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Guile walks towards the center of the park.

"Their leader is going to fight," Goku says to the Z Warriors. "I'll do it," Yamcha says. "He may be one of their toughest," Krillin says to Yamcha, "Can you take him. "Of course I can," Yamcha replies, "We are ahead already anyway." "Fine," Goku says, "You can fight him." "Good," Yamcha replies and walks out towards the center of the park.

The two meet in the center and Guile throws a punch at Yamcha with his right fist but Yamcha moves back to dodge the swing. Yamcha then uses his wolf fang fist attack making Guile fly back into a tree and then fall to the ground. Guile springs back up and shouts, "Come on!" Guile and Yamcha then charge at each other and then get into a furious scuffle. Until Guile hits Yamcha flat on his back, and Yamcha then flips back up. Guile swings his right leg at Yamcha who blocks it with his left arm, and then grabs Guile's legs with both hands and throws him to the ground several meters away. Guile gets up and turns back to Yamcha. Yamcha fires a kamehameha wave at Guile but Guile jumps out of the way and the blasts hits and knocks down a tree. Guile tackles Yamcha and they roll on the ground swinging blows at each other. Eventually the two get up and Yamcha quickly kicks Guile away with his right leg. Guile falls onto the ground several meters away, but gets back up saying, "Damn it, he's really strong!" "Time to end this," Yamcha shouts and fires a Spirit Ball at Guile who jumps out of the ball's way and gets up saying, "You missed!" Guile suddenly sees that the Spirit Ball swinging around back at him. "Shoot," Guile shouts and runs away from the Spirit Ball and has to repeatedly dodge it. "What can I do," Guile asks himself and then looks at Yamcha and says, "I've got it!" Guile continues to evade the Spirit Ball while getting closer to Yamcha. Eventually he gets right in front of Yamcha and the two get into a short scuffle until Guile swings Yamcha around and the Spirit Ball gets Yamcha in the back, making Yamcha scream in pain! Guile then grips Yamcha's throat with both hands. As Yamcha is being strangled Guile says angrily, "This is for Charlie!" Eventually Yamcha is dead and Guile drops Yamcha's body and it falls to the ground dead. "No," Goku says. Guile walks back towards his side. "Congratulations," Ryu says to Guile, "But does killing make the pain go away?" Guile just grunts and turns back towards his opponents and shouts, "I think that we should change our fight location again! Enough damage has been done here as well!" "All right," Goku replies.

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