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Manga name Celljack
Debut "Tale of Two Coolers Saga"
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race 1/2 Race of Hera-Bio-Android Hybrid
Gender Male
Allegiance Time Breakers
  • Cell (fusee)
  • Bojack (fusee)
  • Celljack is the EX-Fusion of Cell, and Bojack.

    Appearance Edit

    Celljack's has the plates from Cell's exoskeleton over his breasts, from his kneecap to his ankle, and dark de-saturated green coloured exoskeleton down to his elbows with a black segment in the middle and between his head with neck-long curly hair grow out it. His jutting sects is completely dark de-saturated green colour with no spots, and his wings are still black. His stomach area, face, forearms, and hands are teal while part of Bojack's pants reach down before his kneecaps with his boots with Cell's colour scheme.

    Personality Edit

    Celljack is bloodthirsty, and arrogant. He has no loyalty to his comrades, and shrugged off Dark Buu's death with the care in the world. He has Cell's polite mannerisms, and sadistic nature while Bojack's appetite for genocide. He is also is hot-headed, and rash.

    Techniques Edit

    • Flight
    • Ki Sense
    • Instant Transmission
    • Regeneration - He possess Cell's Regeneration abilities, and is capable of regenerating as long as single cell in his body still remains.
    • Kamehameha
      • Super Kamehameha
      • Instant Kamehameha
    • Grand Smasher
      • Galactic Buster
    • Death Beam
      • Barrage Death Beam
      • Full-Powered Death Beam
        • Full-Powered Barrage Death Beam
        • Death Buster - A Combination of Full-Powered Death Beam, and Galactic Buster
          • Barrage Death Buster - A barrage variation of Death Buster.
    • Death Ball
      • Grand Death Ball - A combination of Grand Smasher, and Death Ball.
    • Saiyan Power - Celljack can gain an exponetial power increase upon receiving a near-death experience.

    Forms Edit

    Super Perfect Form-Supervillain State Edit

    Celljack has the power of Cell's Super Perfect Form, and Bojack Supervillain-enhanced Master Full-Powered State. He is able to fight evenly against Percooler, and was able to last a long time before Percooler defused.

    Multiple Form Edit

    After his upper body was destroyed leaving behind his left arm, and lower half; he was able to regenerate from his left arm into his main body, and from his lower half into a second body while gaining an exponential increase in power from the near-death experience.

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