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Chou Shen


Chou Shen
Saiyan Name
Shen-shen(by Chou Niwa)
Bishie/Bishonen Saiyan(by Shizuka)
Super Saiyan God of Prophecy
Base Power Level

Chou Shen, who's birth and saiyan name is Amaranth was a saiyan that was sent to an unnamed planet of spiritualists and monks shortly before the destruction of planet vegeta, and is one of the last known surviving saiyans from planet vegeta. After he crashed into the surface of what later became his homeworld, Amaranth was discovered by one of the many monk tribes that lived on the religious planet, The Chou Tribe, and adopted into their family as one of their own, having his innate saiyan anger, pride, and violent tendencies sealed in the process. His mother and father had immense pride in him due to the fact he was supposedly born a Super Saiyan God, and thusly named by them "The Super Saiyan God of Prophecy" in contrast to Broly's "Super Saiyan of Legend". Shen has failed to become a Super Saiyan God ever since, but the color of his hair prompted his parents to name him Amaranth, a reference to the tone of his hair in his form.


Shen is a person that value's peace and inner spiritualism above all else. This is reflected in his physical appearance. Aside from the telltale signs that he is a saiyan, having long dark hair, brown eyes, and a goatee, he is shown to be rather thin and athletic in comparison to most other saiyans. However, his small build does not impede his combat ability. Shen's appearance is somewhat primitive and transient. Due to the fact he was brought up by numerous spirit animals in the wilds of Planet Mniu, his appreciation for simple life, the spirits, and a humble and basic form of living is reflected in his physical appearance. He often dresses himself in mere rags and tattered pieces of cloth that are materialized due to his skill in magic materialization. 


Shen's saiyan instincts and violent nature were sealed and surpressed shortly after he was discovered by the spirit animals of the Chou Tribe whom later raised him. He is a kind, gentle, and greatly enlightened person, exhibiting a great intelligence and understanding which is otherwise uncommon for most saiyans. He has a great appreciation for "the spirits" and an knowledge on lifeforce itself. Shen is a person whom takes great pride in the fact that he is spiritual, having a serene and still heart and immense control over his emotions. It is because of this that he has failed to ever transform into a super saiyan throughout the course of his life. 








  • "I applaud your efforts. But it is useless. You cannot disturb my serenity"
  • "A still heart may find weakness in any opponent"
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