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The Cabban Saga is the 3rd saga in Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan. The saga before this is the
Cabban Saga
Snake Saga, the saga after this is the Kuzon Saga. It features the fight between Cabban and Kuzon.

Here you go! Please Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Snake defeated, The search for Kuzon!Edit

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Kuzon had defeated the evil Snake once and for all with his ultimate, Super Bomb! But, when Kuzon went unconcious from the energy effects of the blast, and is still at the battle spot laying there from yesterday....

At Master Roshi's..

Goku: Wonder what happened to Kuzon, it's been a day..

Gohan: Yeah, I'm wondering? If he won..?

Goten: He the Legendary Super Saiyan, he had to!

Gohan: No. Just because of that doesn't mean he would win. Snake's power is just better than Cell's, who was about equal to Broly's as a Legendary Super Saiyan. And we don't really know much about Kuzon..

Goten: Right.

Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks, and Bulla show up at the Kame House..

Goku: Hey Guys!

Vegeta: Where is that Kuzon boy at?

Goku: That's what we've been trying to find out.

Bulma: Wonder if he won?

Bulla: I bet he did! I thought he was cute..

Marron: Like I said, mine!

Bulla: (Mad face) Grrrrrrr!

Goku: Let's go search for him. Grab on.

Goten: (grabs) Okay then.

Goku Transforms into a Super Saiyan 4 and Gohan, Trunks and Goten dissapear to Yunzibit Highlands..

Goku: (Appearing in Yunzibit) Woah!

Gohan: Wow! It's like a desert! It won't be hard to find Kuzon in a place like this!

Goku: Hey! I feel a energy around here, and it feels as if it's coming east..

Trunks: Let's go then.

Everybody follows the energy right to the source, to discover it's Kuzon!

Goku: Hey, there is Kuzon!

Shows Kuzon laying there unconcious on the ground, scared up, and bloody..

Gohan: Oh my gosh! Look at him!

Trunks: He needs help!

Goku: I'm gonna give him some energy..

Goku puts his hands on Kuzon, there is a glow and Kuzon gets ups slowly, then back down again..

Kuzon: (Blank expresion)

Everybody: Uhhhh...

Goku: What happened is gonna be a mystery, I guess.

Gohan: We gotta get him outta here, to a hospital, or Kame House..

Goku: Right.

Kuzon has been found among the rubble of Yunzibit..... Bloody and definetly not in for another battle... So Everybody brings Kuzon to Kame House to get some Senzu Beans and to get healed, what will happen next? Find out next!

Chapter 2: Heal Kuzon! The energy of hate coming soon!Edit

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Goku and the gang found Kuzon in Yunzibit unconcious, now they need to get him up, what will happen? Find out now! Goku and the others disappear to Master Roshis before they get to the hospital..

Appears in Kame House

Goku: Hey guys!

Gohan and Goten: (holding up Kuzon who is unconcious and setting him on the couch) Ahh!

Everybody: Ahhh!

Yamcha: Oh my, What's wrong with Kuzon!

Tein: He's hurt, obviously.

Yamcha: Heheh.

Dende: I can heal him.

Everybody: Ahhhhh!

Goku: Dende, how did you get here!?

Dende: Mr. Popo here, I noticed Kuzon was hurt from his fight with Snake, so I came real quick to heal him.

Gohan: Why?

Dende: Because I knew that a evil energy is coming this way, I felt it, so I had to warn You so you could prepare. Why wouldn't I? ...

Gohan: Make it quick then.

Dende: Okay okay! Jeez.

Dende walks over to Kuzon's body and and puts his hands on it, a glow occurs inbeetween and Kuzon starts to wake up...

Kuzon: Uhhh, what happened?

Everybody: Kuzon!

Kuzon: Oh, hey everybody, hi.......

Goku: His bruises need healed. Quick!

Dende and Goten start healing his bruises, slowly..

Trunks: So, can you tell us anything else about this energy?

Dende: No. I just feel it, and it's got some hate to it.

Gohan: Whoever it is must be coming for revenge.

Trunks: Hey Dende, got any senzu beans?

Dende: Sure, here! (throws it to Trunks who gives it to Kuzon)

Kuzon: (Bite, crunch) Huh, (Jumps up out of chair) Weeee! yeah! I feel better!

Everybody: Kuzon!?

Goku: Hey buddy calm down, can you tell us what happened last night?

Kuzon: Sure, let me think., After you left I took Snake for myself, then after a while I was a Super Saiyan.

Everybody: A Super Saiyan!?

Kuzon: Yeah, I pummeled around with Snake then decided to finish him off to avoid dieing, so I created the Super bomb....Big old fight. Still feel it. (looks at small permanent scar on his wrist) Grr..

Everybody: The Super bomb!?

Kuzon: Yeah, It shredded Snake to ash, but also was to much for me, so it knocked me out, but no worries, Snake's least.

Everybody: Yay!

Goku: Could you tell us about this "Super bomb" Thing?

Kuzon: No, I don't really feel like it....

Gohan: Wow, well time to get you out of then torn up clothes! I understand though.

Kuzon: Yeah.

Dende: The energy!?

Goku: What about it?

Dende: I can feel it...well. I predict, it's coming within a day!

Everybody: What!?

Goku: Oh no...

Gohan: (facepalm) Once again..not helping..anyone..

Who is this so called enemy? Is he coming for revenge? Find out, next!

