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Manga name Coco
Debut Movie: "Broly - Second Coming"
Fanga: "Cell-X Saga
Appears in
Z Ball
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Human-type Earthling
Gender Female
Date of birth 845 (Fanga)
Address Natade Village
Affiliations Grandfather

Coco is a villager from Natade Village.

Appearance Edit

As opposed to her movie appearance; Coco wears a yellow dress with flowers on it and red flats. While she was observing the fight between Cell and Cell-X; she wore her down and had red scarf around her neck. However, when Broly and Goku arrive she wears the same outfit as her movie version.

Biography Edit

In contrast to movie; Coco lives in piece with her Grandfather until Cell and Cell-X arrived and forced the villagers out of their home as their battle commenced. During the time period; Cell's existence had devolved into mythology and when he showed up to village - the entire village including Coco was shocked.

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