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"Even my dear brother couldn’t get rid of all the rats. It’s just like him to be careless and arrogant. No, even he has several onboard his ship right now."
Cooler, on the Saiyan race

クウラ, Kūra
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Bitterly Bothered Brother (chapter 1 flashback)

The Royal Exception


Memories of a Bloodless Thrall


The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

Species: Arcosian
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Date of Death: Age 766
Birth Power Level: 50,900
Maximum Power Level: 120,000,000 (fourth form)
Personal Pronouns: わたくし, わたし
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 135.5 lbs
Hair Color: n/a
Eye Color: Black
Rank: Co-Emperor of the Universe
Organizations: Cooler's Empire (unknown - Age 766)
Favorite Food: Unknown
Favorite Vehicle: Cooler's spaceship
Hobbies: Ruling the galaxy, training
Family: King Cold (father)
Frieza (brother)
Nitro (brother)
Haimaru (son)
Raimie (daughter)
Arcterial (uncle)
Icer (uncle)
Kuriza (nephew)
Yuki (niece)
Glacial (cousin)
Frost (cousin)
Hail (cousin)
Polaria (cousin)
Avalan (cousin)

Cooler (クウラ, Kūra) is an Arcosian who is the co-emperor of the Planet Trade Organization, along with his brothers Frieza and Nitro. As the eldest brother, his territory is the largest, comprising much of the known universe.


Bitterly Bothered Brother[]

In the chapter 1 flashback, Cooler and his family were staying on a grassy planet. Cooler trained on the planet, honing his power level sensing abilities by chasing bugs with his eyes closed. Early in this story, Frieza confronted his brother. Cooler soon revealed that King Cold was going to give him the planet when he grew a bit older, making it his first planet. Frieza was angered by this, for he thought he was stronger than Cooler (and thus deserved a planet before his brother). Cooler disagreed, noting that he was the older brother and that getting the first planet was his birthright. This conversation soon turned into a fight; during the struggle, Cooler nearly killed Frieza when he started to choke his younger brother, but he let up just before Frieza died, knowing that his father would not be happy with Cooler killing his brother. Then, Cooler returned to his father's outpost alone.

The Royal Exception[]

At the start of this story, King Cold took his brothers and sons to the Pink Oyster Cult on Poonjab VII, which was an adult resort. Within a few minutes of arriving at their hotel room, Cold passed out in a chair with a glass of ice wine in his hand. Uncle Arcterial had locked himself in the bathroom, while Uncle Icer had gone down to the space sauna.

Cooler, Nitro, and Frieza played Space Super Smash Bros. Melee for nine hours. However, after Nitro spammed with a character, Frieza grew angry and threw his remote at the television, destroying it. He shot a Death Beam at Nitro's chest. Cooler made fun of the name of the attack, since it hadn't killed Nitro, but Frieza said he had weakened it on purpose so as to not commit fratricide. Nitro made a snide comment, so Frieza slapped him with his tail. The two got into a fight while Cooler munched on crackers and watched. The two proceeded to seriously damage the room as they traded ki and blows. Eventually, Nitro bit Frieza's tail, so the other Arcosian shot him in the face with another Death Beam. Nitro collapsed and did not get up.

Just then, the bathroom door swung open and out came Arcterial, furious as ever. He was very mad at the children for making so much noise. Cooler explained that Nitro had been spamming, so the fight between him and Frieza had been inevitable. Arcterial didn't care. Cooler refused to say the fight had been Nitro's fault, however. Frieza admitted that he had knocked out Nitro. Arcterial confirmed that the boy would live, then gave Cooler some space woolongs so that he and Frieza could go down to the gift shop and stop bothering him. They were not to return until dinnertime.

Cooler was annoyed, since he hadn't done anything. He threatened to kill his uncle, but Arcterial barked at him to be more respectful. He returned to the bathroom. Frieza questioned what he was doing in there, for he had been in there for a very long time. Arcterial told him to shut up and leave. The boys did so. Once they were outside, they realized they had forgotten a hotel key. Frieza demanded to know how much money Arcterial had given Cooler and wanted to carry it (or at least his half). His older brother refused and remarked that if it came to blows, Frieza would not beat him as he had beaten Nitro. Frieza knew that, so stopped complaining.

They walked to the gift shop, and on the way, ran into a rotund Jolean. The man was obviously drunk and singing to himself. Cooler asked him where the gift shop was. He didn't think they should go, but mentioned that women loved space flowers, so that was all they needed to buy. Cooler thanked the man and the two quickly left. Down by the saunas, they met a pair of Zar-degar girls. The girls tried to coax them into the sauna, but the boys didn't understand why they were trying to do that. When the whores realized Cooler and Frieza were just children, they left in embarrassment.

