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Cas (案件) was born a few days before the destruction of planet Vegeta. Her mother was an unknown middle class, and she sent Cas off to Earth to help Kakarot conquer it.

However, the shock-wave from planet Vegeta's destruction sent the the infant into a time warp, halting the newborn's growth for over nineteen years. In age 766, Cas was freed from her warp prison and crash-landed on planet Earth where she was adopted by a freshly revived Eighteen.

After growing up with as her mother and Krillin.Cas becomes a healthy,strong, fashion-loving Saiyaness.

Casana or Cas
infant(android saga)

1-2 (cell saga)

8 (majin buu saga)
purebred saiyan
Date of Birth
737 (before planet vegetas destruction) January of 766
eighteen (adoptive mother)

krillin (adoptive father) marron (sister) Kara (mother) Akio (father) Tay (older sister) Leo(brother) Ricky(brother) DJ(husband) Kailey (daughter) Cynthia (daughter) Andres (son)

James (son-in-law)
super saiyan super saiyan 2

During the pre Majin Buu saga Cas befriends Trunks, Panties and Goten and often goes to Capsule Corp to play with her friends.

Android SagaEdit

Cas landed on earth on January 11 Age 766. She was a small infant when she was found by Android 18 who was searching for Goku with Androids 17 and 16.18 takes in the small baby and takes her while they are off searching to find Goku. In that short period of time, Cas becomes very attached to 18. As they are on their journey to find Goku, the androids are stopped by the cops for stealing a van, putting 18,17 and 16 in handcuffs and having the officer holding Cas who isn't pleased not being in 18's arms and throws a temper tantrum making the officer freak out and hand her back to 18 who breaks her handcuffs to get Cas.

Cell sagaEdit

Cas being with the androids was in trouble, since Cell was after the 18 and 17. Cas was in trouble herself since she had no one else but them. When Cell absorbed both 17 and 18, she cried, hoping her cries would make someone find her who was hidden away from the sight of Cell, lucky enough krillin found her crying and took her in his arms, calming her down quickly. Once Gohan had punched Cell and spit out 18. she was taken to the Lookout and was quickly reunited with a happy little girl in her arms. Still shocked at her surroundings and surprised that Krillin saved her and Cas, she rejected his invitation to stay but thanked him and flew away with Cas in her arms

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