Chapter 3: The Hyperbolic Time ChamberEdit

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Kuzon reutrned home from the battle scene and got ready and prepared for a evil power him and the Z-fighters felt, what will be Kuzon's desicion? Find out now!

At Master Roshi's...

Kuzon: Hey Dende, didn't you say that, that enemy was coming within a day?

Dende: Yes, maybe two, why?

Kuzon: I'm going to enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber..

Everybody: What!?

Goku: How do you even know about that place, how do you know about half the stuff here. Nevermind, but the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a place where you spend a year in day outside! How do you know he won't be here in a day?

Kuzon: Because I know, I want to train to become a Super Saiyan, and surpass it to Super Saiyan 2.

Goku: Super Saiyan 2!? But, that is gonna be hard won't it!?

Kuzon: Yes, very hard, But a year is enough for me, I'm a Saiyan, the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Goku: Most of us are Super Saiyan's, but it isn't any easier for us, and we are far more expirenced than you, I think..

Gohan: Why can't you just go Legendary Super Saiyan?

Kuzon: Because I don't want to hurt my body or my friends, lose control of my power, and I want to master every Super Saiyan level, thats why, never really thought of it anyway.

Goku: Wow, well who are you going to train with?

Kuzon: You.

Goku: What?! But, I'm already powerful!

Kuzon: Well, too bad. That just makes it better. Well, you're my favorite hero, It would be my dream, and honor.

Goku: Well, okay I guess. I'm ready when you are.

Kuzon: Okay then. Where is it exactly?

Goku: At Dendes, on Korin's tower.

Dende: I'd be happy to teleport you there.

Goku: Hehe. Okay.

Dende grabs Goku and Kuzon and appear to Kami's place......

Dende: (Appearing there with Goku and Kuzon) Here we are, it's over there. (points towards HBTC entrance)

Kuzon: Thank you.

Goku and Kuzon walk over to the chamber.

Mr Popo: There are beds, rooms, and food there, good luck, and don't get hurt. Good luck you two.

Goku: Sure.

Kuzon: Let's hit it.

Kuzon and Goku open the door, and slowly enter...

Goku and Kuzon enter the chamber, not to be seen for a day..

At Master Roshi's at Kame House

Gohan: So dad's going back to the Hyperbolic time chamber, dang, and with Kuzon.

Yamcha: Yeah, Let's hope they make progress.

Gohan: You know how Saiyan's are, Yamcha.. Of couse they'll reach something.

Yamcha: I guess. Wish I was a Saiyan..

In the Hyperbolic Time

Kuzon: Woah, it's so hot, and hard to breathe...

Goku: Yep, that's the time chamber for ya.

Kuzon: Well, we best get training.

Goku: Yeah, wait, look! There is Saiyan battle armor over there! Like usual.

Kuzon: You mean?

Goku: They're hot, and protective, they are good to use when training.

Kuzon: Okay then.

Goku and Kuzon put on their suits.

Goku: Haaaa, (Pat, Pat) been a long time since I had one of these.

Kuzon: Yeah, back in these things, Well let's train!

Goku: Yeah!

~Action Start~

Goku and Kuzon jump up to engage in a battle, Kuzon is fighting with his favorite hero, Goku.

Kuzon: Ahhh! (Throws a Ki blast)

Goku: Ka-me-ha-me-HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! (Blasts a Kamehameha wave)

Kuzon: Uhhh! Big Bang Cannon! (Shoots a big bang cannon)

Goku dodges the cannon, then the Kamehameha hits Kuzon and Kuzon tries to dodge it, but falls and the wave flies out not to be seen again in the chamber. Kuzon gets up, flies over to Goku, and they each start pummeling each other, one by one, Goku kicks Kuzon, kuzon slams Goku in the head, goku punches kuzon, kuzon smashes goku in the stomach, then Goku and Kuzon both go Super Saiyan..

Goku: Woah, you are a super saiyan, well let's see what you got!

Kuzon: Yeah!

Goku and Kuzon continue to pummel each other, but what awaits them outside? Find out next!

Chapter 4: Cabban, The Ruthless Saiyan!Edit

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Kuzon made a desicion for him and Goku to enter the Hyperbolic time chamber and train for the upcoming power.....What will happen? Find out now!

Outside the Hyperbolic Time chamber, at Master Roshi's..

Gohan: (Breathes) I....I can feel the energy.............It's coming..slowly..

Trunks: It's not that high, but it's much higher than Snake's...almost three times as much..

Goten: Umm guys..

Gohan: It's getting so close.

Goten: Guys!

Gohan: Goten, we don't have time right now, we know the ham is good.

Goten: GUYS!

Gohan: WHAT!?

Goten: Outside!

Gohan: Huh, (looks outside towards the city)

A array of smoke is seen floating up in the sky far away..

Gohan: Woah!, that's the energy! It's got to be!

Trunks: Let's go!

Everyone: Good luck! Come again soon!

Pan: Once again, what kind of trouble we in NOW...

Gohan , Goten, and Trunks jumps up and flies towards the city out the window..

Roshi: Wait guys! You don't know what you're doing!

Chi-Chi: Oh Goku, please hurry....

In the city, A jumble of spacepods are landed on the middle of the road, and car horns are beeping..

Person: Hey! Learn to park your ship somewhere else dummy!

Other person: Yeah man!

Gohan: Who is it!?

