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Super Saiyan Tailed Girl
Celosie In Fight Pose

Celosie is the 3rd child of the Son family. She has mastered every super saiyan form up to 2.Even as a baby her power clearly showed. At age 10 she was kidnapped by Pilaf and his goons and when she saw her puppy friend ,who is a beagle,dead she cried and screamed, and went super saiyan. When Pilaf saw this he fainted like ChiChi would(for laughs). When she shows the Z fighters the day after the mishap, they are all amazed that she mastered it in 27 hours. At age 15 she was kiddnapped by Dr. Gero and transformed into an android. When she woke up she immediatly killed Gero with her new move, the Insta-Kill Beam. After she killed Gero she searched for her family, wanting to see them after all that time.


Normal:Like any other saiyan and most half breeds, she has black hair and a tail, even though when she grows up she is only Goku's height.

Super Saiyan:In this form nothing really changes thats irregular but her hair only turns yellow and gets curvier and sparky.

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