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We all know Cooler right? Older brother of Frieza? Well I'm sure we all do, so I'll just cut to the chase.

Goku and Cooler had an epic fight on Earth, while Vegeta was nowhere to be found.

How did Cooler find Goku?

How did Cooler find out about Frieza's death.

All this and more will be revealed, Now.

Well, it went like this. Goku and Frieza was fighting, while every ginyu force member had been defeated already by Goku and then immediately killed by Vegeta.

Jeice of the Ginyu Force, and Salza, of Cooler's armoured squadron were of the same race, therefore from the same planet. Salza and Jeice had a rivary. Frieza came to the planet to takeover. He killed all inhabitants excluding Jeice's clan and Salza's clan. He then tested there strengh by putting them up against Ginyu who easily bested them.

Captain Ginyu: "you may not be as strong enough compared to me, but you kids are good."

Burter: "I don't like the blue one, errrr."

Frieza then departed, leaving Ginyu to make the decision.

Captain Ginyu: "Jeice right? Your in. As for your friend."

Burter: "Hehehehehe! Get ready to die kid," Burter said as he launched a kick towards Salza. In midair Burter was tossed through the air by a lightning fast source.

Captain Ginyu: Master Cooler, he said as he bowed to the new life form.

Recoome: Hey Captain, who's this clown.

Captain Ginyu: Clown, you fool show some respect and bow. This is Cooler, Emperior Frieza's older and more powerful brother.

Recoome bowed.

Cooler: Ginyu leave this planet now. I'll take over from here.

As the Ginyu Force left with Jeice, Cooler recruited Salza, and Salza became Cooler's top soilder in a year's time. But still in all, although Salza got recruited into the stronger part of the organization, Jeice got recruited first, so thats when the hatred filled the air. Jeice was hating Salza for the opposite reason. Jeice was in the organization first, but when Ginyu said that Cooler was stronger than Frieza, he knew that Salza was going to get recruited. Because why would the master's brother show up. Recruiting was the only logical explanation. So Salza and Jeice listened in on each others conversation through the scouters.

Jeice: "That son of a Tyrant, curse Salza, he gets to be leader of his squad while im an underdog."

Salza: "That son of a Tyrant, curse Jeice, he gets a partner that can actually help him and a nick name, Red Magma." Now our story begins here.

Chapter One: The Ginyu Force[]

The Ginyu Force was working directly under Frieza, Zarbon, and Dadoria. Ginyu and Salza had a rivary as well.

Reason One: Because Salza was in Cooler's Armoured Squadron, which Ginyu tryed out for and failed before getting in the lower half of the organization.

Reason Two: Because Ginyu did not accept Salza into the force.

Captain Ginyu had been ordered to destroy Vegeta while on planet Namek. They went there, Guldo was killed brutally by Vegeta. Then Recoome was defeating Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta when Goku showed up.

Goku began to fight Recoome and own with hardly any effort. MeanWhile, Jeice had went to get Captain Ginyu, the leader and strongest of them all. Although his most useful ability was to switch bodies, he has a good amount of battle strength. So Ginyu came and fought Goku while Jeice fought Vegeta. Jeice couldn't handle Vegeta, so Ginyu and Jeice switched, and although Goku was just as strong, Jeice brought the captain some time. Captain Ginyu's body was too weak from his battle with Goku to use his switching bodies technique, so he used a new move he'd been practicing. Captain Ginyu stuck one of his horns into Vegeta's torso, it went through Vegeta's body and out the other side, Ginyu then proceeded to drain Vegeta of majority of his ki.

Ginyu then walked over to his space pod with Vegeta still hanging on his horn. He pulled Vegeta off and put him in the pod. The unconscioous Vegeta was unaware as he was having a flashback due to the pain.

He had a flashback to when Goku first used the kaio ken on him. Then time fast-fowarded to when Vgeta was getting pounded on by Zarbon's post transformation. Meanwhile Ginyu had layed Vegeta in his ship and then turned to rejoin the battle with Goku. Ginyu seen how Jeice was getting owned by Goku, so he signaled to Jeice to retreat and then ran up to Goku.

Ginyu: "Switch bodies." A big, blue blinding light in the flash. Goku looked down at his now purple hands as Jeice escaped in a pod with Vegeta's pod following him (as Jeice had set Vegeta's pod to launch when Jeice took off). While Goku and Ginyu fought Krillin had threw a destruto disk at Frieza's ship, lukily Frieza was fighting Nail. Krillin boarded and regained possession of the dragonballs. Dende summoned the Dragon and wished Piccolo back to life. Then with wish number two wished him to Planet Namek. Wish number three was to restore Goku to full strength. So the third wish not only brought back Goku's energy, but switched him back to his body as well. Now with his phisycal abilities back, Goku prepared to finish Ginyu.

Goku: "Super- Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Goku said as he delivered the final blow to Ginyu.

Ginyu: "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo," he screamed as the blast engulfed him. Frieza then headed to where he last saw parounga. He arrived to find Krillin, Gohan, Dende, and stone dragonballs.

Frieza: "You idiots. You cost me my only chance at immortality, so now you die!" Goku then showed up to join the fray.

Piccolo then arrived 50 miles away. He fused with nail like in the original, then rushed to the Battlefield. Goku and Frieza was fighting by the time he got there.

Gohan with tears of joy: "PICCOLO!!!!!!?"

Krillin phanting: "Pic.. colo... is it... really you...?"

Piccolo: "Yeah, im here alright, hey where's Vegeta."

Krillin: "I dont know! He was helping Goku fight Frieza's elite goon squad."

Goku then stopped fighting once Frieza knocked him under water.

Goku then was telepathically contacted by Piccolo.

Piccolo: "Goku, use the sprit bomb."

Goku: "ok." Goku then rose up with a huge ball of energy.

Goku: "Come on, just a little more."

Piccolo: "Goku, do it now! Its now or never!"

Frieza then looked at Goku. "What is that, a Ball of Energy?"

"Oh No, he's catching on," Goku thought.

"I have to do this fast."