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Announcer: “Begin”

Guaka and I stared at each other. The Arena master Vinegar charged at us at full force. Guava leaped into the air. I got into my stance as his fist launched at me. I caught it but i was blown back by the force. He’d charge past me bringing his fist above him slamming it into my chest. As I was knocked into the dirt he’d leap above me trying to slam with both feet. I’d roll out of the way as he slammed down. The Crowd was roaring like a bunch of fools. I got to my feet punching him across the jaw. He’d smirk as my fist glanced past. He’d swing his knee into my gut sending me into the air.

Guaka landed his fist hitting Vinegar back. The Beppa swung knocking Guaka off his feet. I launched down and tackled Vinegar knocking with him through the crowd. People ran and screamed as we flew through the crowd. Vinegar fist slammed me into the dirt before kicking me back into the ring. I’d was dazed from that shot as he came down at me. Guaka launched knocking Vinegar aside. This guy was way strong. I’d rub the blood from my mouth as Guka turned. His hands sparked and i got the message. It was a good way to end this fast. He just needed to catch him in that attack. I’d charge at Vinegar to get him to the time to hit.

He’d hit him in the jaw as he came back punching me into the chest my armor denting. I’d spit into the ground blood leaking from my mouth. I’d swing back hitting him in the gut. He’d step back as i flipped back as i pulled my arm back sending a white beam right into him. He’d leap over it. The beam went over the crowd as people screamed and moved away as it exploded mid air. Vinegar appeared in front of me his fist slamming into my stomach as i flew back. I slammed into a rock that was in the middle of the Arena. Vinegar leaped into the air towards me once more. I’d roll out of the way as his fist slammed into the rock breaking it apart.

I’d kick him in the leg. Vinegar leg crumbled a bit as i sprung up and grabbed onto his back. I’d kick him knocking his head into the rock. He’d swing around missing my leg. I’d land flames jetting out of my mouth. Vinegar turned around his arm blocking the flames they jetting into the sky above. It would give us the time we needed.

Vinegar: “This all you have to muster boy.”

Guaka sent sparks of lightning from his hand which arched right at Vinegar shocking the beppa. I staggered back watching him go to the work. The Lighting sparked off his body as Vinegar grinned in pain his muscles twitching with anger before he thrusted his hand into the air with a mighty roar.

Vinegar: “Gah!!!!!!”

The Lighting bounced off of him as he charged right at Guaka. His fist slammed into the Guaka chest and knocked the air out of him and sending him into the air. Guaka blood flew from his mouth. I charged right at Vinegar swinging into his backside. Vinegar staggered back. His came back slamming into my jaw. I crashed to the floor as he moved his hand grasping my head. He’d throw me down hard once more as i kicked into his stomach. He staggered back as i broke away throwing a hook into his jaw. He came back punching me in the gut once more. I felt a sharp pain in my chest as i was sent flying.

Guaka crashed down punching Vinegar in the jaw. Vinegar swung and hit Guaka once more. Guava was knocked to the floor as Vinegar went to a knee and grasped onto Guava face and began to crush down on his head. I slowly got to my feet and i launched at Vinegar crashing into his back. Guaka began to choke and spit as he tried to break out as I knocked Vinegar into the dirt

Vinegar got to his feet and kicked me off. I crashed into the dirt as i staggered to me feet breathing in hard. He was really taking it to me. My armor was almost busted. The metal was starting to stab into me ever so slightly. I put my hands together closing my eyes pulling my ki together. My Ki began to increase as the Vinegar started. One of his men began to yell

Soldier: “It’s 20,000!”

Vinegar raised his eyebrow in surprise before charging and knocking me into the dirt. My charge stopped. I slid in the dirt face first as i tried to get back to my feet. Vinegar leaped up and crashed down on my back. I could feel the pain in my back as he lifted me up by the head. Guaka rushed behind him and punched him away from me. I crashed down unable to move. I really, really underestimated him. It might as well been the end. Guaka was fighting with all his strength punching Vinegar away with fast and quick blows.

Vinegar leaped to the side of one of these blows his arm coming down and slamming Guaka to the ground. Guaka grabbed onto his feet lighting jetting into Vinegar body. The Beppa Roared in pain as he stepped on Guaka’s hand. Like a Pro wrestlers he leaped up slamming his elbow on the back of Guaka neck. Guaka coughed out as he collapsed his eyes rolling back.  

I stared in pain. Why did he have to die. I tried to get up but the pain in my back left me on the ground. Vinegar walked over to me with a grin as he grabbed my armor lifting me up. He’d punch me in the chest armor. It dented badly as he threw me agian into the ground standing over me.

