Pages related to 484th Universe: The 484th Universe consist of two things, the one main universe, where Goku484's most prolific fanon takes place Universal Darkness, as well as the multiverse, which contains alternate timelines where the other stories are branching off into their own universes that are running parallel. There is also a universe that contains all the true events of the manga/anime (including the movies that weren't extremely disruptive and/or dismissive to the original narrative) in Universe 7. 

The UniversesEdit

Universe 7Edit

The universe that contains the true tellings of the DB and DBZ manga, as well as the DBS manga anime series.

484th UniverseEdit

The Universe that contains Universal Darkness, DeadZone is canon, as well as an alternate version of Bojack Unbound, and this is where Planet Tamaron is contained within the DBZ universe, Planet Sadala still being around, and an alluded to the former existence of Planet Krypton. The Big Brawl also takes place in this universe, but the status is pending, working on the connection. 

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