, but the Arcosian stops all of their attacks with a Super Explosive Wave that also blasts them into the ground. Nitro decides to target Chaiva first, and impales her just under the sternum with his tail. This seemingly-fatal attack awakens Cuber's Super Saiyan transformation, and showing no mercy, the new Super Saiyan swiftly kills Nitro with his Off the Stratosphere attack. Shortly after Nitro's death, Quoeyg informs Cuber that the Mrovians have collected Chaiva's body and that she will survive, much to Cuber's relief.

Cuber defeats Chaiva for the first time.

Chaiva fully recovers in a few days, allowing the Saiyans to have their formal reunion. Cuber then asks the Mrovians to build a structure to serve as a battlefield for his fight with Chaiva. The High Council agrees to Cuber's request, constructing an immense tower that reaches to the bottom of Glaysia's ocean, with its roof being the site of battle. Cuber and Chaiva have their fight, after years of not sparring. Cuber, being stronger, inevitably claims his first ever victory over Chaiva, defeating her with a Stylish Drill.

Chaiva tells Cuber and the Mrovians of Nitro's relatives who are still alive, prompting Salhior to begin sparring with Cuber in an effort to catch up to the Saiyan in strength so that he will be ready to deal with these threats should they ever arise. During one of their sparring sessions, Cuber asks Salhior if he can go with Chaiva on a brief vacation, to which the Supreme Admiral agrees. The Saiyans first travel to Planet Nitro 338 in order to enjoy the view of its canyons during sunset and nighttime, and then they travel to a bar on Choriban's Glow where they catch up. Chaiva mentions helping Nitro kill space pirates, which catches the attention of three Jolean pirates who happen to be in the bar. The pirates approach the now-drunk Chaiva from behind and attempt to persuade her to leave the bar with them. Recognizing the Joleans as pirates, Chaiva pushes Cuber forcefully out of the bar and initiates a fight, knocking her opponents out of the building and pursuing them outside. Annoyed, Cuber goes Super Saiyan and intervenes by telekinetically holding Chaiva and two of the pirates in place. The third tries to attack Cuber, but loses his head to the Super Saiyan's eye lasers. Cuber convinces the pirates to leave and then apologizes to the bartenders before taking Chaiva back to their transport. To make up for Chaiva's mess, Cuber has one of his ship's Mrovian repair drones to repair any damages his partner had caused.

Return of an Ancient Enemy[]

"Get outta here! This is my world."
— Cuber, as he destroys the Ziz with a Lightspeed Wave

In the following year, Chaiva gives birth to her first child, Baochoi, and she and Cuber take turns raising their son as both now serve in the Mrovian military.

In Age 770, a large group of Ravenous Soldiers led by a Sentinel invade Mrov via Instant Transmission. By the time Cuber, who had just put his son to bed, arrives at the scene, Chaiva had already eliminated the threat. Shortly after the Ravenous' initial invasion, Cuber and Chaiva decide to temporarily relocate Baochoi to Glaysia under the voluntary care of Guirrom.

The Super Saiyans prepare to face their opponents.

Within a few days, the Leviathan, the moon-sized leader of the Ravenous, arrives, embedding its tentacles in the planet's crust and absorbing its biomass. Cuber and Chaiva approach the Leviathan to destroy it, but it is guarded by the Ziz and the Behemoth, its two most powerful children. While the Ziz and Behemoth fight the Super Saiyans, Aysuida cuts into the Leviathan in order to destroy it from the inside. The two-on-two fight is initially even, but the Super Saiyans eventually prove to be more of a match for even the mightiest of the Ravenous. After the Ziz falls to Cuber's Lightspeed Wave, the Saiyans destroy the Behemoth with their Shining Knee team attack. With the main threats eliminated, Chaiva turns her attention to the Leviathan, enters the hole Aysuida had created only to find the Mrovian in the jaws of three Sentinels. Chaiva kills the Sentinels that have Aysuida in their grasp, and then heads for the Leviathan's "core," housing its brain and heart. Chaiva promptly destroys the Leviathan's vitals with a Sacred Finisher, putting an end to the Ravenous once and for all.