Goten: It's power!

Gohan: It's always power.

Goten: No, I mean it's high!

Gohan: Oh, well...yeah.

The door all of them slowly open, and the one in the middle, also opens...the bigger one..

Person: Hey look!

Gohan: Ahh...

Guards walk out, and then, a man, with blue and black Saiyan armor..and black spiked hair...

Gohan: Wha..wha....Who are you, and what do you want!?

Man: I am Cabban, I, I am a Saiyan.

Gohan: Who.....who is this?!

Other: Why are you here!?

Cabban: I am here because, I heard the Legendary Super Saiyan lives here, you know, Broly.

Gohan: What!? Broly! He does not live here! I destroyed him long ago! Now leave this planet! Or else..

Cabban: Oh, Ha ha! Don't you dare lie to me! I know he is here!

Goten: Why do you care if he's here or not!?

Person: What, are they talkin' 'bout!

Cabban: Because, when your friend Broly was a child on planet Vegeta, he had a power level of 10,000, King Vegeta thought he'd one day turn on him, so he tried to kill him, but, it did not work. Broly lived. Now, this might surprise you, but King Vegeta is my Uncle....

Gohan: What!?

Trunks: No way!

Cabban: I was his nephew, I sometimes visited him, and he was a "Meanie", He taught me to do anything he said or I'd be punished, and he wanted Broly dead, so I'll do so to avenge him.


Cabban: Very well, but before we start, this will help.

Cabban blasts a few Bang Beam Cannons and a Volcanic Explosion around the city and it destroys everything and everyone living or not...

Cabban: There, now we can continue.

Trunks: You monster!

Gohan: Ahhh! (Goes Super Saiyan)

Gohan jumps up to Cabban and punches him in the face!

Cabban: What, you're, you're, a Super Saiyan! Grr, How dare you hit me! Now you will pay! As far as I know, you're the Legendary Super Saiyan!

Gohan: Not hardly.. (thinking) Comon Kuzon, Dad, we need you!

Who is this monster Saiyan, who has landed on Earth..and will he get what he wants? Find out next time!

Chapter 5: Cabban's assault! Hurry up and finish training Kuzon!Edit

Previously, Kuzon and Goku entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train, meanwhile, a Saiyan named Cabban landed on Earth, seeking revenge to the Legendary Super Saiyan, but, will Goku and Kuzon complete there training in time? Find out now......

In the Hyperbolic time chamber...

Kuzon: (Struggling to asscend the Super Saiyan, as a Super Saiyan) AHHHHHH!!!...(Breathes) AHHHHHH!!!!!

Goku: Comon Kuzon! You're doing it! A little bit more! Comon!

Kuzon: AHHHHH!!!!!! (Hair stands straight up, skin turns light red, and muscles bulg) (Breath, breath)

Goku: Good job Kuzon, you did it! You're an Ascended Super Saiyan!

Kuzon: It's, not good enough!!!!!!, AHHHHHH!!!!!!

Goku: Kuzon! You're going to hurt yourself! Take it one step at a time! Kuzon! ehhh, KUZON! LISTEN TO ME!!!!!

Kuzon: Huh, ah, sorry Goku, I, couldn't control myself, sorry....

Goku: You can hurtself, we need you to defeat this energy, now, take it a step at a time, now, feel your energy and control it in that state, then after a while, you can be a Ultra Super Saiyan, then Full-Power Super Saiyan, and soon, a Super Saiyan 2!

Kuzon: Well, best listen to the master! (Continues training)

In the city outside...

Cabban: Well, I can find him my self, guards! Take care of these worthlings! Now out of my way! (Powers up and flies over Gohan and Trunks, slaming both of them in their heads while so)

Cabban: (Flying) Darn, well, I can easily find a kid of that big of power some around here, let's check my scouter, (Beep, boop) Ahh, theres none round here, but there is a lot of high ones near, let's see who they are, HA HA!, FINNALY! AFTER 20 YEARS, FOUND THE KEY TO MY SUCCESS! YES! YES! (Flys into the air and dissapearing in the sky)

It's been a day since Cabban arrived on Earth, he is still looking for the Legendary Super Saiyan, and Kuzon and Goku are about to exit the time chamber...

In the Time chamber..,

Goku: Whoo! That year had went by fast, and you Kuzon have mastered all the Super Saiyan levels up to 2!

Kuzon: I'm ready to go.

Goku: Okay Kuzon, let's go!

Goku and Kuzon slowly open the door and exit the chamber.....

Mr. Popo: Ah! you're out! How was it you guys?

Kuzon and Goku walk out all beat up in their regular Gi's. Sweating, and/so..

Kuzon: Okay I guess, now let me feel this energy to see if i ca- Ahh! It's so close and big!

Goku: I feel it to! Comon! It's nearby! (Jumps up and blasts away off the tower)

Kuzon: By Mr Popo. (Jumps up and blasts off the tower)

As they are flying....

Goku: Hey Kuzon! Shou'd we go to Roshi's' first, or find the energy!

Kuzon: Roshi's! We might need help!

Goku: Okay!

At Master Roshi's, Kame House....

Yamcha: Wonder where Gohan, Trunks, and Goten are? It's been long enough.

Goku: (Walks in door) Hey guys!

Everybody: Goku!

Tien: How was the training? Get anything done? Anything super?

Goku: Good. Hey, where is Gohan and the others?