Vinegar: “You made a terrible mistake boy. You thought you could kill me. Too bad you can’t. I was told you had some great power.”

Plato: “Who..told you that.”

I was sort of out and barely able to speak. That guy did a number on me. He prob broke part of my spine. The one thing i knew for sure was that i was in trouble. I tried to get to my feet as he kicked me in the stomach. The armor fully broke open exposing my chest as i was sent flying into the air. Blood flew form my mouth as he came from above crashing down on my spine with a kick knocking me into the dirt. I tumbled around as he walked over stepping on my chest

Plato: “Grah!!!!”

Vinegar: “A Elf man like you. That why i brought you right? He told me where to find you and i found you. If i kill you he’d get me the resources to overthrow my Master Cooler. I need men and a ship. I can handle that bastards myself.”

Plato: “Your an idiot.”

He’d pick me up ki forming on the end of his hand.

Vinegar: “I want to see if you have anything else to muster.”

He’d blast me knocking me into a rock face in the ring. He’d charge in punching me in the stomach the rock breaking apart. I was going to die. He broke my back and he was breaking my ribs. I’d look into the sky, at least. I was afraid. I was afraid of what happened on Konats.

I released the beast. I let myself lose control. Why? All those people. They died for no reason. I would of killed everyone if he didn’t stop me. I wanted to cry and grip my head and scream. I wanted to take it back. I wanted to go home. Another blow crashed into my chest blood leaking from my mouth. It was growing dark. Like the sewers. I put my life over everyone else. Look what happened.  I couldn’t sleep half the time. I was so worried of losing control. To him, the beast. Savitir. But i was losing it right now. Each blow i fell deeper and deeper into a sleep i was not going to wake up from. Until, he woke up.


Flames jetted off my body as Vinegar leaped back burns covering his chest. He had a surprised look as Plato crashed to the ground. He was not in control anymore. I was. I got to my feet. Plato body felt so good to use. My pupils dilated a bit as Vinegar dusted himself off

Savitir: “Heh just let me take over. Who cares about these people.”

Plato: “Please don’t, stop.”

I held my head. Plato just needed to shut up. He didn’t know anything. This was life or death. He didn’t know it but he wanted to survive. I was going to make sure he did.

I opened his eyes flames covering Plato’s body. I was in control now. Smoke covered my body wrapping around me. One Percent should be enough.

Vinegar: “You got a lucky attack your still battered time to end this!”

He’d sprung into action swinging a heavy hook as i leaped over. My wounds were healing nicely.  My powers were going to restore my body. Sure he if he lost a limb i’d not fix that but bones broken could just increase the process. He’d swing over with a barrage of blows. Each was heavy and slow. This was who Plato struggled with. He barely cracked 16,000. So much for the power to destroy cooler. He on the other hand was not talk. One of the heavy straights flew down i raised an arm catching it. The ground broke under us.

Vinegar: “You not suppose to be this strong.”

Savitir: “Plato is not.”

Vinegar: “Why is your voice different trying to scare me. You sound like a grizzled old man.”

I didn’t let him talk anymore as my leg shot up connecting with his jaw. His jaw snapped up as he was sent flying into the air. He’d stop himself sending both his arms to the side.

Vinegar: “No no no. This won’t be how it happens!”

He’d launch down going on the offensive again. He’d threw a barrage of blows down at us. I made sure to dodge them. Plato’s body was still recovering. If i was hit it could be a problem. Vinegar slammed his foot down breaking the rocks under us as i leaped up but his hand grasped my foot.

Vinegar: “Got you now!”

He’d slam us down into the ground. I felt the pain surge through my body. One of the downsides of taking control. My other leg shot up kicking him away. He’d rub his face as i flipped to my feet his fist shooting out. I’d put both my hands out catching it as i was pushed into the air and sent flying. He had a lot of physical strength for sure. He’d open his mouth as ki began to surge from the end of his mouth as i flew back. He’d fire a beam of ki from his mouth. I brought my arm back slamming it into the beam. I pushed the beam straight into the air knocking it aside into the crowd. Some of his men ran off but some were not lucky and were hit by the beam and turned to ash.

Vinegar: “You damn bitch!”

I felt a drain on my strength. I stepped back in pain as he rushed at him his knee connecting with my jaw. I bounced off his arm reaching up to grab me. I spun mid air avoiding the grab as he spun around himself trying to sweep me off my feet. I’d be slammed into the ground as Vinegar sent a punch down at my chest. I’d fly back as he slammed his fist into the ground. I got to my feet punching him across the jaw. He’d stepped back in pain as i thrusted my arms out once more. I was going to blast him when he spoke

Plato: “Dammit let me take over.”

