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Manga name Clarinet
Debut Fanga: Dark Empire Saga
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race 1/2 Namekian-1/2 Parasitic alien Hybrid
Date of birth Age 950
Status Alive
Allegiance Unknown
Classification Creation
Affiliations Alternate World Piccolo (parent)
Unnamed creators (parent's creator)
Alternate World King Piccolo (parent's genetic material)
Alternate World Watagash (parent's genetic material)
Pilonel (teammate/permanent fusee)
Alternate World Saonel (teammate/fusee of permanent fusee)
Alternate World Pirina (teammate/fusee of permanent fusee)
Alternate World Nail (Teammate/permanent fusee)
Alternate World Dr. Rota (teammate)
Alternate World Guru (permanent fusee of permanent fusee)
Lain (permanent fusee's evil counterpart)

Clarinet is the offspring of Alternate World Piccolo and was created before he was destroyed by Goku Black.

Appearance Edit

Clarinet has green skin and pale yellow patches like all Namekians while having red irises and black pupils. Unlike his father; he doesn't have the cotton ball growing between his antennas as the end of his antennas already have it.

During the 2nd Timespace Rift Tournament; he wears a black and white Shingi Demon Battle Suit.

Personality Edit

Clarinet is similar to Nail in that; he very honourable and heroic unlike his father and is capable of constructing a sentence while his father only spoke in broken sentences.

Techniques Edit

  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense ki.
  • Evil Energy Sensing - The ability to sense sinister energy.
  • Namekian Fusion - A natural ability used by Namekians to assimilate their brethren.
  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects with his mind.
    • Psychic Stone Bullet - A variation of Stone Bullet using telekinesis to hurtle barrage of stone-sized objects at his opponents.
    • Psychic Rock Throw - The ability to launches rock via his telekinesis. Used this to hurtle Beerus' Planet in the Timespace Rift at Alternate World Bardock.
  • Ki Transfer - Clarinet can transfer his energy into objects to harden them.
  • Infection - Much like his father and Watagash; Clarinet is capable of taking control of whomever he chooses.
    • Super Explosive Wave - Clarinet releases a massive burst of energy from his body.
  • Explosive Demon Wave - A powerful energy wave used by Clarinet.
    • Dust Attack - A short-range variation of Explosive Demon Wave.
    • Evil Explosion - A variation of Explosive Demon Wave.
    • Makosen - A weaker version of Explosive Demon Wave.
    • Mayamisen - A darker, weaker version of Explosive Demon Wave.
    • High Explosive Demon Wave - A more powerful variation of Explosive Demon Wave.
  • Dragonthrow - A rush and grapple attack used against Alternate World Bardock.
  • Heavy Finish - A heavy blow to the gut.
  • Crushing in Hands - A grappling technique used against Alternate World Bardock.
  • Scatter Shot - A continuous energy bullet attack used against Raditto.

Forms and Transformations Edit

Empowered Saganbo Heteromorphism Edit

First Stage Edit

While Saganbo was in the audience still Empowered by Moro; Clarinet selected the convict as his host. He has red eyes and has Clarinet's antenna. While in this form; he was able to overpower Alternate World Bardock in both his base and Super Saiyan 3 form but was overpowered by Alternate World Bardock's Super Saiyan 4 form.

Second Stage Edit

The Second Stage is a form taken on by infected Saganbo (Empowered by Moro) during his fight with Alternate World Bardock. In this state; his head changes shape, grows larger, and he gains pine green hair over most of his body while his torso and the rest of his skin becomes the standard green notable by Universe Namekians. He is able to overpower Super Saiyan 4 Alternate World Bardock in this form.

Third Stage Edit

The Third Stage is the final form taken on by Infected Saganbo (Empowered by Moro) during his fight with Alternate World Bardock. In this state; he becomes a huge monster bearing no resemblance to his host's ordinary form. His body becomes the standard shade of green for Universe 7 Namekians from the Alternate World, his antennae become horns, he gains pale-yellow patches on his arms, stomach, and legs similar to a Namekian as well as gaining huge red eyes.

Super Namekian (first fusion) Edit

Main articles: [Namekian Fusion] and [Super Namekian]

After Saganbo's body was heavily damaged forcing Clarinet to leave the Bandit's body and AW Nail being heavily wounded by Raditto; Alternate World Nail convinced Clarinet to uses the Namekian fusion on him.

After his fusion with Alternate World Nail; Clarinet's power gained an immense boost in strength and power thanks to Alternate World Nail previously fusing with Alternate World Guru as well as Nail's Time Power Unleashed state brought on by a Fruit from the Timespace Rift's Tree of Might.

Fused with Pilonel Edit

During the 2nd Timespace Tournament; Clarinet's team consisted of Alternate World Pirina, Alternate World Saonel, Alternate World Nail, and Alternate World Dr. Rota. During the tournament, Pirina and Saonel used EX-Fusion to become Saorina but were fatally wounded by their opponent during the 100-Man Challenge. Clarinet used the Namekian Fusion technique to assimilate Saorina and thus gained a massive power increase.

Equipment Edit

  • Parasitism Tag - Similar to the Fusion Tag; The Parasitism Tag allows participant a one-time ability to use their Parasitic ability and take over a member in the audience or someone from a time rift.
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