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Cofish are a race bred by Chilled's army which was passed down to Emperor Cicle which was passed down to King Cold and now passed down to, The Frieza force. They appear in Dragon Ball Gamma and it's movies.

History [edit | edit source]

Cofish were weak races untill Chilled picked them up and started breeding them as he saw potential in them, they eventually became powerful, they were hidden in namek saga and slipped out of Friezas army by the Buu Saga as they got too strong for the other soldiers, they found a lifeless planet called Galas, they then lived there and still do.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

They can manipulate air and wind alongside generating it to their own will, it takes practice though. They can even control their life energy which they have a much greater supply of, it is called Genki in japanese.

Members of the Race[edit | edit source]

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