I held my head, dammit the boy needed to shut up. I was going to save us.

Savitir: “Shut up Plato!”

As i was unfocused Vinegar rushed over and punched me in the gut sending me flying back. This was getting annoying. I was going to end this now. He’d swung another closed fist at my face as i flew into the air above the punch. I landed in front of him raising one arm into the air. White ki began to spark off my body as Vinegar leaped back observing.

Vinegar: “This supposed to be your final stand. You can’t beat me. You can run but you can’t do much to me your not going.”

Some of the men in the crowd knew better as there scouters beeped picking up the massive increase in power. Scouter began to beep and blair before exploding all around.

Savitir: “If I fight at 2 percent. This won’t even last.”

Vinegar: “Your full of shit. You holding back this much why.”

Plato: “Savitir, i won’t let you pull that power. If we…”

Savitir: “People die. Why do you worry, just cause people died on konats. These people…”


In the Black space of my mind i sat facing off with Savitir. The Giant Monster sat before me. The Flaming Titan. The Creature that brought me nothing but pain. If he broke loose. We could destroy the planet. Death would be preferable. The beast’s mouth opened up he spoke.

Savitir: “Our Survival is all that matters. Everything else is worthless.”

Plato: “I’d rather die than let you have any control. I am the master i demand you let me take back control.”

Savitir: “Your not the master. When a man pulls a dog by a leash is the master.”

The Beast foot came crashing down but i flew around it barely avoiding it. His hand came over and swatted me into the room of our mind. I tried to get to my feet but i was hurt. He was stronger than me. The foot of the creature came down on me as i sent a beam from his own hand blasting the foot aside. Steam came from the massive monster foot as i staggered to my feet my aura exploding around me.

Plato: “I am the master!”

I flew and kicked the monster in the jaw. It staggered back as he opened his mouth sending out a jet of flames at me. I slammed both my arms in the way as the flames blasted around me I tried to hold it back but was consuming me. I was launched into the ground as the monster arm came and grasp my burning body.

Savitir: “Got you now!”

He’d squeeze down as i screamed out. I opened my mouth sending a ki blast from my mouth into his eyes. He’d let go as the monster stepped back. I laid there trying to recover as the creature didn’t wait. His foots came down as a shadow covered me. I closed my eyes.


Savitir shook his head. He was not focused with Plato trying to take control. He had charged it up. The Judgement. He can’t believe Plato copied that from that geezer of a prophet. A do it all attack. Vinegar stride forward as a men were screaming at him to move as he formed a blast in his hands firing it right at me.

Vinegar: “You think your hot shit let's end this.”

I felt pain at the insult as the beam slammed into me exploding around me. I fell to a knee blood leaking from my mouth. I got to my feet and got out of the smoke

Savitir: “I am Savitir. Strongest being in the universe. I sentence you all to death. This is my Judgement!”

The clouds rippled a bit as the soldiers standing there looked up confused. No beam came from Plato...Savitir hands. Rather it was coming from the sky. The Energy gathered formed above them in a pillar of ki. The Pillar of ki seemed to be shaped like a bolt of lighting. It struck like the wrath of the god. I put my hand over my face a barrier of ki forming around me. The Radius was quite large Vinegar hands shot out as he tried to grab the beam from above. His face smashed back, his arms snapping back. Some of the people began to run.

Vinegar: “I am the strongest..this can’t be the end!”

Vinegar was consumed by the beam as it slammed into the surface spreading out in a massive explosion consuming everyone in the area. The barrier i formed blocked the beam though it cracked slightly. The Arena was gone. I grinned as i felt the clawing in my head. Plato was grabbing control again.

Plato: “The threat gone i want control again.”

Savitar: “Fine.”

Plato: “Fine?”

Savitar: “You need me you’ll see and ask me again for my power. You saw that today.”

I disappeared and let Plato take back control


I stepped back holding my head. I could feel the thump. My Body was aching hard. I went over my limit. I let his power slip out. All these people were dead now. I could feel one power nearby. I turned to face who was behind behind me. Dypsis sprung from some of the rubble blood on his chest as he breathed in hard before calming down.

Dypsis: “You almost got me.”

Plato: “You.”

Dypsis drew his sword as i went to grab my but i didn’t have one. They still had it somewhere in the rubble.

Dypsis: “This ends.”

Plato: “Yes it does, it is not going to end how you want it too.”

We dashed at eachother ready to end this. One of us was going to die.

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