Yamcha: They all went to see who was landing in the city. They haven't came back for a day. Could you go check on them?

Goku: Sure comon Kuzon! (Both fly away out the window)

Tien: calm and steady. Didn't think that just two days ago I was just living in a boring this. Dang.

Everyone: Same for us. We all think it, life is wierd.

In the city.....

Goku: (Arrives) Gohan! Goten! Trunks!

Gohan: (On ground) Da..d!

Trunks: Gok...u!

Goku: Guys, what's wrong?

Gohan: That spaceship, a Saiyan was in it and wants the Legendary super Saiyan, Broly. I tried to tell him he's hot here, but he didn't believe me and went to find him himself.

Goku: Okay guys, you go to Roshi's and tell them we went to find this enemy!

Gohan: His name is Cabban.

Goku: Cabban, okay. Bye.

Gohan, Goten, and Trunks flys away,

Goku: Well let's follow that Cabban guy! (Flies away)

Kuzon: Right! (Flies away with him)

In a city nearby, people are haveing a good time, and Cabban arrives in the city...

Person: Hey! get out of the road man! yeah!

Cabban: Ha! you all have puny power levels (checks scouter) Hmm, one is 5 and one is 7. huh, Okay, Good Bye.

Cabban jumps up and blasts a volcano exposion techniques, one of Nappas techniques and explodes the entire city to rubble, and smoke can be seen from far away...

Goku and Kuzon flying in air..

Goku: Woha! Look at that smoke over there!

Kuzon: Let's get to it! (Flies towards the city)

In the city..

Goku: (Landing) Wow, it's rubble!..

Kuzon: Dang...we were too late..all these people..darn it..

Goku: It's okay, I've seen it enough before...I seen it on hundreds of planets dying at once..Kid Buu..

Kuzon: Huh?

Goku: I'll tell you another day, but now, we have to focus on this!

Kuzon: Look! (Point towards Cabban flying away)

Goku: Hey maybe he knows who did it! (Flies up to Cabban with Kuzon)

Goku: Hey! do you know who blew that city up back there!?

Cabban: What!?, who are you!?

Cabban, Goku and Kuzon land on the ground faceing each other menacingly..

Cabban; Maybe you don't know who I am.... I'm Cabban, and I, am a Saiyan mercenary.

Goku: Huh! You!

Cabban: I'm looking for the Legendary Super Saiyan.. do you, wait, you have a tail! You're him!

Goku: What!?

Cabban throws Ki blast at Goku then a bang beam, Goku throws a few Ki blast at Cabban...

Goku: You're not hurting anybody today!

Cabban: Grrr, so you're saying you're not Broly..

Goku: No! I'm Goku! And this is my home! And you're not going to hurt it!

Cabban: How 'bout your friend, he has a tail too, I'm guessing you're protecting him cause he is him?

Kuzon: I am Kuzon, you're nightmare...


Kuzon: I am the Legendary Super Saiyan, but I'm not Broly, I got his Spirit, but not his body or self...


The Saiyan, Cabban has arrived! And challenges Goku and Kuzon to a fight to the death! Will Cabban beat Kuzon, or will Kuzon beat Cabban? Find out next!

Chapter 6: Cabban vs. Goku!Edit

Preiviously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Goku and Kuzon exited the Hyperbolic time chamber, and went on a search for Cabban! Now that Goku and Kuzon found Cabban, Goku found him self in a fight! Will he win? Find out now!

At the battlespot where Goku and Kuzon are....

(Wind blows)

Cabban: Goku, you have made a mistake if you want to fight me, Because I will kill you.

Goku: Let's see!

Goku and Cabban go in a head to head battle, while Kuzon stands there, watching it all go down.....

Kuzon: (Thinking to himself) Wow, I get to watch my hero actually fight live! This is rare for fans.....

Goku rams into Cabbans stomach, Cabban slams Goku in the back, and Goku then hits Cabban with a Ki blast and Cabban falls to the ground, then gets up and punches Goku in the stomach and punches Goku in the face, then kicks him away.... He then gets up and start firing several Ki blasts at Cabban, Cabban dodges all of them then quickly flys right next to Goku, grabs his tail and throws him into a wall nearby. Cabban then slams his fist into Goku while smashed into the wall, making a large crater, Goku explodes out of the crater destroying it and start barraging Cabban in the face. Goku punches Cabban in the stomach multiple times, punches him left and right across the face two times, throws him back and kicks him in the dirt. Cabban get's up and trys to kick Goku in the face, but Goku grabs his leg ang throws Cabban, but in mid-air Cabban stops, turns around and fires several God-Breaker blat at a flying Goku, Goku barley dodges all of them and fires them away. Goku zooms to Cabban and mashes in his face, while Cabban spits blood. Cabban and Goku them start pummeling each other with a barage of knees and kicks....Goku knees Cabban in the stomach, grabs his face and throws him the the ground. Goku begins a Kamehameha Wave...

Goku: KaaaaameeeeehaaaameeeeeHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Goku fires the wave that hits Cabban right on. Cabban start trying to push it back toward Goku with his own kind of yellow blast. The Kamehameha forms a large blue dome which soon explodes....The dust clears away and Cabban and Goku are going at it, with knees and kicks, giving each other scrapes and bruises. Goku kicks Cabban across the face but Cabban knees Goku forcfully in the stomach, Goku dissapears and reappears behind Cabban, he trys he kick him in the back of the head, But Cabban quickly zooms away and try's the same with Goku. Goku dodges and they one again go at it, piling each other, They both them jump from different directions on the ground looking at each other....

