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Cell-x (セル-X, Seru-X) is a Bio-Android created by the Time Breakers in order to take over the follow of time. He was sent to prevent the birth of Korin, but was inevitably stopped by the joint efforts of Goku, the Time Patrol, and Piccolo. He was the Primary Antagonist of the Cell-X Group.


Cell-X possesses the genetic make-up of Demigra, Psi Devilman, Dial, Chilled, the Seven Shadow Dragons, Bardock, Shun Haru, Naraku, and a Cell Jr.


After being released - Cell-X only desired what his cells were coded with - the desire to conquer in the name of the Demon Realm, however, after Cell-X's close friend used the Dragon Ball's grant Cell-X his own directives and desires - Cell-X desired the path of peace and prosperity. Thanks to his friend and surrogate family - Cell-X was able to gain a sense of compassion and slowly began to develop a sense of humour.

Because of his Saiyan cells - he retains the desire to fight strong opponents and enjoys a good battle.

After the death of his friend and surrogate family at the hands of Sealas - Cell-X desired nothing more than to bring Sealas to justice but after Chronoa and her counterpart stonewalled him as well as learning that Sealas once worked for her - he gained a dislike to the Supreme Kais of Time which would eventually grow into hatred. Cell-X stole a Scroll of Eternity and managed to learn how Frieza and many other villains treated their minions which caused him to dislike the concept of abusive leadership.

His resentment of Chronoa grew after learning that she prevented him from using Shenron to revive his friend and surrogate family, however, Chronoa's did so as their destiny was to be reincarnated into fighters to face against the Demon Realm in Age 950.

When he recruited Towa and the Demon Gods - he treated them like they were potential friends but each betrayal made Cell-X slowly began to resent the concept of leadership rather than just abusive leadership believing that all leaders are inherently abusive and sought to end the concept.

After learning of truth of Chronoa's interference in reviving his friend and family became infuriated and even shed a tear and declared that just because she thinks something is right doesn't make it right. It was at that moment Cell-X revealed his true motives and that is to use the Dark Dragon Balls to erase the desire to kill from history, but knew the Time Patrol would stop him and declared that he'd kill them first.


After Cell-X left the lab; he is introduced to a strange world and meets a young girl and her family and is taken care of by said family. He slowly begins to remember his death as a Cell Junior and reads historical conflicts that use minions to do their dirty work only to be tossed a side. He accidentally kills the entire family after punching his bed, and jailed for murder.

During his time as a Juvenile in Jail; he is immediately disgusted by the Prison Gangs and their treatment of their gangs members. As Cell-X has nightmares about his past life; he growls loud enough to force the guards of the Prison to put him in solitary confinement, and finally snaps as he destroys the Prison with Super Explosive Wave.

After destroying the entire area; he goes to West City to steal the Dragon Radar and kills all staff members and guards. He is confronted by the Galactic Patrol as the hunts for the Dark Dragon Balls and he admits that this he's Time Crusade is to build a world where people fight their own battles instead of sending grunts to needlessly die. He kills all members of the Galactic Patrol in Age 1967, and summons Dark Shenron to get his wishes. With his final wish to go to Age 1000 in the New Main Timeline, and the ripple effect take 78 hours to erase the time he is from; he manages to move his Time Crusade into the final stage. He cements his existence by ensuring that the similar wishes are granted minus the first one, and as such anything that happens to him in New Main Timeline before he is completed; also affects him.

After revealing himself to the Time Patrol; he tells them that the whole war was his idea, and proceeds to effortlessly dispatch them with ease. He eventually fights Gohan and is easily defeats him, and even effortlessly defeats Broly and Goku before they fuse.

Brokarot manages to deliver severe damage before Cell-X absorbs Mira and Towa gaining the power to overpower the Fused warrior. He manages to defeat multiple Time Patrol until realising his bio-paradox is causing Power fluctuations as he battles Cell and Gohan before entering his monster form, and overpowering the two along with multiple Time Patrols before fighting EX Vegeta as he has enough resilience to battle Cell-X.

Following a lengthy battle with EX Vegeta; he absorbs enough energy from Earth to make transform once and defeat the Time Patrol with ease. Not even Xeno Gohanks or Future EX Gotenks (except in his corrupted Spectral Super Saiyan DeviGod state) had enough power to defeat the Behemoth.