Kaperssian saga[]

Cold Vengeance[]

"Shit, she’s stronger than I am; my attacks are barely fazing her. I’m going to have to keep my distance. This will have to be a war of attrition."
— Cuber to himself, shortly after discovering that Yuki is more powerful than he is

Baochoi, now at the age of 9, spars against Salhior and Aysuida while teamed with his father. Baochoi only attacks with Lightning Stomps and each time he does, he accidentally hits his father as well. Still, Cuber is able to prevail against both Mrovians. No more than a few days after the sparring session, Yuki arrives at Typhon with her small fleet. Saibron immediately notifies the Mrovian home fleet and Cuber promptly makes his way to Typhon.

By the time Cuber arrives, Yuki had already destroyed the Fortress of Attainment, which housed all of the warriors and the entire research team of Typhon. Yuki is there to avenge her father, leaving Cuber no choice but to fight. Sensing that his opponent is stronger than he is, Cuber fights defensively, keeping Yuki at bay with Stun Bolts and Keep-Away Kicks. Yuki, however, eventually loses her patience and pursues Cuber with more effort, eventually beating him down. When in a state of being unable to fight back any longer, Cuber briefly accepts his death, but then laments being unable to see his loved ones again; the thought of leaving his family behind angers Cuber, granting him a burst in energy. As he fights Yuki in his new enraged state, he transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 mid-battle and briefly overwhelms his opponent. However, he soon runs out of energy, having been considerably injured and regresses back into the first level of Super Saiyan, allowing Yuki to continue her ruthless torment.

Before Yuki can land the finishing blow, Ledas arrives, barraging Yuki with an energy sphere barrage and blasting Cuber away in the process. Ledas, as a Super Saiyan 2, challenges Yuki to a fight, prompting the latter to transform into her Fifth Form Super Saiyan 2 transformation. As the two fight, Quoeyg informs Cuber of the Mrovian fusion device and instructs the latter to retrieve it from Typhon's research facility so that the Saiyans can fuse into a more powerful being strong enough to combat Yuki. By the time Cuber finds the device, Ledas himself is already nearly as injured as he is. Cuber, with what strength he has left, makes his way to Ledas as quickly as possible and then activates the device, merging the two Saiyans into Cubas.

Cubas is considerably stronger than Yuki, but with the injuries sustained from both fusees and not used to his body, the fight starts off even. Eventually, Cubas is able to gain the upper hand, but before he can kill his opponent with a Kyorra Cyclone, Yuki uses a point-blank Explosive Wave that briefly blinds the fused Saiyan, buying her enough time to escape and hurl a Supernova at Typhon. Cubas catches up to Yuki and pummels her relentlessly, but then notices the Supernova's point of impact. As Yuki gloats, the Saiyan fusion blasts her with At World's End, seemingly killing her. Typhon explodes shortly after, knocking Cubas unconscious, but the fusion device sustains him on life support.

Chaiva retrieves both Cubas and Yuki. By the time Cubas awakens, he is fully healed and separates back into Cuber and Ledas upon removal of the device. Chaiva confirms that Yuki is being held in a Dimensional prison and informs Cuber that the High Council wishes to speak with him. The three Saiyans speak with the High Council via a communicator in the Glaysian research facility, and the Mrovian government urges for Yuki to be executed. Chaiva, however, refuses the High Council and Ledas tells them of the Dragon Balls that can undo the damage Yuki had wrought. Retaining some of Ledas' memories from being fused with him, Cuber confirms Ledas' statement and ultimately, all parties agree to keep Yuki alive whilst Cuber goes to Earth to revive the Mrovians of Typhon.

