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Chasing Uppercut
Debut The One-Day Earth Adventure
Appears in Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Inventor Chaiva
Users Chaiva
Class Energy Punch
Color       &       &      
Similar techniques Critical Upper
Savage Strike
Unyielding Haymaker

For Vegeta!

Chasing Uppercut is a physical technique used by Chaiva.


Chaiva pulls back her left fist as she charges blue-white ki around it, and then she lunges forward with said fist while her entire body glows with a layer of blue-white surrounded by a layer of orange. Upon being within striking distance, Chaiva punches upwards with her left fist in an uppercut while also shooting an energy wave upwards with said fist, colored blue-white surrounded by orange.


Chaiva uses this technique twice in her sparring match against Ledas in the Capsule Corporation Gravity Machine. The first time she uses it, it goes through an Afterimage of Ledas and misses entirely, but the second that she uses later is able to launch Ledas into the air, leading into a flashkick, and then an Ending Knee.
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