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Bio: Dr.Gero's computer was never destroyed and so it kept on making Androids and revived Android 13 in his Super form.In the battle with the three Super Saiyans Goku,Trunks,and Vegeta, while 13 transformed absorbing his two fallen comrads the chips that went in his chest left enough memory to bring him back to life in case he ever died. 13 was able to get a hold on the Dragon Balls and was ordered to bring Cell back to life.He didn't know who Cell was because Cell's only affiliations were with Dr.Gero, Androids 16,17,and 18 but 13 wanted more control and a little help but Cell could not be trusted as he betrayed the gullible Android absorbing him.


Dr Gero's computer:Creator/Programer

Cell:Fusee/Fellow Android

Android 17:Fellow Android

Android 16:Fellow Android

Android 18:Fellow Android

Attacks and Special Abillites[]

S.S. Deadly Bomber-The move is originally Android 13's a big red energy ball that follows the opponent which results for no escape.

S.S. Deadly Hammer-The move is originally Android 13's where his power takes control of this move hitting his opponent series of times.

S.S. Deadly Kamehameha-The signature attack for Absorbed Super Android 13 similar to his red energy ball it's merged with Cell's Kamehameha and Cell does the same stances 13 would performing this but changes into a Kamehameha stance.