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Basically,this chapter tells the prophecies a young 7 year old Shoku had. At the time,he thought it was Bardock,but it was actually the Z-Team.

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"Caulo! Wake up! I saw something about Bardock! WAKE UP!"
— 7 year old Shoku to Caulo,a team member

It was 3:30 AM, in the healing room, Caulo had just washed up. Well, kid, It's time to go to sleep," Caulo says.

Shoku asks, But where do we sleep? When I was young, we slept in our pods!" Caulo told him that they do sleep in their pods. They went to sleep,Caulo said goodnight to his wife,Zuchena, his brother,Fliwo, and the new kids, Shoku and his brother, Butsu. Shoku had a gift from God,prophecy. So, he saw stuff about Bardock and Goku. He saw that Goku became a Super Saiyan, but he thought it was all about Bardock.He saw him challenging Freeza, and Vegeta being blown up. He had no choice,either flee the new planet,or die! He woke up the entire group at 5:30 AM. "Ugh! Shoku! Either have no sleep,or just die in the battle!

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