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Featured in Insatiable

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Pronunciation che-poo-gawl-hahy
Adjective Cheppugalhayan
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 316.9 d
Satellites 0
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 9336.7 km
Polar radius 9305.5 km
Surface area 82.8% land
17.2% water
Mass 8.96663×1025 kg
15.01 M
Equatorial surface gravity 68.649 m/s2
7.0 g
Axial tilt 2.19°
Surface temperature
Minimum -54.8°
Mean 23.1°
Maximum 51.3°
Composition 78.24% nitrogen (N2)
20.51% oxygen (O2)
0.65% carbon dioxide (CO2)
0.33% water vapor (H2O)
0.26% methane (CH4)
0.01% trace elements
Sentient Species Temple-builders
Sentient species 1 population 0
Number of major cities 4
Technology level Tier 1

Cheppugalhay is a free world. It is located in Universe 4 and Universe 9. Zalama placed half of his divine artifact, known as the Wings of the Dragon, on each universe's version of this world.


Universe 4[]

In the distant past, Zalama placed one half of the Wings of the Dragon on this planet. There it remained for millions of years until Majins Simbari and Simbara stumbled upon it. Simbari died trying to retrieve the device. Simbara then brought the rest of the Majin Marauders to the planet. He too was killed when he entered the artifact's testing grounds. Afterwards, Elhim, the leader of the Majins, entered the testing grounds. He used his elasticity to reach the device before it could kill him. After he took it, the group returned to Universe 7, and Cheppugalhay was not visited again by any beings for many years thereafter.

Universe 9[]

In the distant past, Zalama placed one half of the Wings of the Dragon on this planet. It remains there to this day.

Notable facts[]

  • The testing grounds for the Wings of the Dragon is circular and surrounded by black pillars inscribed with an ancient, unknown language. The device itself hovers in the middle of these training grounds, encased in a golden ball of ki. The artifact is located two hundred meters from the perimeter. When one enters the temple (marked by metal pillars), the artifact will immediately send out a shrill warning signal. Anyone inside will lose the ability to use ki attacks or fly (unless they can do so naturally). The muddy swamp inside the perimeter was enchanted by Zalama to be difficult to navigate, regardless of the mortal's power level. The mortal will have a very short amount of time (approximately 8.24 seconds) to reach the artifact, all the while dodging (or weathering) pulses of energy which come approximately every second, until the 7.5 second mark, at which point, Energy of Destruction replaces the normal energy attacks for a series of seven blasts which go off every 0.1 second thereafter. If the artifact is not reached within the allotted time, it will disappear for 17 days, slipping into a pocket dimension, thus making it unreachable for that period of time. The same is not true if someone enters the territory of the swamp, but leaves before the timer reaches its endpoint.
  • Aside from the polar regions, Cheppugalhay is covered almost entirely in swamps. Majin Sesami's description of the planet is as follows: "[I]t was covered in mucky, bubbling, tar-like goo, with a forest of gnarled, leafless trees rising around them like leering onlookers, many of their grey roots exposed. Countless gnats buzzed about, their orange wings fluttering through the fog, giving the place a little color.".
  • The planet is inhabited by several species of fish and small animals, as well as hundreds of species of bug-like creatures.
  • The temple surrounding the Wings of the Dragon is not the only settlement on the planet, suggesting that in the distant past, beings lived on Cheppugalhay. If they were servants of Zalama remains unknown.


  • Cheppugalhay's population:
    • At height: 14,712.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Cheppugalhay is still around.

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