Cuber, Chaiva, Ledas, and Baochoi arrive at Earth and go to the Capsule Corporation headquarters for the Dragon Radar. When they arrive, they have a feast and meet Vegeta. Afterwards, the Saiyans travel to a remote location far away from the city in order to spar. Cuber and Chaiva team up to fight against Vegeta, all of whom start at the first level of Super Saiyan. The teamwork of Cuber and Chaiva proves to be too much for a Super Saiyan 1 Vegeta to handle, so the prince elevates himself to Super Saiyan 2 before firing off a Big Bang Attack. In order to challenge Vegeta's attack, Cuber quickly powers up to Super Saiyan 2 himself and blocks the energy sphere with a shield, protecting himself and Chaiva. Before Vegeta and Cuber can continue fighting, Goku intervenes in order to fight the new Saiyans himself. Like with Vegeta, Cuber and Chaiva overwhelm Goku, who then powers up to Super Saiyan 3 and defeats his opponents with ease.

The next day, Cuber travels alone with the Dragon Radar to collect the Dragon Balls. The first two he gets from the Morizakura-gumi, which had been trying to collect the Dragon Balls for itself, and then he retrieves the rest from miscellaneous isolated locations. Once Cuber summons Shenron, he first wishes for the Mrovians killed by Yuki to be revived. Saibron and the other Mrovians appear at the location of their death and await to be rescued while their suits sustain them in space. With this in mind, Cuber requests Salhior and Aysuida to travel to the location of Kailon's death so that they can retrieve him safely. While Cuber waits, Yamaguchi, the leader of Morizakura-gumi, orders two of his henchmen, Akagi and Yamato to reclaim the Dragon Balls. The gang members attack Cuber, who kills them effortlessly. When Salhior notifies Cuber that he and Aysuida are ready, Cuber wishes for his brother to be returned to life.

With Kailon revived, Cuber returns the Dragon Radar to Bulma and travels to Glaysia with Baochoi. He reunites with Kailon aboard the Lance of Mrov, and Kailon tells Cuber of the afterlife and that he had been "keeping up with current events" due to the Grand Kai updating him about Cuber's life with live broadcasts. Cuber and Kailon then spar on the battle platform of Glaysia, both in Super Saiyan form. To end the otherwise-even fight, Cuber powers up to Super Saiyan 2 to defeat Kailon quickly, finishing with a Shining Back Kick. After the sparring match, the brothers head to the Glaysian research facility for healing.

Heart of the Dragon[]

Powers and abilities[]



  • Brain Surgeon – Cuber front-kicks the opponent in the eye with his right foot, and then shoots a blue-white energy wave out of his foot into the eye socket
  • Double Cyclone Burst – After being forced into a forward flip away from his opponent, while upside down, Cuber fires a pair of translucent blue ki bolts, each out of an outstretched palm.
  • Energy Kick – An orange-white energy wave fired out of a kick
  • Eruption – A blue-white Exploding Wave that is initiated in a similar manner to the original Kamehameha
  • Explosive Shine – A blue-white, short-range Explosive Wave that pushes the opponent away or launches him/her/it vertically.
  • Eye Lasers – A pair of thin blue-white energy beams fired from the eyes
  • Fusion Cyclone – A very powerful energy wave fired out of Cuber’s right palm with an intense orange-white glow
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy attack, fired as a bolt or sphere from the palm – Cuber's basic ki blasts are blue-white in color
  • Lightspeed Wave – Cuber afterimages to end up right above his opponent before left-palm-striking him/her/it from above and firing off a downwards white energy wave out of said palm.
  • Mouth Energy Wave – A massive blue-white energy beam fired from the mouth – only used in the Great Ape transformation
  • Planet Drill – A very powerful blue-white energy beam fired from both index fingers of interlocked hands
  • Save the head; dispose of the rest – After incapacitating his opponent with the Escape Velocity attack, Cuber flies up to his opponents body, grabs his opponent by the hair with his left hand, lifts the opponent's body up, presses his right palm against the opponent's back, and then from his right palm, Cuber unleashes a green-white energy wave, incinerating the opponent's entire body, leaving only the head.
  • Self Destruction – The release of all of one's energy in a suicidal explosion – Cuber does not follow through with this attack, having been temporarily saved by Chaiva from Nitro
  • Stun Bolt – A blue-white energy beam fired from two fingers (index and middle) on the right hand, with the hand in the shape of a gun – typically fired in barrages
  • Super Explosive Wave – A massive blue-white energy explosion released from Cuber's body in all directions