Cabban: What do you think of that? I've been training and waiting years for this encounter, I'm ready..

Goku: Darn you, that's really gonna hurt me? Maybe you haven't seen this! Ahhh! (Turns Super Saiyan)

Cabban: What! you're....a....Super Saiyan.. That's impossible! Only the Legendary Super Saiyan can do that!

Goku: I mastered this long ago, and again I will use it again!

Goku appears behind Cabban and kicks him in the back, Cabban turns around and trys to smash Gokus face but Goku, with his super saiyan powers just grabs Cabbans hand without moving, Goku then throws Cabban in to a pile of rubble behind them..

Cabban: What!?, eh, I've trained to long, and I can even with stand Super Saiyan power!

Goku: Okay, but I can go beyond this!


Cabban: Ahhh, hehehe, so the kid wants to fight me huh... well we can! NOW!

Cabban forms a cannon blast and throws it at Kuzon, but Goku dodges it and flies straight towards Cabban, and elbows him in the face.....

Cabban: (Holding face) Ahhh! gosh! how dare you make me draw blood! ahh!

Goku: That should teach you not to prosecute people again, now if you don't want to get hurt, get up and leave this planet!

Cabban: You mean like a weakiling, yeah right! NOT MEEEE!!!!!

Cabban appears behind Goku and fists him in the back, then kicks him in the air, and throws a cannon blast at Goku, causeing little damage cause Goku dodged it..... Then Goku comes down to the ground and punches Cabban in the stomach, and punches him in the face, Cabban falls on the ground......

Goku: Ehhh,ehh

Cabban: Ha ha, you can do better that that, though that punch managed to hurt, but, I want to fight the boy..

Goku and Kuzon: What!?

Cabban: Yes, he is confident, I want to see if what he said is true, now lets do it!

Kuzon: Hmmm... (calm)

Goku and Cabban just faced each other, Saiyan and Saiyan again. But Cabban made the choice not to fight Goku, but Kuzon! What will happen next? Find out next time!

Chapter 7: Cabban vs. Kuzon! The Battle begins!Edit

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd lssj, Goku and Kuzon met up with the saiyan Cabban, Goku and Cabban went head to head, and ended in a no win battle, but now Cabban wants to fight Kuzon, will Kuzon win? Find out now!

~Wind blows~

Cabban: Well let's get this over with......

Kuzon: On me..

Cabban: Fine.

Kuzon: AHHH!!!!

(Kuzon transforms into a Super Saiyan)

Goku: Woah..

Kuzon: Now you will feel the pain!

Kuzon appears in front of Cabban, punches him in the gut, and does a roundhouse kick to the face, Cabban flies into a wall with a bloody nose.....then Cabban slowly walks over to Kuzon and does little punches in Kuzon's face, Kuzon stands their not moving a muscle, Kuzon then grabs Cabban's arm, throws him in the air, Kuzon appears behind Cabban in the air and slams him in the back and Cabban smashes on the ground hard........

Kuzon: Cabban, you never under estimate Super Saiyan power, ever.

Cabban: Ehh, you will not win, you know that.

Kuzon: I do, do I?

Kuzon runs to Cabban, slams him in the stomach, kicks him in the air, appears in the air, but Cabban turns around and kicks Kuzon in the stomach as hard as he can upside down in the air, then flies around and slams Kuzon into the ground,and finally, flies fast to the around and his foot smashes into Kuzon causeing a hole in the ground......

Cabban: Ha! Right back at you from the mighty Cabban!

Out of nowhere Goku comes from behind Cabban and kicks him in the back hard, Cabban smashes into a cliff....

Cabban: What! How dare you!

Goku: That is for hurting Gohan....

Cabban: I'm fighting the boy, not you, so leave us alone!

Cabban throws a Ki blast at Kuzon who is laying in the ground..

Cabban: Ha! My victory!

Kuzon: Maybe you should forget bout that....

Kuzon throws a Ki blast at Cabban, and Cabban dodges it and then appears behind Kuzon and kicks him into a cliff from the back, and then throws a Death cannon at Kuzon, and causes a giant mushroom cloud explosion.....

Goku: Woah, that's the move Frieza used on me on Namek....

Cabban: Ha! That is the smell of training! Ha ha! (Powers up)

Goku: Darn, he's getting to Kuzon fast, I'd like to help, but he'd get to me too.. This is bad, comon Kuzon, unleash it......

Cabban: What are you saying over there golden man, this is our fight!

Kuzon: Yes it is, now stay away...

Cabban: What!? You'r ealive! That was a Death cannon, for Death!

Goku: Wow, Kuzon survived! Cool......

Kuzon: You didn't think it'd be that easy? Eh, let's Go!

