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Coli (Dragon Ball Minus).png

  • Saiyan
  • Gender
    Date of Birth:
  • Age 675
  • Date Of Death:
  • Age 737
  • Debut
  • Fan-Manga: Dragon Ball Minus
  • Occupation
  • Saiyan Warrior
  • Saiyan Colonel (formerly)
  • Allegiance
  • Saiyan army
  • Address
  • Planet Vegeta
  • Relatives
  • Paragus (husband)
  • Broly (son)

  • Coli (大腸菌) is a female Saiyan introduced in Dragon Ball Minus. she is married to Paragus and the mother of Broly.


    Coli is a tall and female Saiyan. She wore a standard black Saiyan armor with small pink shoulder strap. She also wore a blue body tights, Black and White  wrist bands, Black and White Ankle guards, white boots with pink tips, and a green scouter.


    Coli's personality consist of being brave and enjoying the will to fight like most Saiyans in Universe 7. however he does have a gentle side unlike most female Saiyans.

    Dragon Ball Minus[]



    • Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki.
    • Saiyan Power - A genetic trait that continually lets a Saiyan increase in performance against adversity, either by recovering from great injuries or enduring great struggle in battle.
    • Full Power Energy Wave - a full power ki blast attack.

    Great Ape[]

    Great Ape[]

    Lkie most Saiyans, Coli is capable of transforming into a Great Ape after absorbing enough Bultz wave from a full moon or a power ball.

    • Scout-Scope - A non-wearable, computer.
    • Ray Gun - Guns that fire laser beams capable of massive damage.

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