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"I didn’t think I would see you again, here at the end of all things"
Cardinal, finding Ryori in the same ambulance as him, after Vegeta and The Benefactor had destroyed the city

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カーディナル, Kādinaru
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten:

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Three Foolish Monkeys (mentioned)

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Lismore, Ireland, Earth
Birthdate: January 27, Age 697
Date of Death: n/a
Birth Power Level: 0.0001
Maximum Power Level: 5
Personal Pronouns: わし, わたくし
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175.2 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Rank: Leader of the New Red Ribbon Army
Organizations: Red Ribbon Army (Age 732 - Age 750)
New Red Ribbon Army (Age 750 - present)
Favorite Food: Rote Grütze
Favorite Vehicle: Expensive German Hovercars
Hobbies: Politics, money laundering, painting
Family: Supreme General Silver (son)
Dewberry (associate)
File (associate)
Kindler (associate)
Captain Green (soldier)
Private Wisconsin (soldier)

Cardinal (カーディナル, Kādinaru) is a Human featured in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. He is featured in the fourth, fifth and sixth sagas and is introduced in the chapter, "Mist".

Overview[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Cardinal is a human. He is a male, 77 years old; he is of German and Irish descent. He has stark white hair, short, in an almost buzz cut. His eyes are bright blue. Even in his advanced age, he stayed in good health, and is trim. His height is normal as well. His hands shake somewhat, as if with Parkinson's disease, but it is not widespread enough to make Cardinal invalid. He is also a very religious man, Catholic; he has a tattoo of a cross on the inside of his right hand as well (in TF, all religious references that Cardinal makes have been toned down). He also, curiously, wears the red ribbon arm band underneath his clothes, though it is not certain if this is because he was a member of the organization at one time.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cardinal is, as mentioned before, a very religious man (though this is not seen as much in The Forgotten as it is in Our Truths). This could be based off of his German parents' influence. And despite being German himself, Cardinal does not speak with any kind of accent, other than that of high elegance. He is very haughty, daring, and smart. In fact, Cardinal is the smartest character in The Forgotten. His daring and bold personality has lead to him becoming very wealthy and powerful. Cardinal is one of the dominant political figures in the entire world. He is able to visit and consult with King Furry whenever he wants. He likely runs the UN and has almost unlimited authority wherever he goes. Cardinal is the leader of the New Red Ribbon Army, so he is not a good guy. He uses his army to exert control over other political groups and governments. Because of his vast wealth, Cardinal can bribe anyone he wants to, and his influence is second to none in the world. Cardinal is a good liar, and he can lie without the slightest hesitation. He believes in the greater good, and will do illegal and dangerous things to preserve society, even if it means killing, torturing, or doing other heinous things to people who would put society in danger (from his perspective).

After Cardinal loses his son, he becomes far more numb in life and his addictive personality (particularly in relation to painkillers) becomes evident. While he later hosts a tournament to atone for his past mistakes, it doesn't make him feel any better, as his pursuit of Ledas has cost him his son and a great deal of his power. He becomes more withdrawn at the end of the story and seems to be depressed by his loneliness.

History[edit | edit source]

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[edit | edit source]

Planet Earth Saga[edit | edit source]

Cardinal was introduced in The Forgotten as the man put in charge by the UN to find Ledas. He was also the leader of the new Red Ribbon Army, which was at this time, the most powerful political organization on the planet. His was originally tasked to find the "rogue alien" somewhere in Police Chief Nagamo's city, however it soon became apparent that this alien was much more dangerous than even Cardinal had expected. Eventually this led to Cardinal having to take drastic measures, and kidnap the alien and his friend. Of course, Cardinal had to use the help of several of his lackeys, as well as his son's soldiers to successfully complete this venture. He was infuriated when Shoekki killed File, and made Shoekki commit suicide with the power of his influence. Afterwards, Cardinal and gang left Earth along with their prisoners Ledas and Ryori in order to escape Majin Buu.

Reunion Saga[edit | edit source]

Cardinal returned to Earth and immediately started making calls to people in order to find out more about the aliens that populated Earth. He allowed his son to use the poison bullets against Ledas but did not go with him to see the act done. Instead, Cardinal went to King Furry and had a heated exchange with his old friend. Cardinal was shocked that there were so many aliens on Earth, and angered that the king had told him nothing about it. However, Cardinal became resigned to the fact that he could not take on any of the aliens, so he quickly left the king's chambers to call of the attack his son was about to commence. He was too late, as the communications were already dead.

Fulfillment Saga[edit | edit source]

Cardinal was in the city when Vegeta and The Benefactor were fighting above it. He wanted to use Police Chief Nagamo's helicopter to go and find out what had happened to General Silver and the rest of his army. As he was talking with Nagamo however, Private Wisconsin appeared, killed the Police Chief, and told Cardinal what had happened to the rest of the army. He showed Cardinal that he had re-captured Ryori and suggested that they should use the boy as leverage against Ledas. Before much else could be said, Private Wisconsin and Cardinal were forced to flee, as there were many explosions going off around them. As that happened, Ryori woke up and escaped. Wisconsin went to pursue him, but he was hit by an energy blast, mortally wounding him. Cardinal killed Wisconsin to put him out of his misery and declared the New Red Ribbon Army dead. More energy blasts fell around him, and this caused a nearby building to collapse on top of Cardinal.

After Vegeta and The Benefactor left the city, Cardinal was rescued by Nurse Yorokobi. She took him to the same ambulance as Ryori. Inside the vehicle, Cardinal and the boy talked for a few moments, with Cardinal swearing he never killed Shoekki and Ryori calling him a liar, until Ryori attacked him with a shard of glass and stabbed him multiple times in the arm. Ryori was subdued by Yorokobi and the other nurses, and Cardinal was transported to the hospital at once. Once there, he complained about the amount of painkillers he could take; and because of this, he bribed Yorokobi with quite a bit of money to bring him some more, through illegal means. He was disheartened during this time to realize that he was all alone and that no one had come to visit him in the hospital.

Cardinal was eventually visited by Ledas, after the Saiyan had vanquished The Benefactor. Ledas forced Cardinal, under penalty of death, to bribe the police to let Ryori go (for attacking Cardinal). As well, he forced Cardinal to buy a new house for Ryori and pay for all of his future expenses. Cardinal did not want to do any of that, but he was forced to.

Some time later, he sent letters out to many of the world's greatest heroes, including the Z Fighters and Ledas, to invite them to a tournament. This was truly to forget the past and forge a new peace between himself, Ledas, and the other powerful fighters on the planet. Almost everyone showed up and many fights took place under his watch. He personally set up and watched Ledas' duel with Vegeta. He watched Ledas and Vegeta fly off into the distance as well. During the finale's montage, Cardinal was seen watching the rest of the fighters leave. Eventually, everyone left, and he was left utterly alone, showing just how far Cardinal had fallen since his introduction two sagas earlier.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[edit | edit source]

Three Foolish Monkeys[edit | edit source]

In the second scene of this story, after Morucan told Jia that they were going to replace the batteries to the ki-suppressing device in Ledas' house, he informed her that Cardinal was waiting in the nearby Morizakura-gumi warehouse and wanted to talk to her. She went inside to see him.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the only character in The Forgotten that is also featured in another one of KidVegeta's non-DB stories.
  • Along with Ryori, his New Red Ribbon Army Scientists, and Mr. Satan, Cardinal is one of the few humans to never die during The Forgotten.
  • Cardinal's theme is Ballade in G minor, Op. 23, No. 1.

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