Kuzon zoom's down and smashe's Cabban in the face, Cabban grabs Kuzon and starts punching his stomach rapidly then doe's a powerful kick straight to Kuzons face. Kuzon, unaffected, starts firing a barrage of Ki blasts at Cabban, who dodges all of them. Cabban appears right in front of Kuzon and they start to pummel each other, knees and punches, Kicks and crunches (That rhymed!) Kuzon jumps from the scene and kicks Cabban across the face then throws him in the dirt, after that Kuzon zooms straight down fast and smashes Cabban in the back, shattering the back of his Saiyan armor, and making a very large crater in the ground. Kuzon pick's up Cabban and punche's him straight in the face multiple time's and then throws him more softly to the ground. Cabban lift's his head, but just as he does Kuzon smashes his foot right to Cabbans' nose, causing a small crater under his head from the force, and making blood spurt from Cabbans' nose, Kuzon lands softly on the ground, confident, with his arms crossed. Cabban quickly gets up and shoots another Death beam right at Kuzon and Goku at the same time. Goku and Kuzon both dodge it while the two beams explodes nearby....Cabban trys to punch Kuzon but Kuzon dissappears and reappears behind Cabban, where he smashes him in the back with his foot. Cabban powers up and him and Kuzon go at it, barageing each other. Cabban grabs Kuzons neck and knees him in the abdomen then throw him to a lake nearby. Kuzon powers up in the air right on the surface of the lake and him and Cabban pummel each other while flying above the lake. They both land back over in te battle scene, not even breaking a sweat......

Kuzon: I'm done with these games! I wanna go further, this is getting old!

Kuzon floats slowly up in the sky

Cabban: His power is increasing! What's he doing now!?

Goku: Yes, do it Kuzon, unleash it......

Kuzon: This is the first step to your end...

Cabban: HA HA HA HAHAHAHHAHA! Really! You're that stupid! Ha! Good! Unleash your power! Ha!

What is Kuzon about to pull of? Will it be able to defeat Cabban once and for all? Find out next!

Chapter 8: Acsended Super Saiyan Kuzon! Unleash your power!Edit

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Kuzon went into battle with Cabban, and is about to unleash a devestating transformation, will it be the key to victory? Find out now!........

Kuzon: (Breathes) Ahhhh...ahhhhhh...ahhh.....

Cabban: His power! It's increasing!

Goku: Do it Kuzon, comon......

Kuzon: .........AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kuzon's hair starts to stand up all the way like Vegeta's, and his muscles start to increase, while a aura starts to go crazy around him, he's becoming, a Ascended Super Saiyan.....

Goku: He's doing it! Comon!

Cabban: What!? I won't have this! DIE!

Cabban throws a Spirit cannon at Kuzon who's transforming, and the arua around Kuzon absorbs the cannon..

Cabban: What!? No way!

Kuzon jumps one more time, and air shoots from all sides of him and the aura fades away.......

Cabban: Woha..aaaa!

Goku: He did it!

Kuzon turns around in a terrifying way facing Cabban ....

Kuzon: Now, I have finnaly mastered this form, first you will see, and then you will die!

Cabban: (Surprised and freaked) Woah....What the.......?

Kuzon punches Cabban at full force in the face, then run's to Cabban's flying body and rams it, Kuzon grabs Cabban and twists him on his knee, Cabban starts screaming then Kuzon throw's him on the ground and stomp's on him.....

Kuzon: (Thinking, while stomping) This form....It has a weakness, I know it doe's...Just what is it?.......

Goku: Kuzon! That form and the one after it has a weakness! The muscle's make your movement slow! It's best to just skip to Super Saiyan 2!

Cabban: (While being pummeled) Super Saiyan 2!? (Punched by Kuzon)

Kuzon grabs Cabban's mouth and holds him in the air, he then does full-force punches right to helpless Cabban's stomach. Kuzon knees him in the wrong place, then Cabban immediately breaks from his hold powering up rapidly...

Cabban: There's plenty of places to touch a Saiyan, but that's not one of THEM!!!

Cabban mashes Kuzon in the face at full-force, Kuzon pukes blood as he slams on the ground making a large crater....

Cabban: Ha! Your little transformation didn't work at all (Baby voice) isn't it sad! I got one tip for ya, golden hair and big muscles isn't gonna get you nowhere kid. You myswell forget about because you'll be dead soon anyway....

Goku: (Thinking) Kuzon...Get up and go Super Saiyan-- Wait, I bet he's trying to build up power so he can transform further!

Cabban: And you! (Point's at Goku) Stop giving this boy information he don't need to know. He's a Saiyan at least, he can figure it out as he goes, we all do.

Right when Cabban talking, Kuzon's elbow rams Cabban in the back of the neck out of nowhere! Kuzon then kicks Cabban into a wall nearby.

Cabban: Oh no you don't!

Cabban throws Ki blasts rapidly at Kuzon, while Kuzon quickly dodges them. Kuzon slowly flies through the air and knees Cabban in the stomach. The two start pummeling each other to the death. Kuzon kicks Cabban straight up into the air, then appears there above him and uses his fists to beat him back down to smash on the ground. Cabban land's on his two leg's then fly's up again and fully punches Kuzons fist, so does Kuzon, making a electrical shock on their auras. They start beating each other. Cabban punches Kuzon, but he dodges it with his elbow, Kuzon tries to kick Cabban but he blocks it with his knee, Kuzon form's a blast right in Cabbans face and fire it. Cabban grabs his face hurting, but Kuzon yanks the arms off Cabban's face then sucker punches Cabban to the ground at full-force. Cabban lands on two legs making a huge ground crater, while crossing his arm's smiling.

Cabban: Is that all you got?! I remember Goku saying you could be a Super Saiyan 2!

Kuzon: (In the air) Yeah..

Cabban: I want to see it!