However after he absorbed the Devil Ki from Future EX Gotenks he enters his Behemoth form until the ki is siphoned out of his body and proceeds to battle EX Vegeta and Future EX Gotenks. He manages to defeat them; even EX Vegeta in his Ultra Instinct "Harbinger" form. As result he begins cocky declares himself victor resulting in EX Vegeta and Future EX GOtenks being able to use his early celebration to their advantage of gain the Potara Earrings created by Grand Priest.

EX Vegeks manages to thrash the behemoth with ease and forces him on the defence until he attempts to absorbed the fused warrior before he is erased as result of Dial destroy his younger self.


  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense ki.
  • Flight - Cell-X can fly using ki in his first, and second form, but loses the ability due to weight of his Monster form.
  • Regeneration - Having the cells of a Namekian and Majin grants Cell-X the ability to regenerate.
  • Kamehameha - He was able to use this attack thanks to retaining the cells of Goku.
  • Energy jet - As a result of his Demigra cells - he was able to access Demigra's attack.
  • Spirit Control - Due to Dial being part of Cell-X's cells and as well as retaining Goku's cells - Cell-X was able to access the powers granted to advanced users of Spirit Control.
    • Instant Transmission - The most basic ability of Spirit Control.
    • Forced Spirit Fission Negation - Cell-X is able to use his Spirit Control to Negate the power of Forced Spirit Fission.
  • Fission - The ability to split beings from himself.
  • Absorption - Cell-X is capable of absorbing via three different methods. The first is by the Majin absorption ability, the second is by Cell's version of absorption, and third through his fission being as Cell-X can merge them back into his being.
  • Final Shine Attack - An energy wave used by Cell-X
  • Time Pass - An ability that allows Cell-X to protect himself or others from changes to the timeline. He gains this ability in his Monstrous form.
  • Power Alteration and Granting - While in his Perfection Overloaded form - Cell-X displays the ability to grant individual powers and even alter one's power as he was able to Moro gain all abilities that he and Seven-Three historically copied including the ones that were granted to Seven-Three by the unknown Porcupine-like alien race and the invisible alien race.
  • Temporal Displacement - While in his Perfection Overloaded form - he displays the power to open portals to any point in the past and bring an individual to chosen era. He uses this to bring Moro just after Moro had absorbed Seven-Three and copied Vegeta's power.

In all forms he gains through absorption; Cell-X possesses a Time Breaker Gem-like spot in the middle of his chest, a dark green exoskeleton, and has blue-grey blood.


This was the form that he was both born in and programmed into his genetic code. He is a pair of two dark green spikes on either side of his head, along with a dark green exoskeleton, low-saturated cyan, a spike each on either side on the black metal plates on his shoulders, and have yellow eyes with glowing red pupils. He has a pair of spikes on the black metal plates on his leg and his "shoes" become dark green. His ears and chin are orange as opposed to yellow like Cell's and his offspring. Even in this form, he is far stronger than Cell in his Super Perfect form.

Despite only being in the Perfect Form; his power greatly dwarves most of the Time Patrol's base form power and was able to kill an incredibly weakened Psidabura.

Super Saiyan D-type

Main article: Super Saiyan D-type

Thanks to his Saiyan cells - Cell-X his ability to achieve Super Saiyan E-type. In this state - the whites of his eyes become red and his eyes become solid white. Additionally, he gains the aura of the form. He uses this form to help train Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced). This form is also considered to be his Second Form.

Demon God

Cell-X is able to summon a pair of Dark Potara earrings along with a second pair on a pair of golden bracelets onto his arms. In this state - gained red markings around his resembling Demigra's Demon God form while also gaining overlaying bracelets - one silver and one gold on his right arm with a dark red orb in the centre. Additionally, the spikes on his shoulders become longer, his exoskeleton no longer covers his waist and rib areas, whites of his eyes shift from yellow to white, and becomes slightly taller.

He uses this form while training Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced) and is considered his Third Form.

Super Saiyan Dark

Main article: Super Saiyan Dark

Cell-X gains a dark medium purple magenta, very dark medium crimson, very dark scarlet, and strong khaki aura while his eyes become Dark red with the whites of his eyes becoming dark green.

He demonstrates his ability to use Super Saiyan Dark during his training with Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced).

Giant Demon God

Cell-X draws out each inch of his ki and Dark Magic to transform into the Giant Demon God. He gains enough power to even dwarf Super Saiyan White. As a result - his exoskeleton and bracelet seemingly fuse with his body.

He gains a dark red orb in the centre of his low saturated cyan skin with gold and silver marks sprawling across his chest similar to Demigra's Giant Demon God form. His hands, most of his tail except the stinger, and his feet are the same colour as his chest while the colour schemes of his exoskeleton cover the rest of his body while his jaw and ears remain orange, and the shape of his head remains mostly the same as his First and Second Form. His shoes become regular feet once again and the whites of his eyes become black. He retains his spiked wings which are almost the size of his torso.

