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Callisto is a character from my fanfiction "Changing Fate". She is Vegeta's older sister, and she came to earth to find him.
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Dragonball Z Character
Vital statistics
Birthplace: Vegeta-sei
Power level: 250,000,000
Homeworld: Vegeta-sei
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Female
Birthdate: Age 730
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130
Hair Color: Blonde, waist length
Eye Color: Change with her mood
Rank: Princess
Mother: Queen of Vegeta-sei, I suppose
Father: King Vegeta
Brother(s): Prince Vegeta
Spouse(s): Bardock
Children: Caulli (pun off of Cauliflower) and Linten (pun off of Lentil)
Personal Weapons Systems
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Saiyan armour in black and gold, with black spandex and black gold tipped boots
Chronological & Political Information
Allies: Earth, all remaining saiyans
Enemies: Saezert, Freiza, Cooler, King Cold, pretty much all Ice-jin

Appearance: She is avarage height, with waist length hair. Her eyes change color with her mood. When in battle she wears armour similar to saiyan armour but it is in black and gold, with black spandex and black gold tipped boots. She also wears her hair in a high ponytail in battle. Her tail is like any other saiyans, the normal brown, unlike her hair which is blonde.

History: Callisto was born on Vegeta-sei. She was at first rejected by her father because of her blonde hair and color changing eyes, but her mother loved her for it, and her father soon accepted her as well. She was taken from her home to serve under Freiza. Unlike Vegeta, she didn't stay with Freiza, she was sent to serve under Saezert, Freiza's little brother, when she caught his eye.

Abilities: She can fly, of course.Throw ki blasts, and she knows how to perform the Galik Gun. She can read minds, although only thoughts long engrained into the mind.

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