Goku and Kuzon: What!?

Cabban has fought with Ascended Super Saiyan Kuzon, and they both held their own. But, what will happen when Kuzon skips two powerful form's to Super Saiyan 2?! Find out Next!

Chapter 9: Super Saiyan 2 Kuzon!Edit

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Goku went to fetch some Senzu beans from Korin while Kuzon handled Cabban himself, Goku returned and Kuzon ate a bean, and is now ready to unleash his full power....

At The Battle Scene... Kuzon: Ahhhhhhh....

Goku: Come on...come on...


Kuzon's hair starts to stand up all the way above his head, lightning shocks around the aura, and muscles with wind blowing at high speeds through the valley....

Kuzon: GRRR...Ah! (Super Saiyan 2) Cabban: WHAT?!

Kuzon: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (Breathes slowly) Whoo, that wasn't easy..

Goku: Yes, he did it!

Kuzon: Goku, I won't be needing any further help from you, you must leave now..

Goku: But Kuzon, what if you ge-


Goku: Fine Kuzon, don't have to be mean...Bye. (Flies away)

Kuzon: Now Cabban, Let's get down to buisness, shall we....

Cabban: (Crawling out from under a rock scared) But, but..

Kuzon: Fine, I will CRUSH you like a pebble myself if you don't show yourself...

Cabban: You can't beat me, I'm the legendary warri-

Kuzon: Oh Shut up! Hasn't the World heard that enough, and now it needs it from a dunce like you?


Kuzon: My parent's were elite Saiyan warriors, So I'm one too...

Cabban: Foolish boy...

Kuzon: Let's go..

Cabban: What!?

Kuzon, out of nowhere appears in front of Cabban, and Smashes him in the gut and knees him in the chin into the air, appears in the air, and Kuzon uses both his fists and slams Cabban straight to the ground,...

Kuzon: That's a Sneak attack right there, Cabbage..

Cabban: (Puking out blood all tore up) MY NAME, IS NOT, CABBAGEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kuzon: Jeez, don't need to yell, I will say this one time, YOU DA BITCH!

Cabban: Huh?...

Kuzon runs over, knees Cabban in the face, grabs his chin and Slams him on the ground, and puts his foot on Cabbans back...

Kuzon: Now, if you don't want me to crush you, I suggest you leave here (Slowly pushes his foot harder on the back)

Cabban: (In pain) Ahhh! Sto..stop..thi....s, Ahh!

Kuzon: (While smushing his foot in Cabban harder) Fine, it'll only be a second and you'll be in a better place, Hell, But I'm guessing you're in a living hell right now, aren't you?

Cabban: Ahhhh! Ah, Ahhhhh!

Kuzon: Oh, comon, that's the best a Warrior Elite is got? Comon, I got beat up almost by a Snake a few days ago, and I lived...

Cabban: I'd think you would...

Kuzon: WHAT!?

Kuzon grabs Cabban's tail, and throws him in the air, Kuzon appears in the air, and elbows Cabban in the back of the neck to the ground... Cabban lands and Kuzon lands, right with his foot smashed into his back....

Kuzon: You're such a weakling! Where did you train, The boys' bathroom?

Cabban:, ahhh...

Kuzon: Don't feel sad, this only hurts alot...

Cabban: Ahh....

Kuzon: Here we go!

Cabban: DARN IT!

What will happen to Cabban, or even Kuzon? Find out next!

Chapter 10: The Fear and Fearless, The Super Battle Begins!Edit

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Kuzon unleashed a new form, Super Saiyan 2. With this new form, he gave Cabban a hard beating, with the come back advantages that is, and now he's ready to finish the fight, can he? Find out now!

~Wind blows~

Kuzon: Hmm, well let's do this..

Cabban: Let's..

Kuzon: (Powers up) Here's a move my friend Goku taught me...

Cabban: Wait, I noticed your friend had a tail, I'm guessing he is a Saiyan, isn't he?


The Blast go's straight for Cabban in a blinding scene, while Cabban tries to dodge it with his own blast, until another strange blast shoots out of nowhere that outclasses the others...

Kuzon: What the!?

Cabban: That power...

Kuzon: Wait, VEGETA!

Shows Vegeta in the sky..


Vegeta: You don't expect me to miss all the fun, do you?



Vegeta: Huh? Wait, I'M YOUR COUSIN!?


Vegeta: Hasn't Kakarot told You?, He defeated Frieza long ago, I live here, and I have been for a long time.

Cabban: Darn, I thought the Prince of Saiyan's would be better than that!

Kuzon: This is no time for a reunion! Now leave Vegeta!

Vegeta: You know, I can go Super Saiyan 4 and it would be easy.


Kuzon: Grr, NO LEAVE! I WANNA SEE WHAT I AM MADE OF, I KNOW WHAT YOUR MADE OF, GO! Vegeta: Fine, And oh yeah, have a good time cousin, I hate to say it, but Kuzon's not that bad actually, Bye. (Flies away)

Kuzon: Now, you met your long lost cousin, now let's get back to buisness..

Cabban: Fine..

Kuzon appears behind Cabban and kicks him in the back, and Cabban powers up and runs to Kuzon and gives him a smash in the stomach, Cabban then knees Kuzon in the face, and throws him at a building...

