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Anime name Celeria
Manga name Celeria
Alternate names Celria
Debut "The Arrival..."
Appears in Days of Pain
Race Saiyan
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death N/A
Affiliations Carra (Sister)

Celeria is the granddaughter of two Saiyans who survived the Genocide of the Saiyans and hid during the days Freeza ruled. She later lost her family when they are ambushed by a group of Pirates, she ended up going to Earth and there she met another young Saiyan known as Gohan.


Like most Saiyans she is agressive and a fighter but due to her being born on a peaceful planet with only four Saiyan and other pair of aliens, she became less agressive and focused more on remaining peaceful and fighting those who bullied others.

Physical Appearance[]


Early Life[]

Last Family Days[]



  • Flight: Celeria has been alble to fly since a very young age. She was taught by her parents on a planet which had 15x the gravity on Earth.
  • Fighting Skills: Celeria is a very good fighter and has trained almost all her life with her parents and grandparents.