Cell-X considers this form to be his Fifth Form.

Super Saiyan Dark: Giant
Main article: Super Saiyan Dark: Giant

Cell-X gains a dark medium purple magenta, very dark medium crimson, very dark scarlet, and strong khaki aura while his eyes become Dark red with the whites of his eyes becoming dark green.

He demonstrates his ability to use Super Saiyan Dark during his training with Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced).

Transcended Demon God

A further evolution of the Giant Demon God and as a result, his exoskeleton is no longer fused with his body but only covers his torso, arms, and head. He regains his spiked black metal plates on his shoulders while gaining black metal plates on his chest with the dark red orb remaining the centre of his chest. In this form - he is 5'0" tall and the lower half of his body is still fused with his legs and tail while his stinger remains unchanged. His feet, hands, and face are still cyan while his chin and cheeks are still orange. The purple markings under his eyes along with the red marking remain under his eyes and the whites of his eyes are still black while his eyes a red.

Cell-X considers this form to be his seventh form.

Transcended Super Saiyan Dark

Cell-X considers this form to be his eighth form. He gains a dark medium purple magenta, very dark medium crimson, very dark scarlet, and strong khaki aura while his eyes become Dark red with the whites of his eyes becoming dark green.

Perfection Overdrive

Cell-X achieved his ninth form by absorbing Transcended Super Saiyan Dark Mira (Dragon Ball Advanced) (w/Mira absorbed]]) and Demon Goddess Towa while in his Transcended Super Saiyan Dark form via Majin Absorption. In this form - he becomes 11'0" tall. His spiked headpieces jut up similar to Cell's but they curve at crescent-like shape making it his jutting section to appear horn-like while his eyes resemble Imperfect Cell's eyes while the whites of his eyes become orange. The black metal plates on his shoulder gain additional spikes and a pair of spikes on his forearms. The dark red orb reshapes resemble the Time Breaker plate from his Perfect form while the red markings under his eyes disappear while the colour of his skin remains cyan. His tail remains the same length and the stinger becomes a cream colour with red specks on it.

Rose Gold/Red-Eyed Cell-X

Cell-X manages to combine the power of his Ultimate Evolution state with the Red-Eyed Namekian form allowing him to take on a hybrid form. His exoskeleton and black metal plates become a Rose gold while his face, hands, and face become dark purple. The orb between his jutting sections becomes purple while retaining the spikes on his shoulders. Additionally, he gains purple gem plates on the arms, legs, and in the centre of his exoskeleton while the plate in the centre of his torso remains unchanged. The whites of his eyes remain orange while his pupils remain the same shape but become red.

Additionally, he gains a Rose Gold aura and a strong purple coloured bioelectricity.


Cell-X achieved his eleventh form by absorbing Chronoa while in his Rose Gold/Red-Eyed form via Bio-Android absorption. His body becomes spider-like in appearance while also becoming giant as his eyes are now blank orange. He retains complete control of his body and is capable of speech.

When he enters this form - his exoskeleton seemingly "shatters" away as his exoskeleton is once again dark green with specks while the spiked plates on his shoulder morph into shoulder guards and each of his legs have a pair of spikes on his black plates. He regains the Time Breaker symbol on his centremost plate and retains the Rose Gold aura.


  • 199 Alternate Goku Blacks - Died as a result of failing to adapt to Cell-X's cybernetic augmentations
  • 199 Alternate Future Trunks - Died as a result of failing to adapt to Cell-X's cybernetic augmentations
  • Anato - Killed him with his Kamehameha
    • Iwan - Died as a result of Anato's death.
  • Xenoverse Demigra - Killed with a Ki blast in order to acquire the Six-Star Dark Dragon Ball.
  • Xenoverse Mira - Killed with a ki blast in order to acquire the Seven-Star Dark Dragon Ball.
    • Xenoverse Towa - Died as a result of Xenoverse Mira's death.
  • Vegeta Black - Killed with Final Shine Attack in order to eliminate him as a threat to his plan.
  • Shroom - Killed with Energy jet for admitting they he was going to help him anymore.
    • Putine - Killed as a result of Shroom's death
    • Chamel - Killed as a result of Shroom's death
    • Gravy - Killed as a result of Shroom's death
    • Salsa - Killed as a result of Shroom's death


  • He is the only character to have been erased and replaced with an alternate version.