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Manga name Chilled
Alternate names Chilld
Lord Chilled
Debut Manga: "Episode of Bardock"
Race Frieza's Race
Gender Male
Date of death Age 1000
Affiliations Chilled: World 11 (Parallel World counterpart)
Freiza's Clan (Relatives)
  • Towa (SSJJ) (contractor)
  • Chilled is a space pirate and Frieza's Ancestor.


    After his initial defeat by Bardock; he is saved by Towa, and powered allowing him to access the True Form. He returns to battle, but after Towa kidnaps Bardock he losing interests, and leaves the battlefield.

    Final Battle[]

    As the final battle begins; he display his ruthless nature by killing Yamcha before Towa is able to collect his Magical Kiri, and destroys the surrounding around killing numerous of earthlings in the area.


    • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
    • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
    • Ruthless Blow - A finishing move used by Chilled.
    • Death Razor - Ki-slash used as his signature attack and killing move.
      • Full-Power Death Razor - A stronger version while using his Full Power
      • Golden Death Razor - A stronger version while using his Golden form.
    • Double Axe Handle - A physical moved used by Chilled.
    • Death Ball - An ability that Chilled managed to used after training with the Time Breakers
      • Golden Death Ball - A stronger version used by Chilled.
      • Pure Golden Supernova - A Supernova the size of the planet used by Chilled as the final attack on the Patrollers. However, in the revamp story - he used it against Bardock but failed to kill him.
      • Death Sauce - A combination of Bloody Sauce and Death Ball in which he creates a boulder-sized black, purple, and red energy sphere by extending his arm above his head and pointing his index finger to the sky.
        • Full Power Death Sauce - A more powerful version used his 100% Full Power Supervillain (Pure Golden Chilled) state.
    • Death Beam - After his training he was capable of using Death Beam
      • Golden Death Beam - A stronger version used in his Golden form.
        • Pure Golden Death Beam - A Death Beam preformed with two index fingers, and can destroy the planet.
      • Full-Powered Death Beam - A Full-Powered version of Death Beam
    • Death Cannon - An energy wave used by Chilled.
      • Death Blaster - An energy wave used by Chilled.
      • Death Spike - An energy sphere used by Chilled
      • Pure Golden Death Spike - An large Energy Ball version that causes large mushroom cloud that can cover the sky.
    • Tail Attack - Chilled can use his tail to attack his opponents.
    • Magic - While in Supervillain - Chilled was able to use Dark Magic.
      • Corrupted Ki Blasts - The ability to combine his ki with dark magic.
        • Bloody Sauce - An energy sphere attack used by Chilled.
        • Seasoned Assault - A rush attack that Chilled uses against Yamcha in which he infused his Corrupted ki around his body and attack his opponent with the intent on poisoning his opponent or afflicted a slime that hinders movement, lowering their movement speed while they remain covered in it.
        • Baked Sphere - An explosive wave technique used by Chilled.

    Full Power

    Chilled is able to take on his Full Power in which he gains pinkish-purple sparks around him and purple aura. In this state; his muscle mass slightly increases while granting him his full power. He is able to fight evenly against Great Ape Bardock in this state and was able to avoid most of his attacks.

    Golden Chilled

    Main article: Ultimate Evolution (SSJJ)

    Chilled was able to gain the ability into the Golden form with his time with the Time Breakers.

    In this form - his body accept for his hands, feet, face, and horns turns golden while he increase slightly in height and muscle mass.

    Pure Golden Chilled

    An enhanced and power stressed version of the Ultimate Evolution with Chilled infusing immense power into his body resulting in him sacrificing speed for sheer power and strength despite that he physically appears that he should have his speed.

    In this form - his entire body turns gold including his hands, feet, face, and horns with his eyes become glowing gold blank. His slightly taller than his was before and his muscles are more defined. His aura was larger and has golden bio-electricity around him.

    Supervillain (Pure Golden Chilled)

    In his final attempt to kill Bardock - Chilled decided to tap into Supervillain shaving off 91% of his life-force to increase his power. As a result - his power increased to the point that he negated the power stressed state of Pure Golden Chilled causing him to regain his speed while becoming even more powerful.

    Supervillain (100% Full Power Pure Golden Chilled)
    After realising that Yamcha was weakening him during their fight - Chilled began enraged to point that he proceeded to enter his 100% Full Power state while in the Supervillain (Pure Golden Chilled) state causing him to take on a 100% Full Power Pure Golden Chilled state. In this state he was able to rival Goku and Vegeta enough to moderately damaged them with his Full Power Death Sauce.

    Pre-revamp Forms[]

    First Form[]

    Chilled uses this form when he fights Bardock.

    True Form[]

    Chilled was able achieve this form after being augmented by Towa (SSJJ). In this form; he has two light purple horns, and his face his light purple hasn't got any Bio-Armour covering his head, the orange dome on his head becomes a vertical Ellipse shape, and has two orange spots on his shoulders. His bio-armour covers his neck, arms, legs, and tail while his hands, and feet remain uncovered. He has spikes on his wrists, and kneecaps.

    Ultimate Evolution[]

    Like his descendant Frieza; he takes on a Golden form which covers his entire bio-armour in gold, and changes his skin to orange. After Nine months of training; he was powerful enough to fight against Future Trunks as a Super Saiyan God on equal terms.

    Augmented Golden Chilled[]

    After being Augmented for a second time by Mr. Poko Poko; he was able to obtain a "Pure Gold" which covered his entire body. Despite his huge power advantage; this form makes Chilled slightly heavy making it hard for him to fly, and fight at the same time.

    Characters killed[]

    • World 46's West City Inhabitants - Destroyed with a Ki Blast
    • World 51's Orange Star Inhabitants - Destroyed with a Ki blast


    • Humans around Mount Paozu in Age 1000
    • Yamcha - Killed him with Death Cannon.
    • Numerous inhabitants around Route 81 in Age 1000 with a Pure Death Spike.