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Chun is a human, he is the grandson of Sho an old friend of Shin, Chun first appeared at



Dragonball: Raiden Chronicles Episode 5 The World Martial Arts Tournament Part 1
Appears in
Dragonball: Raiden Chronicles
Date of Birth
Age 733
Sho(Grandfather) Shin(Mentor)
103 lbs.

The World Martial Arts Tournament where he fought and lost to Raiden. Chun is currently one of Shin's students.


Not much is known about Chun's past except that he was raised by his grandfather after his parents died when he was a baby, his grandfather taught him how to fight but he died before Chun's trainning was complete. Chun entered The World Martial Arts Tournament he won his first match but when he fought Raiden in the second round he lost but him and Raiden became good friends he even went to check on him at the hospital after his battle with Kuro. Chun then asked Shin if he could become his student and he accepted, Chun then learned that Shin and Sho were old friends. Later that night he, Shin and Kuro found Raiden transforming into a great ape, Chun tried to snap him out of it but Raiden knocked Chun and Shin into the house knocking them both out. They later regained consciousness and distracted Raiden while Kuro blew up his tail causing him to turn back to normal.


Chun is tall and bald, when he entered the Tournament he wore a green gi with a brown belt, brown wristbands and brown boots. When he became Shin's student he was given a red gi with a black undershirt, black wristbands, a black belt and black boots.


Chun is kind and energetic, he enjoys a good fight and he also cares alot about his friends. He also has an unhealthy obsession with trainning.


  • Afterimage- the ability to move swiftly enough that an image of its user is left behind.
  • Trap Grenade- This attack is performed when Chun puts his hands to his sides, charges his ki and fires an energy ball at his opponent but it scatters into tinnier energy balls surrounding his opponent then Chun crosses his arms and the balls fly at his opponent consuming them in an explosion.