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Chan's first appearance.

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Chan is one of the main villains on GH. He appears in the second and third sagas. He is a very strong opponent.

Like Piccolo and most of the Namekians he fused with another Namekian.

Chan the Super Namek saga[]

The sagas this character appear in are still under construction.<REDACTED>means not revealed yet.

Chan is introduced in the early stages of the Chan saga as a mystery character. He arrives and sends his minions to attack Trunks and Goten. When his minions are easily defeated Chan decides to take matters into his own hands. He easily defeats Goten and Trunks when Gohan and Vegeta arrive then are closely followed by Piccolo, Yamcha and Krillin. They all seem to be equally matched in the battle when Chan transforms to giant form. Then (BLANK) shows up and after an intense battle Chan is defeated.

Bakkas Saga[]