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Connect is a type of absorption, and assimilation that can preformed by nearly anyone.


Connect is performed by sensing someone's spirit and locking their energy onto them the Initator then says Connect and they automatically leave their body and absorb into that person against their will. The absorption takes features of the fusees and if they where clothes they will where the traditional Connected indestructible clothes. A dark blue jacket, white under shirt, dark blue pants, Brownish clothes and boots (depending on the race). However Absorptions like Jaza don't where clothes. While in the absorption the initator cannot die and the absorption last as long as the initator wants it to or if the absorption dies. After that the initator will return to their body. Warp is not limited by age, gender, race, power level or height. Upon fusion the initator will absorb into whatever form the absorbee is in but the result will be forced into his base form (excluding Frieza and Cell).


Connect effects the Initiator and Target on a racial, spiritual, genealogical and biological level, they are two difference between fusion and Warping and that is control and result: The user/initiator is the dominate person in the form, and the initiator's race overrides half the target's race. Connecting is initiated by focus or scanning an energy signal and then shouting Warp, then the initiator is absorbed into the target resulting; two souls, one body and one mind. The absorption lasts as long as the result is alive or until the result decides to split. With great focus the Initiator can access the target's transformations, the technique are instantly present. This absorption can be consented or completed against the target's will.


Those who cannot sense or scan energy cannot preform Connect, and this is same for those who cannot be sensed. (e.g. A human cannot initiate Connect with an Android, however an Android can initiate Connect with a human). Connect cannot be used on someone who isn't under the same existence category as them. If alive person can only absorb with an alive person and dead person can only absorb with an dead person. The absorption can be disrupted if the target blinds their energy signal.

Known Successful Connections[]

  • Jaza (Jamie + Frieza)
  • Vegetunks (Vegeta + Trunks)
  • Iraditz (Ir + Raditz Jr.)