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Manga name Carrintan
Alternate names Rin
Debut Fanga: "2nd Timespace Rift Tournament Saga
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Biotechnical-type Android (Saiyan)
  • Saiyan (formerly)
  • Gender Female
    Status Alive
    Allegiance Team Cabressa
    Classification Cyborg
  • Cabressa (teammate)
  • Mizuna (teammate)
  • Elapasika (teammate)
  • Nrashaykuy (creator/teammate)
  • Carrintan is the Cyborg Saiyan created by Nrashaykuy and is a member of Team Cabressa.

    Name Edit

    Carrintan is an amalgamation of the Japanese romajis for Carota (the genus name for Carrot) and Carrot; (Karota and Ninjin respectively)

    Appearance Edit

    Carrintan as a Saiyan was an attractive Saiyan and was equal in height to Goku while the rest of her appearance was typical for Universe 6 Saiyan. Her hair resembles a maple leaf with an ahoge on top and the back of her hair resembles overlapping bay leafs.

    For unknown reasons the right side of her body and her lower body is completely gone and has cybernetic replacement in their place. As an cyborg; she wears a black leather jacket with a black glove over her right hand, brown cargo pants with black boots, a dark red undershirt, and mask over the right side of her face makes it appear that she has a regular face. Under X-Rays; it is reveal that her right lung and her parts of a stomach have cybernetic replacements along with an energy supplier.

    Personality Edit

    Carrintan is serious fighter and is known to become broody sometimes. She is the analytic fighter of the group and enjoys fighting stronger opponents. She is more open to protecting her other teammates rather then protecting Nrashaykuy at all.

    Techniques Edit

    • Flight/Hikou
    • Ki Blast
      • Infinite Stamina - As a Cyborg; she has an unlimited supply of energy.
    • Rocket Punch - Carrintan can detach her right arm and use it to punch her opponents.
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