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"It's time to get ahead again," Guile declares to his team, "Zangief, win us a round!" "Yes," Zangief replies and heads towards the center of the park.

"He's big," Krillin says. "I know," Goku replies. "But to me he is nothing," Ox King says from behind and approaches Goku. "So I take it you want to face him," Goku says. "Yes," Ox King replies. "Great," Goku replies, "Go at him!" Ox King heads towards the center of the park.

"He's huge," Zangief says under his breath. "All right," Ox King shouts, "Let's start this!" Ox King swings a punch at Zangief who rolls out of the way and then gets up again. He then charges at Ox King who also charges at him. As the two a couple of meters away from each other they jump into the air and as they reach each other Zangief gets Ox King in the face with his right fist making Ox King lean back in recoil. "Ha," Zangief shouts as he lands on the ground. Ox King gets back to his senses and gets ready to continue the fight. Zangief runs up to Ox King to deliver another blow but Ox King blocks Zangief's fist with his left arm and then quickly punches Zangief in the stomach with his right hand making Zangief fall onto his back. As Ox King tries to stomp on Zangief with his right foot Zangief rolls out of the way. The two then circle each other and then get into an enormous slugfest. Eventually Ox King tears a tree from the ground and hits Zangief with it making Zangief fly back. Ox King rushes at Zangief. Zangief quickly looks around for anything he can use. He picks up a large rock and then throws it at Ox King's head making him fall onto his back. Zangief then jumps on top of Ox King and and grips his throat with his right hand. Zangief then repeatedly beats Ox King's face with his left fist. Eventually Ox King kicks Zangief off of himself with his right foot making Zangief fly into a tree and then to the ground. Ox King then gets up and shouts, "It's time to put an end to this! Kamehameha," Ox King shouts firing a powerful kamehameha wave at Zangief blowing him away! Zangief's body flies to the ground dead.

"We have a lead," Pan shouts. "Yes," Goku says.

"No," Guile shouts, "Now they're ahead."

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