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This article, Crazy Buu's Fury Series, is the property of COOLMAN12234555896.

Crazy Buu's Fury series (Crazy DragonBall Z Buu's Fury Series [CBFS]) is DragonBall Z Buu's fury edited series with different playble characters and costumes Edited by COOLMAN12234555896.

Crazy Buu's Fury Series
Created By
CBFS Videos

The Beggining[]

Two video of the series were uploaded On May 19, 2009 on YouTube "Goten a.k.a. Gohan Goes to High School"and "Vegito is the Great Saiyaman. Then On April 10, 2010 third and fourth video was uploaded on YouTube.

Episode List[]

Great Saiyaman Saga[]

Episode 1 Gohan In The Other World[]

1.Gohan and He's Sword (Deleted Scene)

2.Olibu from Earth

3.Road to Olibu

4.Argument (Deleted Scene)

5.Unmasked (Deleted Scene)

Episode 2 Goten a.k.a. Gohan Goes to High School[]

6.First Day at crime

7.Goten in the Class

8.Gold Fighter???

Episode 3 Vegito Is The Great Saiyaman[]

9.The Transformation

10.Crime Begins

11.Super Vegito in The Class

12.Mayor is Kidnapped

13.Dinoscape (Deleted Scene)

Episode 4 Vegeta, Vegeta, Vegeta and Vegeta[]

14.Around The World with 1 Vegeta

15.Third Vegeta

16.Vegeta vs Goten

17.Gotenks Transfroms

World Tournament Saga[]

Episode 5 Hercule or Not Hercule Part 1[]

18.Great Herculeman

19.Double Turn

20.Goku and Supreme Kai

Episode 6 Hercule or Not Hercule Part 2[]

21.Trunks The Fighting Machine

22.Regular Fight

23.Lamest Fight EVER!

Episode 7 Goku's New Clothes[]

24.Stand Off

25.Videl vs Spopovich

26.Journey to Korin's Tower

Episode 8 Goku fights in Tournament[]

27.The Recovery

28.Super Saiyan 2 Goku

29.Pure Goku's Energy

30.Story about Babidi

Majin Saga[]

Episode 9 Babidi's Spaceship: Piccolo from Stone[]

31.Road to Majin



34.Vegeta vs Pui Pui

Episode 10 Babidi's Spaceship: Videl and Piccolo vs Majin[]

35.Videl's turn

36.One Hit Fight

37.Evil Vegeta returns

Episode 11 The Power of Majin Buu[]

38.Killed By Vegeta

39.Super Saiyan 3???


41.Buu on rampage

Episode 12 Majin Trunks[]

42.Piece of Spacehip

43.Trunks vs Majin Buu

44.Two Helpers


Dragon Ball Saga[]

Episode 13 Pikkon The Explorer[]

46.Find that Dragon Radar

47.Weak Guards

48.Pilaf is Here

Episode 14 Gogeta's Turn[]

49.Energy and Rocks

50.Button Search


Episode 15 3 Minutes till Explosion[]

52.An Airship


54.Three Minutes left

Episode 16 The Ninja Way Of Gotenks[]

55.Ninja Warning

56.Ninjas and Samurais

57.Ninja Boss

Episode 17 Krillin The Mummy Fighter[]

58.7-Star Dragon Ball

59.Four Professors


Episode 18 Team Hercule[]

61.Bandana entrance

62.Run Hercule Run

63.The Last Dragon Ball


Episode 19 Team Hercule vs Broly[]

65.Ghosts, Zombies and Bandits


67.Monster Appears

68.4 Star Dragon Ball

Gotenks Saga[]

Episode 20 Wanted[]

69. First Wish

70. Babidi's message

71. Fusion Dance

72. To Capsule Corp

Episode 21 Goku Without His Halo[]

73.Levels of Super Saiyan

74.Super Saiyan 3 Again

75.Gotenks Reborn

Episode 22 Super Saiyan sound to Majin Buu's ears[]

76.Flying around

77.Gotenks meets Majin Buu


Janemba's Fury The Movie[]

First CBFS Movie

Episode 23 Goku The Hardest Metal in The Universe[]

79.Instant Cutmission

80.The Legendary Z-Sword


82.Old Kai

83.Window Escape

Episode 24 Not Crazy Episode[]

84.One Hour

85.Gotenks Time

86.Time escape

87.SSJ3 vs Majin

Super Buu Saga[]

Episode 25 Mystic Pikkon[]

88.Bye Lookout

89.Rock Smash

90.Mystic Pikkon arrives

91.Fusion Buu

Episode 26 Mystic Buu Lives[]

92.Potara Fusion


94.Gogeta Returns

Episode 27 The Fusion of Gogeta and Gotenks[]

95.Gogeta vs Gotenks

96.The Fusion

97.Vegito Down

Episode 28 Escape[]



100.Inside of Himself

101.History of Kid Buu

Kid Buu Saga[]

Episode 29 Goten's Spirit Bomb Part 1[]

102.Goodbye Earth

103.From Goten to SSJ3 Goku

104.Piccolo is next

105.One Minute

106.Hercule The Hero

Episode 30 Goten's Spirit Bomb Part 2[]

107.Two Buus

108.New Namek

109.Two Wishes

110.Spirit Bomb

111.Another Minute

112.Until We meet again

Episode 31 Until We Meet SSJ3 Again[]