  • Diamond Tail – A powerful clockwise tail sweep to the legs
  • Dogom Flip – From below the opponent, Cuber performs a forward flip, first hitting the opponent with his tail, which is followed by an axe kick
    • Shining Dogom Flip – Cuber vertically launches the opponent with an Explosive Shine, follows the opponent up into the air, and then strikes the opponent with a Dogom Flip.
  • Drill Kick – A downward kick while spinning the entire body like a drill
    • Double Drill – A Drill Kick on the ground right next to the opponent that launches him/her/it with the explosion it causes, followed by another, more-powerful Drill Kick from above
    • Stylish Drill – A finishing Drill Kick preceded by jumping off a vertical surface
  • Energy Punch – A punch infused with orange-white ki
  • Escape Velocity – A very powerful flashkick that vertically launches the opponent
  • Face Crusher – Cuber first does a double foot stomp on the ground next to his opponent, using the impact to blast him/her/it away. As the opponent is flying, Cuber hits him/her/it with a right aerial reverse roundhouse kick, and then finishes off with an aerial right overhand to the head.
  • Flawless Synergy – In one swift sequence, Cuber grabs the enemy by the collar, Chaiva left roundhouse kicks the enemy in the back, the enemy breaks Cuber's grip only to have Chaiva push his face into the ground, Cuber flashkicks the enemy over Chaiva's head, Chaiva catches the enemy by the ankle and back-kicks him to Cuber, Cuber hits the enemy with an Explosive Shine followed by another flashkick that sends the enemy further past Chaiva, and then Chaiva sends the enemy into outer space with an Ending Knee.
  • Fluttering Vortex – While spinning in the air, Cuber rapidly alternates between right reverse roundhouse kicks and left roundhouse kicks.
  • Grounded Explosive Shine – Cuber grabs his opponent by the throat, uses both his hands to lift the opponent above his head, slams the opponent into the ground, shoots the opponent with a barrage of Stun Bolts, and then finishes off with an Explosive Shine.
  • Hardest Read – Predicting that his opponent will try to get behind him, Cuber winds up a very powerful right flying reverse roundhouse kick aimed at where he expects his opponent to end up
  • Keep-Away Kick – A right flying back kick with an orange-white energy wave coming out of the foot
  • Knee to Drill – Chaiva performs an Ending Knee on the opponent, sending him/her/it to Cuber, who finishes with a Drill Kick
  • Lightning Stomp – A double foot stomp with plasma arcs surrounding Cuber's legs
  • Lightspeed Dart – An exceedingly fast shoulder-tackle of which Cuber glows blue-white, surrounded by a thin layer of orange light
    • Lightspeed Dunk – Cuber flies past the opponent as quickly as he can as he palm-hooks him/her/it from above
  • Nastiest Combo – A left flying curving knee, followed by a Drill Kick, followed by a Stylish Drill, followed by one final Drill Kick that sends the opponent downwards
  • One Chop Man – A downward vertical chop to the collar
  • Reliable Finisher – A combination of physical strikes that lead into a right flying back kick
    • Cuber Special – A Stun Bolt, followed by a jab, followed by an Explosive Shine, and finished with a right flying back kick, all in quick succession
  • Saiyan Bolide – Cuber charges his aura around his body, and then impacts the opponent with his head.
    • Bolide Finish – Cuber first hits the opponent upwards twice, with a right scorpion kick and an Explosive Shine, respectively, and then finishes the enemy off with a Saiyan Bolide.
    • Disrespectful Bolide – After launching his opponent over a cliff, Cuber jumps onto the opponent with his left leg that is covered in blue-white ki.
  • Shine-Drill Combo – Cuber vertically launches the opponent with an Explosive Shine, and then flies over the opponent to send him/her/it back down with a Drill Kick. This process is then repeated a number of times.
    • Instant Shine-Drill – Cuber vertically launches the opponent with an Explosive Shine and then as quickly as possible, he flies above the opponent to finish him/her/it with a Drill Kick.
    • Off the Stratosphere – A Shine-Drill Combo that ends with an Explosive Shine before a final Super Explosive Wave
  • Shining Back Kick – Cuber vertically launches the opponent with an Explosive Shine and then as quickly as possible, he strikes him/her/it with a right flying back kick
  • Shining Knee – Cuber knocks the opponent towards Chaiva with an Explosive Shine, and then Chaiva finishes off with an Ending Knee.
  • Shining Split Kick – Cuber vertically launches two opponents with an Explosive Shine, and then immediately separates them from each other in opposite directions with an aerial split kick.
  • Singularity Strike – An extremely powerful flying reverse roundhouse kick that creates a small pitch-black energy sphere at the point of contact in additional to unleashing an immense orange-white energy wave
  • Tectonic Slap – In Great Ape form, Cuber repeatedly slaps the ground with his right hand, creating an explosion with every strike.
  • Unyielding Haymaker – An incredibly powerful straight with the right fist, whilst the fist is surrounded by blue-white ki
    • Imminent Evisceration – First, Chaiva roundhouse kicks the opponent away and then charges up a Volcano Slam. As the opponent is flying, Cuber jumps to the other side of him/her/it and punches the opponent with an Unyielding Haymaker back to Chaiva, who subsequently brings her leg down through the enemy's torso.


