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The two groups face each other at opposite ends of Meiji no Mori Takao Quasi National Park. Guile looks towards his opponents and shouts, "Now that we are all here we can begin again." "I'll fight now," Gen says. Gen begins to walk towards the center of the park.

"I want to fight him," Master Roshi says. "All right," Goku replies, "Go for it." Roshi begins to walk towards Gen. The two get into fight positions. When Gen runs towards Roshi, Roshi fires a kamehameha wave at him, but Gen jumps to avoid the attack and lands next to Roshi. Gen then hits Roshi with the back of his right hand making Roshi back away clutching his face. Roshi then growls and rushes at Gen. The two have a masterful scuffle against each other until Gen kicks Roshi away with his left leg making Roshi fly back into a tree and then hit the ground. As Roshi gets up he says, "You're really good, I think you are worthy of facing me at full power." "Full power," Gen exclaims. "That's right," Roshi replies as he begins to power up. Roshi grows into his muscular form and then uproots the tree he was slammed into saying, "Now, let's do this again." Gen grunts and charges at Roshi. Roshi slams the tree at Gen but Gen runs out of the way, jumps up, and kicks Roshi in the face with his left leg making Roshi fall over but he springs pack up and punches Gen who then flies back into a light pole that falls over with him. As Gen gets up Roshi powers up a kamehameha wave and fires it. As Gen gets back into orientation he is hit by the blast and his body flies away and falls to the ground dead. Roshi powers back down and walks back towards his group. "That makes the score even," Goten says. "That's right," Roshi replies.

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