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Dbz Cooler 002

Cooler is one of the supporting antagonist of Dragon Ball: SB. He makes several cameo appearances and has fight with Frieza, Dark Cooler and with Tomoto.


Cooler is quite similar to his canon alternate.


Cooler's personality is also similar to his canon alternate.


1. 4rth Form - Appears in 4rth form during his cameo appearances.

2. 5th Form - Cooler fights Frieza, Dark Cooler and Tomoto in his fifth form.

3. 6th Form - Knowing that his 5th Form wouldn't stand a chance, Cooler transforms into a far more powerful, 6th Form. In this form, he far outclasses Tomoto even as a Super Saiyan and beats the latter to a pulp.

4. Dark Cooler - After Frieza's death, Cooler fights a robotic version of himself known as Dark Cooler to become stronger and restore his family's honor.


Ki Blast - the most basic wave of ki.

Supernova - Cooler makes a huge sun like ball of ki and blasts his opponents.

Dark Supernova - Dark Cooler makes a huge black sun like ball of ki and blasts his opponents.

Blazing Supernova - Cooler uses this attack in his 6th form. Enough to take out an entire star system.

Shred Ripper - Cooler grabs his opponents and pulls their ends, making them burst into two halves. He used this against Frieza when Frieza had a nightmare involving himself and Cooler. Ironically, this move never appears in reality and can be presumed as an 'imaginary move.'

Cooler 6th form

Cooler 6th Form

Dark Cooler

Dark Cooler

Frieza's Dream

Shred Ripper as it appears in Frieza's Dream.