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"I know the fears and doubts that plague you. "How can I survive these battles? Or these opponents?" But I promise you that if you stick with me, I will ensure your survival."
Commander Hale to recruits

"Yes, I am of the same race as Frieza... but let me make it clear to you: myself and the rest of my kind do not share his evil and cruelty."
Commander Hale to Pan

Commander Hale
Commander Hale
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Pan's Ascent
Species: Frieza Race
Gender: Male
Birthplace: N/A
Birthdate: N/A
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Orange-yellow
Rank: Commander
Organizations: Time Patrol
Family: Chronoa (superior)
Future Trunks (comrade)
Pan (comrade, former trainee)
Beetro (comrade)

Commander Hale is one of the leading members of the Time Patrol. He was among the very first of Frieza's race to be allowed into the Time Patrol. When not performing critical missions, he acts as a mentor to newcomers to ensure their survival. He appears in Pan's Ascent.



Hale possesses a brown skin tone, as well as a tan exoskeleton, and olive green gem plates on his head, chest, and across various parts of his body. The sides of his face by his eyes are a grey hue.

Unlike most members of the Frieza race, Hale often wears clothing instead of solely relying on his own biological armor. His chestpiece is a custom-made suit based on bio armor with the same tan color as his exoskeleton, but with the Time Patroller logo on the upper left by his shoulder. His wrists also don tailor-made Time Patroller pieces, which are designed to guard his wrist and upper hand. His preferred pair of pants are military-style olive-green trousers. Aside from when training or when in private, Hale hardly ever shows his feet, and often wears boots, both military-style and based on his bio suit, to cover and protect them.

As both an indicator of his rank in the Time Patrol, he wears a blue two-eyed scouter, which serves to offer him enhanced in-battle vision, as well as being able to pick up audio from far distances, even being able to hear from ki sources he can't track normally.




Their initial meeting was unpleasant due to Pan having lost her family and home planet to Frieza and with Hale himself being the first member of Frieza's race she met since that happened to her. Despite this, Hale still showed much compassion for her, even as she initially struggled in training to the point of nearly giving up on being a Time Patroller entirely.

Over time, as Pan's skills increased and she successfully carried out missions, Hale began to see her as an equal comrade rather than a trainee, and even saw the potential in her to become a leader to the Time Patrol in the future.

Future TrunksEdit



Time Patrol NoviceEdit

As one of the first of Frieza's Race to join the Time Patrol, he initially wasn't well-regarded by most of his fellow recruits, Saiyans especially. Despite this, he was determined to do his part to protect time itself.

The AccidentEdit

He participated in a training exercise in which patrollers in training would spar with a robot of Towa's design built to push patrollers past their limits. Even while some Saiyan trainees scoffed at him, Hale eventually overcame and seemingly defeated the sparring bot. However, he soon found the robot malfunctioning, powering up and attacking him and others in spite of all attempts to shut it down.

When the bot was about to fire at the Saiyans who heckled him including Hakusa, Hale flew in front of the attack, taking the beam in the chest. He was nearly killed as a result of his heroic act and would be looked over by the medic Beetro until he was fully healed.




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