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"Hello, everyone! It's me, the most powerful and beautiful fused being of all. The one and only, goddess, Chroya! The Supreme Saiyan of Time!"
— Chroya's introduction upon being created

Supreme Saiyan of Time
Anime name Kuroya
Manga name Kuroya
Alternate names Supreme-Supreme Kai of Time
Supreme Saiyan of Time
Race ½ Saiyan, ½ Human-type Earthling and ½ Shinjin
Allegiance Time Patrol
Shaya (Fusee)
Chronoa (Fusee)
Zeno (Half-superior)
Future Zeno (Half-superior)
Grand Minister (Half-superior)
Future Trunks (Employee/Partner)
Garia (Employee/Best friend)
Tokitoki (Half-pet/Best friend)
Dragon (Half-creation)

Chroya (クロヤ Kuroya) is the resulting fusion between Shaya and Chronoa, when they merge together through the usage of the Potara earrings. Her voice is a echoed dual voice that contains both Shaya's and Chronoa's voices.


Chroya's entire appearance completely resembles Chronoa, with no apparent traits of Shaya's appearance visible or present whatsover. Chroya's physical appearance showcases a tall, more mature appearance than Chronoa's usual child-like appearance. She looks like an adult with a much shapelier figure, lengthens her hair to her lower back, and changes her outfit's colors into white and yellow.


Upon being created, Chroya quickly presented herself as good-natured, yet slightly arrogant and self-entitled, proclaiming herself as the most powerful and beautiful fused being ever created, while referring to herself as a "goddess" due to her good looks. Nonetheless, Chroya's good nature was her most dominant trait, seen as she quickly disposed of Cell to protect her comrades.

Chroya also retains some of Chronoa's sassy nature, purposely taunting Towa and her allies while cracking jokes and laughing at her own jokes quite exaggeratedly. However, Chroya has also proven herself to become quite serious when the situation calls for it, becoming quiet and calm when focusing herself on Cell.

Being a half-Saiyan, Chroya showcases excitement at the thought of battling, and wishes to enjoy her battles as much as possible, although her divine powers prevent her from thoroughly experiencing this joy as her opponents' powers doesn't match anywhere near hers.


Dark Dragon Ball SagaEdit

During the all-out battle between the Time Patrol and the Dark Empire, Shaya and Chronoa decide to merge together with the Potara earrings after their individual powers weren't enough to stop Cell-X's power. Despite Chronoa becoming rather concerned, her curiousity is even greater than Shaya's and the two females successfully merge with the Potara to create Chroya.

Both Garia and Future Trunks stare in awe at the might power of the merged Chronoa and Shaya. Gravy panics, never expecting Chronoa to fuse with anyone, and slowly retreats from the battlefield. However, Cell-X shows no emotion and simply attacks Chroya, who showcases her ability to manipulate time and space by freezing Cell-X's attack and effortlessly removing the Two-Star Dark Dragon Ball in the blink of an eye, with Garia and Future Trunks being uncapable of even sensing them moving due to her freezing time.

Chroya then charges up an Energy Blade which pierces through Cell-X and slices him in near-invisible pieces. However, Chroya's fusion runs out immediately afterwards, and Chronoa theorises because their powers combined were too much for the Potara to handle, the fusion's time limit decreased from one hour to mere minutes, if not seconds.


Chroya's power was beyond recognition and comprehension, with the extent of her powers being apparently limitless, as she effortlessly destroyed Cell-X completely after her fusees and allies were struggling greatly against the powerful monster. She's also proven herself to have complete control and power over time itself, being to speed up, revert, or freeze time itself for extensive amounts of time, which causes others to be unable to detect her movements, as by their judgement, Chroya's movements happened in the blink of an eye.

However, due to Chroya's immense power, the Potara earrings cannot contain her fusion for long periods of time, decreasing the span of one hour to mere minutes, or seconds, depending on how much power Chroya unleashes during her presence, seen as Chroya diffused after just two minutes after being formed.

Techniques and Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Ki Sense – The ability to sense the energy of other beings. He can also hide his ki to prevent someone else from sensing his.
  • Godly Ki – Being a half-Supreme Kai of Time, Chroya possesses the ability to utilize and sense godly ki.
  • Magic - Through Chronoa's powers, Chroya is capable of using magic and magically-based techniques, as well as to counter/dispel other forms of magic.
  • Saiyan Power – Having Saiyan DNA running within her, Chroya possesses a Saiyan genetic trait that allows her performance to continually increase against adversity, enabling her to heal faster and simultaneously improve compared to before.
  • Healing – Through the powers of her Supreme Kai of Time status, Chroya possesses the ability to rejuvenate anyone and restore them to full health instantly, even if they are on the brink of death.
  • Time Judgement – Chroya summons a giant cloud that shoots a pink blast down at the enemy.
  • Kamehameha – Despite not being seen using, Chroya mentioned she was capable of using the Kamehameha.
  • Energy Blade – Chroya concentrates ki around her hand to create a blade which she uses to slice Cell-X into countless and barely visible pieces.

Forms and TransformationsEdit

Power of Time UnleashedEdit

Main article: Power of Time Unleashed

Chroya Power of Time Unleashed

Power of Time Unleashed Chroya.

Immediately after being formed, Chroya activated her "Power of Time Unleashed" form. Aside from her normal appearance, this transformation grants Chroya a giant Halo on her back. The halo resembles a clock, with the hands points at ten and two respectively.

Chroya's power under this transformation apparently has no limits, with both Goku and Vegeta remarking that even under their Super Saiyan Blue forms they couldn't sense Chroya's energy, despite them being capable of sensing the energy of a deity such as the God of Destruction Beerus, although they cannot sense the energy of an Angel like Whis, showcasing that Chroya's power rivals those of Angels.

During her introduction, Chroya referred to herself as the Supreme Saiyan of Time (とき神サイヤ人 Toki no Saiya-jinshin).


  • Chroya vs. Cell (Cell-X)


  • Chroya is the strongest fused being in the entire Dragon Ball franchise, as her powers surpassed even the God of Destruction and reached the realms of the Angels.
    • Chroya is also the shortest-lasting fusion in Dragon Ball history, lasting only two minutes before diffusing.
  • Before deciding on her name, Chroya went through a few names to call herself, the first being Shanoa (シャノア Shanoa) and the second being Chya (クヤ Kuya), before settling with her current one.
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