Android 18 is covertly searching Tokyo, Japan. She hears someone calling her earbud. It is Yajirobe. "Have you found any clues to where that bomb is yet," Yajirobe asks. "No, not yet," 18 says, "But we have to keep looking, there is no telling how many of us are going to die if it isn't found. 18 suddenly sees a patrol of soldiers in blue uniforms run down the street. 18 hides in an alley until they pass. "What is it," Yajirobe asks. "A group of soldiers were running down the street," 18 answers, "They weren't wearing Japanese uniforms so I don't know if they are enemies or not." "Enemies," a man in a mask says walking into the alley, "What enemies would you happen to have?" 18 turns to the speaker seeing that it is a man in a mask with a claw weapon. "Who are you," 18 asks. "My name is Vega," the man answers. "Vega," Yajirobe says in a puzzled voice. "I'm going to have to call you back," 18 says turning off her earbud as Vega charges at her with his claw up. When Vega is about to slash 18 she quickly backs away and kicks Vega down the alley with her right leg. Vega quickly springs back up with his claw at the ready. 18 gets into a battle stance as well.

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