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Cooler's Empire



Age 766


Southeastern and Northern territories


Cooler (†)

Main Members:

Cooler (†)
Salza (†)
Dore (†)
Neiz (†)
Digranite (†)


King Cold's Empire
Frieza's Empire
Nitro's Empire
Arcterial's Empire
Icer's Empire


Cooler's Empire is the territory of the Planet Trade Organization which is overseen by Cooler. During the imperial maximum (before Frieza and King Cold's deaths), his was the largest territory in the Planet Trade Organization. When it fractured upon Cooler's death, the territory was split between Kuriza's Empire, Arcterial's Empire, and Icer's Empire, with the majority of Cooler's worlds eventually coming under control of Icer following the Pax Arcosia.


Cooler's Empire began when King Cold gifted his son Cooler The Stomping Grounds. For many years, Cooler worked to conquer planets on his own until he had built up a large enough force of minions to aid him in his expansion. While Cooler's territory does not border Frieza's, it does border Nitro's, leading to several conflicts between the brothers in the early days of their empires.

With the conquering of Faeri, Atjoh, and Ctaedi, early in his empire's existence, Cooler ensured that his territory produced the most trade exports and wealth of any region of the Planet Trade Organization.

In Age 739, Ledas crash-landed on Xii and joined the outpost's Planet Trade Organization team, making him the only known Saiyan operating out of Cooler's region. That same year, the Planet Trade Organization Rebels began ramping up their attacks on Cooler's outposts.

In Age 765, after being released from a 20-year long stasis hold, Ledas wreaked havoc upon The Stomping Grounds, killing thousands of Cooler's elite soldiers and many of his most senior officers, including Digranite. The planet was destroyed by Cooler after his soldiers failed to stop the Saiyan, though the boy was saved by Guva moments before the world exploded. At the same time, Cooler had organized a meeting with his most senior governors on Ipha, a moon of The Stomping Grounds, where he informed them that he was heading to Earth to seek revenge for the deaths of Frieza and King Cold.

Known members[]

Subjugated species[]

Planets controlled[]

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