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Corvos League

Before Age 17,046




Universe 8 (main empire)
Universe 7 (outpost empire)


J'taro (Universe 8)
God-Emperor Takkyi’eil (†) (Universe 7)
God-Emperor Lupharzo IV (Universe 7)

Main Members:

J'taro (Universe 8)
God-Emperor Takkyi’eil (†) (Universe 7)
God-Emperor Lupharzo IV (Universe 7)
Elder Circle (Universe 7)


Elder Circle


The Corvos League is an organization originating in Universe 8. It is a conglomeration of various empires, warriors, and intergalactic businesses. The Empire is ruled by the J'taro, a powerful being who possesses two of Zalama's artifacts. In Before Age 3538, the Corvos League began to expand into Universe 7. They actively began trying to take over the Universe by Age 700. At that point, an outpost empire of the Corvos League, led by a God-Emperor and an Elder Circle, began to amass forces to overwhelm the Planet Trade Organization. Following the eradication of the Galactic Bank and the declaration of Pax Arcosia in Age 767, the Corvos League began swiftly expanding into the universe, fully intent on taking it over.


Several thousand years before the events of Dragon Ball, Corvos League scouts employed Len, the current Legendary Super Saiyan to help them wake Majin Jaduu. They were trying to control the false Majin, but he proved too strong for all of them and killed the Corvos League scouts before beginning to rampage around the universe (he was eventually confronted by Len and killed).

In Age 744, the exiled Kai Dekiru bought Linessi and used her to assassinate the current God-Emperor, Takkyi’eil, so that he could steal the man's Transport Cube and return to Universe 10 with it. Linessi was successful in killing Takkyi’eil on Dhennon Xi as well as seven of the twelve members of the Elder Circle. The Cube was destroyed and she stole Tuhanlahir, the Wind of Krakatan (the fastest ship in the universe). This set back the Corvos League's ambitions by several decades.

In Age 758, Audacci received a message from Arlo Ve, an envoy of the Corvos League that went over some ideas for expansion into the seventh universe. She asked the Corvos League for more time for her to get stronger, as any war with the Planet Trade Organization would be costly and she wasn't sure she could beat their strongest warriors as she was

Lupharzo IV, a member of the Elder Circle, was promoted to God-Emperor, while more forces were amassed for the eventual invasion.

Known members[]

  • J'taro (Universe 8) – Leader
  • God-Emperor Takkyi’eil (†) (Universe 7) – Leader
  • God-Emperor Lupharzo IV (Universe 7) – Leader
  • Elder Circle (Universe 7)
    • Audacci
    • Falufulo
    • Fenuwe
    • Sorugh
    • Shorun
    • Bushuka
    • Medler
    • Soglefiẗefyunor An
    • Kelipho
    • Valugua
    • Bercharis
    • Hyir Forlu
  • Arlo Ve


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