When they reached the lobby, the boys spotted Nitro inside a shop called The Bald Man in a Boat. Nitro told them that Arcterial had thrown him out, too. He revealed that their uncle had given him a space woolong to spend at the gift shop. Cooler noted that Arcterial had given him and Frieza seventeen woolongs. He split the money three ways, giving each of them six space woolongs.

They browsed the gift shop for a while, but after not finding any candy, Frieza called upon the cashier for assistance. The cashier was a man by the name of Ginyu. Frieza asked him where the candy was. Ginyu said that the shop didn't sell any and called him a midget, which upset the boy immensely. Only his brothers holding him back prevented him from killing the man. Cooler told him that after what he had done to the hotel room, Frieza would be wise not to kill the man, lest he incur the wrath of their father.

Cooler asked Ginyu what the most delicious item in the store was. Not really understanding, Ginyu said that the most exciting item would have to be the deluxe 180 color page Wet Hamster space jugs special magazine, which cost ₩55. Since they couldn't afford it, the boys came up with a plan. Nitro would distract Ginyu while Frieza grabbed the magazine. He did so while Cooler grabbed a bottle of the mango flavored edible lube and brought it to the register. Before Ginyu could ring it up, Cooler opened the cap and sprayed it at him. The man slipped and fell while Frieza flew over the counter and plucked three magazines from the shelf. The boys ran out of the gift shop.

Frieza and Cooler didn't understand the appeal of the pictures in the magazine. Nitro kind of found them to be funny.

As they walked back to the hotel room, they met Uncle Icer at the saunas. He asked them what they were doing there, and they told him about Uncle Arcterial kicking them out of the hotel room. He snatched Cooler's magazine and questioned the boys about it. They did not understand why it was the hottest-selling item in the gift shop. Frieza guessed that the answer was because it was in color, but that only made Icer laugh.

He asked them if Cold had taught them about reproduction yet. He had not; the boys were confused as to why Icer had even brought that up. He revealed that the magazine dealt with that subject. He noted that usually, by their ages, the boys would have learned about the space birds and the space bees, but since their family were mutants, they all produced asexually. He took Nitro and Frieza's magazines too and incinerated the trio. Nitro mentioned that one of the reasons why they were so strong was because they were mutants who reproduced asexually. He gave them a lesson on how most species mated, then said that the boys should be happy that they were asexual, as it meant they didn't have to put up with the jive nonsense of space bitches.

Nitro was sad, for he remembered that the drunken Jolean had told him that women loved space flowers. He began to cry, knowing that he'd never give any to any women. Cooler slapped him. Frieza egged him on to slap Nitro even more for crying in public. Cooler refused. They grew livid with one another. Icer commanded them to leave. Suddenly, Cooler pounced on Nitro. Frieza jumped at him, while Nitro lunged at Frieza. Icer created a glove of ki, and sighing, hit them just before they collided with one another, and knocked them out.


In this story, Cooler was training to become stronger. He was paranoid about his legacy - Cooler believed that the universe would only remember him if he became the strongest warrior in the universe. So he trained. Near the beginning of this story, Cooler could start to feel himself reaching a new transformation. As he trained, Cooler thought back to how disgusted he was with how pompous and arrogant his father and brother had been acting, so he wanted to put a stop to that to restore the honor of his family.

After an intense training session, Cooler woke up to find that he had unlocked his species' fifth form. He was shocked and elated, but determined too. Cooler, now with a huge boost in power, set off to a feast his brother and father were holding. His goal was to kill Frieza (and perhaps his father) and make himself the emperor of the entire universe to restore honor to his family's name and find some glory for himself.

When he arrived on the planet, Cooler was met by his father, so he told King Cold what he planned on doing to Frieza. King Cold was outraged. He transformed into the fifth form himself, revealing to Cooler that he knew the form all along and was strong enough to kill his son if he wanted to. Cooler was shocked and unable to push past his father. Dejected, he left the planet, refusing to attend the feast. He thought he had finally found his identity with unlocking the new transformation, but seeing that his father also possessed the form made Cooler become depressed. He resolved to become even stronger to take out his father and make a better name for himself, but it did not seem like even Cooler believed what he thought.

