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Child of Greed focuses on Andros Levitas, son of Valtor and father to Seiliez. This arc reveals that he had an older sister named Kimareah and his plot to get rid of her so that he would be head of the family. It also explains his plans and true motives in getting rid of his own son in order to attain immortality


  • Kimareah Levitas- It remains unknown what Andros had done to get rid of her as he only states he "made her step down".
  • Shinjo Pared- Andros attempted to have him killed but it remains unknown if he had succeeded. Shinjo vanished alongside his wife Kimareah.
  • Andros and Ebon Levitas- Both are trapped along with the gods and the other Loyalists in the Altered World by Thanatos. The following year they are dragged down to Mortreia.


  • Sypha Levitas- Died shortly after giving birth to Andros.
  • Seiliez Levitas (mentioned only)- Was executed at the Labyrinth in 2000 BC, granting Andros and his wife the immortality they had desired for so long.
  • Alvion (mentioned only)- Died alongside Seiliez after his execution.