  • Afterimage Technique – Shifting so rapidly between two locations that an "afterimage" is left behind from where Cuber left
  • Bidirectional Fluidity – Rapidly dashing towards and away from the opponent, weaving in and out of his/her/its melee range in order to confuse him/her/it
  • Energy Shield – A blue shield made of ki that surrounds the entire body and can block most attacks
  • Flight – The ability to use ki to fly
  • False Drill – While the opponent is on the defensive, Cuber throws out a Drill Kick, but drifts back just as the opponent launches his/her/its counterattack, allowing Cuber to punish his opponent after evasion
  • Ki suppression – The ability to suppress one's own ki
  • Power Ball – A white energy sphere that serves as a makeshift full moon, enabling the Great Ape transformation without the presence of an actual full moon
  • Reflecting Energy Shield – A blue energy shield that surrounds the entire body and sends projectiles back to where they came from
  • Saving Bolt – A ki-transferring variant of the Stun Bolt that also slows the momentum of the target
  • Telekinesis – The ability to use ki to manipulate other objects

  • Great Ape – A giant, gorilla-like form that has ten times the Power Level as that of Cuber's normal state – as a Saiyan with a tail, Cuber can achieve this form
  • Super Saiyan Cuber

    • Super Saiyan – The most basic level of Super Saiyan that multiplies the user's Power Level fifty times
      • Full Power Super Saiyan – The mastered state of the first Super Saiyan form that grants significantly increased endurance and power
    • Super Saiyan 2 – The second true level of Super Saiyan that multiplies the user's base Power Level one hundred times

    Super Saiyan Blue Cuber

  • Durability – Far beyond the capabilities of most living organisms
  • Ki Sense – The ability to sense ki without the use of a Scouter
  • Speed – Far beyond the capabilities of most living organisms
  • Strength – Far beyond the capabilities of most living organisms
  • Zenkai – The ability to achieve massive boosts in strength, durability, speed, and reaction times after recovering from being beaten to near-death

  • Attack Ball – A space pod used for interstellar travel – no longer in use as of 741 Age
  • Battle Armor – Armor worn by Planet Trade Organization personnel – no longer in use as of 741 Age
  • Jump field projectors – Fields generated by Mrovian structures that enable teleportation across distances within 1 million kilometers
  • Mrovian combat armor – A fully-sealed powered armor worn by warriors of the Mrovian military
  • Mrovian neural implant – A communicator surgically implanted into the brain in order to enable interstellar communication and to teleport Cuber's armor onto or off his body
  • Mrovian transport – An unarmed space ship that houses dozens of passengers
  • Lance of Mrov – The flagship of the entire Mrovian Navy, where Cuber is frequently stationed aboard
  • Scouter – A communicator used to read Power Levels – no longer in use as of 741 Age