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This article, Character List (DBAS), is the property of Zf6hellion.

An exhaustive list of character's present within Dragon Ball AS and its sidestories, this page will give some small amount of detail on the characters present with a link to their respective pages. The order in which characters will be listed is alphabetical.

Note: Characters who do not appear here will most likely appear on a tertiary list at some point in the future. Some names won't become links until their pages are actually created, this is to avoid unnecessary redlinks.

By Appearance[]

Dragon Ball AS[]

Sheruta Saga[]

Lord Arctic Saga[]

Stasis Saga[]

Commander Jerin Saga[]

Return of Arctic Saga[]

Other World Saga[]

The Unknown Saga[]

Adameck Saga[]

The Graveyard Saga[]


Another End[]

A Duel in the Other World[]

A Janitor on Hiya[]

A Majin in the West[]

A Monkey on Plant[]

An Outcast on Namek[]

  • The Namekian
  • Baryton
  • Dulcimer
  • Numerous Namekians


  • Endai
  • Fog
  • Ker

Last Stand[]

  • Ker
  • Konakku
  • Sherutan Soldiers