Memories of a Bloodless Thrall[]

In the third scene of this story, Naemi remembered when Mar Tulvith, the 64th Crimson Emperor, had summoned her to prevent Cooler and the Planet Trade Organization from enslaving the Cyrens. Cooler, escorted by his guards, walked up to Mar Tulvith and punched him in the face, killing him instantly. She attacked Cooler, but he put up a good fight. She wasn't able to land a blow. Eventually, he shot an energy beam at her that wrapped around her body and shot her from the surface of Cyren into space. She came out of her memories in that instant, using an explosive wave to shatter Cooler's energy blast. Naemi found herself drifting through space. She could not sense Cyren nearby, although she was approaching an alien world. In cold resignation, she reflected that she was no longer Ahjivash and that the Crimson Empire had fallen to Cooler. She did not know how he could be so strong. She was happy to be alive, at least.


In this story, Salza, Ginyu, and the Ginyu Force traveled to Planet Cooler 029 in order for Salza and Ginyu to compete to become the new captain of Cooler's Armored Squadron. Cooler judged the contest himself. He mentioned that Salza wanted to be the leader of his Armored Squadron. In order for him to ascend to that rank, he would have to beat Ginyu in a series of tests. Ginyu was not concerned. He thought it would be an easy fight. Salza thought so too; he told his foe that his power level was higher. Ginyu doubted that.

Cooler walked over to a tree, plucked two space coconuts from it, and handed each of them one. Then, he told them that whoever threw theirs farther would become his new captain. Ginyu liked Cooler's creativity, while Salza was baffled that this was his test. After powering up to their full strengths, they threw their coconuts. It was unclear who won that contest. Before declaring a winner, Cooler demanded that they draw a picture of his face in the sand. Ginyu drew his with his toe, while Salza burned a glass picture into the sand with a finger beam. Cooler once more did not indicate who had won, though Salza thought that Ginyu's drawing was indisputably better.

Then, Cooler ordered them to jump into the ocean. Whoever held their breath the longest would win. If either one of them cheated, he promised to personally execute them. Loyally, the two dove into the water without wasting time. A few minutes later, Salza came back up, holding the unconscious Ginyu. Cooler congratulated him, and called both Frieza and Ginyu fools. He told Salza to follow him, as he wanted to introduce his new captain to the other members of the Armored Squadron. Cooler air dashed into the sky, and Salza followed him.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume I[]

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

Cooler like his brother Frieza was a tyrant who ruled over a section of the galaxy. However, Cooler's empire was more vast and sophisticated than Frieza's ever was. While he did destroy many planets, Cooler also had the foresight to leave some to gain resources/soldiers from and govern. This was something which he did not want to do personally.

Cooler instead appointed hundreds of governors to preside over each his of various planets. Guva was one such governor.

Lauto Saga[]

Cooler was not particularly involved in the specific aspects of each of his governors' business. He didn't care about having a Saiyan on one of his planets. So when Guva brought it to his attention, Cooler simply told the governor to do whatever he wanted with him.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume II[]

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

Stomping Grounds Saga[]

As the rebellion was growing more fierce, Cooler set up a council to interrogate and destroy any known traitors. When Ledas was brought to the Stomping Grounds to be interrogated, Cooler was going to sit in on his trial. Cooler was late, and arrived to a partially destroyed building with an escaped rebel. Understandably, he was angry. He then pursued Ledas by himself. He found Ledas on the Stomping Grounds, attempting to find a ship to escape. Cooler then engaged the Saiyan. Ledas refused to acknowledge he was a rebel, so Cooler was forced to kill him with a Supernova. While this attack wasn't actually successful, Cooler believed it was.

Cooler later appeared twenty-one years later. As Ledas was wreaking havoc on the Stomping Grounds, he called a meeting with all of his governors and top generals. In that meeting, he revealed knowledge that his brother Frieza was dead. He also revealed that he was going to Earth in order to seek revenge. Soon after, he became aware that someone was destroying all forces on his Stomping Grounds. Angrily, he prepared to destroy the planet. He sent a governor to the planet in order to rescue Digranite before he destroyed the planet. Then, he destroyed the planet.

While Cooler was never seen again in The Forgotten, he was referenced one more time in his canon trip to Earth by Guva in his Stomping Grounds Saga finale monologue.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume III[]

Volume IV[]



Unknown mutant Arcosian ancestor
~Age 200 (†)
King Cold
Age 764 (†)
Age 767 (†)
Age 766 (†)
Age 764 (†)
Age 766 (†)
Age 764 (†)
Age 767 (†)
Age 767 (†)
Age 767 (†)
Age 767 (†)


  • Cooler is the only main character of the Lauto Saga to be featured in just a single chapter.
  • Cooler is the only main character to not kill anyone in the Lauto Saga. But he is still the strongest character featured throughout that saga.
  • Cooler's scouter is purple.
  • Cooler's theme is Blow Me Away.

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