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Ultimate Gohan

Unarmored Chaos, nearly like a Human.

Base Ultimos

Chaos, an unknown species, and destroyer of the North Galaxy.

Chaos is a being of unknown power; he, is the final villain of my probably last fan fiction. (From my fan fiction, I will resign from a writer, and simply help newcomers, or people who just need plain help. If you would like me to help make a fanfiction, I would personally love to help. Just message me


Pretty much the same as Syris's, and.. some new ones:

Darkness Finger Beam. Unlike Darkness Eye Beam (or whatever) this comes out of your finger, like a simple Death Beam.

Boot in the Gut: One of Chaos's favorite moves for the people who don't have good power levels. He uses this on most humans.

Devasting Ki Ball of Ultra Death. The name is quite funny, I might add a new one, this is just for tempo laughs.. Now, anyways. This is a ball of Ki (obviously) that is as powerful as the 100% Death Ball used by Frieza. It contains the two colors red and black, mixed together into one, epic planet killing move.

(If I seem out of character, with my horrid humor, it is because I am on a personal, horrible "idea" writers block.)