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Chilma is the fusion between Chichi and Bulma. She is full Human and belongs to both Chichi's and Bulma's families as what they are to their families. Chilma is used as a last resort. Her power is far stronger than Mr.Satan's at his strongest. She is by far one of the strongest and smartest women on Earth. She has the ability to fly and shoot ki blasts.


She has either short hair like Bulma's or long hair like Chi-Chi's. Either way, she still has blue and black hair. She is as tall as a normal Human.

Power and IntelligenceEdit

Her power is far beyond the strength of an average human, even Mr.Satan at his strongest. Her power level is believed to be somewhere around 904 and 1,200. Her speed is also way above the average Human. Her speed is equal or faster than the speed of Raditz. She has the intelligence of Bulma.


Chimla 2


  • Kamehameha: learned from Goku.
  • Kaioken: learned from Goku.
  • Flight: naturally able to.
  • Ki blast: naturally able to.
  • Fake tears: she falls to the ground to make the opponent hurt her feelings and when they come in close she blasts them with a ki blast.
  • Thrasher: she swings multiple jabs, punches, and kicks.
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