Chabata was the great granddaughter of Pan and the mother of Goku Jr. She was the daughter of Wryce, Pan's grandson.

Bio Edit

Chabata was born and raised in North City. Her father earned a modest salary at North City's department store while her mother worked as a nurse. She lived a fairly normal life and attended schools in North City, working a part time job for a grocery store. However, she was always interested in stories about her Saiyan ancestry.

When Chabata was in her late teens, she dated a man named Acon. He got her pregnant and left her. She later gave birth to Goku Jr. A few months after Goku Jr's birth, an earthquake occurred in North City. Chabata and most of her family, including her grandparents, were killed. Pan was the closest living relative to Goku Jr, which is why she adopted him.

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