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Anime name Chi-Chi
Manga name Chi-Chi
Debut Dragon Ball
Race Human
Gender Female
Address 439 East District
Affiliations Goku (Husband)
Gohan and Goten (Sons)
Pan (Granddaughter)
Amin (Nephew)
Jamie and Raditz (Brother-in-law)
Kuriimu (Mother)
Ox-King (Father)
Saiyan 18 (Co-creation

Chi-Chi (チチ) is the daughter of the Ox-King and Kuriimu who later marries Goku and becomes the loving mother of Gohan and Goten. She was first introduced as a shy and fearful girl, but later, as she gets older, develops a very tomboyish, tough and fierce personality, which sometimes causes her to have anger outbursts seen several times throughout the series. Despite this, she has shown her love for Goku and their sons many times throughout the series.


Now at the age of 59, Chi-Chi's appearance as changed within the six years between the end of GT and AF. Her hair is now Shoulder-blade length tied in a pony tail and wears a green version of her GT outfit.