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"Time to show you why they call me the Speed Demon."
— Chisoku to Sora

Chisoku is the second most powerful member of Icer's squadron, he is incredibly fast and powerful. he was killed Sora.


Not much is known about Chisoku's past execpt he was the fastest of his entire race. Icer chose him to be part of his Squadron, after Icer's soldiers were defeated by Shoran and his friends Icer sent his Squadron to kill them, Okumo was killed by Ray, Mako and Maka were killed by Tobi and Shakra was killed by Shoran and Jago was killed by Sai. Chisoku was chosen to fight Sora he had the upperhand because of his Incredible speed. But Sora was able to sense where he was and he the upperhand eventually Sora killed him in a beam struggle.


Chisoku is short but muscular, his skin is pinkish red and he wears black and yellow armour with a blue scouter.


Chisoku doesn't show much emotion he's actually the wisest of the Squadron but he is ruthless, merciless and heartless.


Savage speed- this attack is performed when Chisoku uses his incredible speed to escape his opponent's sight then he runs around them in a circle and delivers a brutal beating. he used this attack against Sora

Million Fist Attack- this attack is performed when charges his opponent and punches them with such speed that it looks like they're being punched by a million fists.

Full Power Energy Wave- Chisoku performs this technique when puts his hand foward and fires a red energy beam at his opponent. he uses this attack in a beam struggle against Sora but he lost and died.