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Frieza's promise,sanctuary,power,and armor.

Chapter 1:Saiyan Chronicles is the first chapter of the series. Remember, Shoku is the narrator!

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"Calm down! Those armor,and those scouters? What do you use those for?" Freeza asked the Saiyans. I answered,"To sense battle powers,and the armor is simply to protect us.If you transform to a Oozaru,or a bigger form,the armor usually expands along with you!" "SHUT UP YOU BLITHERING RETARD!" The King shouted. I whispered,"This guy has a 520,000 power level! He could wipe the floor with all of us!" What was that? But,does the expansion process count for the gloves and shoes?" Freeza asked. The King said,"Yes,it does.But if we keep producing armor,we've done our end of the bargain,what's yours?"

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Freeza said,"Simply stay loyal to me,and you can blow up every planet." Every Saiyan said,"Great promise! We'll stay loyal,Lord Freeza!" I was horrified. "Butsu,let's get out!"

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