Canilipe is a saiyan OC made by me, Commandrakid. He's actually an OC of a friend of mine who goes by Genos. He wanted to implement his own character into the story, he also helped work on the story. Since I like to let people put their own OCs into my stories, I let him. Since then, Canilipe has been a staple character for me whenever I'm writing. He's a low class saiyan, but considered an elite due to his sheer strength and leadership.

Appearance Edit

Canilipe is an interesting looking saiyan, as he's like Catsear where he chooses not to wear armor. His skin is slightly tanned as he has spiked brown hair and blackish green eyes. He wears a brown vest with a black tank top, a red sash, black Gi pants, strong gloves, and hard boots.

His appearance doesn't seem to change throughout the story, so it'll remain this way.

Personality Edit

Canilipe is kinder than other saiyans, being the calm and collective one in his family. He's still a determined warrior, but he's more laid back and friendly.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Canilipe is a low class saiyan warrior who leads a squadron of saiyans named Mallow, Catsear, Komatsuna and Amaranth. When he was 9 years of age, he met Bardock, who was 11 at the time. The two fought in a tournament and ended up becoming best friends soon after.

As time moved on, he became much stronger and kept training, eventually marrying the woman Fasha and having two kids, Serori and Turles with her.

Planet Vegeta Arc Edit

So far within the arc, Canilipe had entered the nursery at the same time as Bardock to check on his daughter. He spoke with his longtime friend and gave him some advice before leaving. Afterwards, Canilipe went out to the training grounds, prepping his team for a mission that they would embark on soon enough.

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