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Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten
Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Species: Cyren
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Age 612
Maximum Power Level: 2,900
Height: 190 cm or 6'3"
Hair Color: Black and red
Eye Color: Amber
Organizations: Planet Trade Organization
  • Frieza (boss)
  • Zarbon (leader)
  • Buto (leader)
  • Ryugon (comrade)
  • Ayato (comrade)

  • Clen (クレン) is a member of Zarbon's replacement team after Ledas and Vegeta killed Zarbon's previous team. His name is a pun on the word clementine.


    After his team of elites is killed by Vegeta and Ledas, Zarbon receives a replacement team led by Buto, consisting also of Clen, Ayato, and Ryugon. Clen and his team are initially assigned to assassinate the crime lord Tenrin who ruled a criminal empire on Planet Frieza 184, but the mission was then given to Chaiva, Cuber, and several other Saiyan children.

    Upon the commencement of the Saiyan genocide, Clen and his team are sent to Planet Frieza 114 to kill Ocra and the Saiyan children she is supervising. By the time Zarbon's elites arrive, the children had already escaped the planet while Ocra chose to stay behind. Clen fights Ocra and is briefly defeated; before the Saiyan can react, Ayato finishes her off with a Full Power Energy Wave Volley, much to Clen's annoyance.


    • Flight – The ability to use ki to fly