Cabban: Don't you get it?, I've been training ever since Planet Vegeta blew up, Ive been training longer than you were even born, and I've ascended the power of a Super saiyan, even though I'm not a Super Saiyan, and I might not ever become one, but who care for gold hair, though it can attract the girls...

Out of nowhere Kuzon sneaks up behind Cabban and blasts a Kamehameha wave at him, a Double Kamehameha, which breaks through Cabban's saiyan armor... Kuzon grabs Cabban's hair and smashes him on the ground, Kuzon then as a final movegrabs Cabban's leg, and and starts to pull it hard...

Kuzon: Give up, or the leg comes off...

Cabban: Ahh! You can't!

Kuzon: And why is that?

Cabban: Because of this..

Kuzon: Huh?

Cabban uses his best move, The fart. Cabban farts a big one right in Kuzon's face....


Cabban: Ha ha!, Oh my, HA HA HA HA HA! That's a move a Saiyan's born with! HA HA HA HA HA!

Kuzon: Grrr...

Cabban: HA HA (Gets Bonked on the head by Kuzon) Hey! What was that that for!?

Kuzon: (Wiggles finger with eyes closed) You non-potty trained Saiyan's are a real nuisense to be around you know.

Cabban: Grrr, You're not that well either you know....

Kuzon throws Cabban in the air and shoots a bang beam in the air to kill Cabban... Cabban moves away from the beam in a heartbeat, then Cabban flies down and him and Kuzon start to pummel each other one on one. While the battle rages on, meanwhile, Vegeta sits at Master Roshi's, wondering about his long lost cousin......

Bulma: You have a cousin! Wow, even I don't have a cousin....

Vegeta: I always wanted to know if I had a cousin, but my father never had time to tell me, I never knew I had a uncle either, and he said his father was my father's brother, wierd...

Yamcha: After all this time, you finally find out you have a brother, now there's another member of the Vegeta family.....

Vegeta: Now what do you mean by that!?

Yamcha: (Scared) No! Ha ha! I'm just umm,, Oh! I think I hear my mom calling, ha ha!, Gotta go, bye! (Runs out of the room scared and fast)

Vegeta: Weird....he doesn't even know his mom..

At the battle scene, while Vegeta and Yamcha go through their diferences, At the battle scene, Kuzon and Cabban continue their epic battle, Super Saiyan 2 Vs. 134 pounds of evil, or you can call him Cabban..., and Cabban won't stop until Kuzon is dead meat.. what dangers lay ahead for the 2 Saiyan's? Find out next!

Chapter 11: The Ultimate Showdown!Edit

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Vegeta met his long lost cousin, and Kuzon and Cabban continued their epic battle of the century, now, it's time to choose who is the final winner, in the Ultimate Showdown!

At the battle scene.....

Kuzon and Cabban Pummel each other to the death, like Majin Vegeta Vs Goku, A blood fight... Kuzon give a knee to the stomach to Cabban, Cabban punches Kuzon straight in the face, Kuzon elbows Cabban in the back of the neck, Cabban elbows Kuzon in the stomach, and Kuzon throws Cabban to the ground.....

Kuzon: Is that all the great Cabban is got? A few punches and kicks? Please...

Kuzon runs to Cabban and slams him in a wall, Cabban grabs Kuzons chin and flips him over on his side and Kuzon kicks Cabban in the stomach hard and Cabban smashes into a wall again, Gives him multiple punches to the stomach, and kicks him in the face and throws a Ki blast followed by a God Breaker move... Cabban lands on the ground scard up and bloody, Cabban smashes Kuzon in the gut, Kuzon knees Cabban in the face and then Cabban punches Kuzon straight in the face again and kicks him to the ground...

Cabban: Regret what you said yet?

Kuzon: No, but you do....

Cabban: Huh?

Kuzon smashes Cabban in the gut and knees him in the chin, Cabban loses a few teeth...

Cabban: AHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm tooth less almost!

Kuzon give a hard knees to the face again and again and Cabban got sick of it and fliped Kuzon over and smashed him in the gut and threw him in the air, landed in the air and smashed him to the ground....

Kuzon: Now you're toothless...

Cabban: You will regret every word you said...

Cabban tries to punch Kuzon in the face but Kuzon grabed his hand and fliped him over, kicked him in the gut and kneed Cabban in the private....


Kuzon: Life's not fair, especially for you....

Kuzon grabs Cabbans hair and pulls it as hard as he can...


Kuzon: I will never let go until you leave...

Cabban elbows kuzon in the Gut, and punches him in the air Cabban flies to the air and smashes Kuzon in the face to the ground, Kuzon gets up and elbows Cabban in the face on his way down, Cabban spits ups blood and lays on the ground for a few minutes..... Meanwhile Goku shows up at the battle scene...

<Goku: Hey Kuzon, you look torn up...

Kuzon: I am, this battle is deadly... and I have a idea for you..

Goku: What is it Kuzon?

Kuzon: I don't know if it will work, but it should, A Super Spirit Bomb..

Goku: Wh- wha- What!? A Super Spirit bomb! Wow.. I don't know kuzon....

King Kai: (Telapathicly) Yes! That will work!

Goku: Hey King Kai! Are you sure it will Work?

Kuzon: Who's King Kai?

Goku: He is the Kai of the north quadrant of the galaxy, I know him cause I meet him when I die...

Kuzon: Okayyyyyyyy then...

King Kai: Yes, I'm sure it will!

Kuzon: I don't want you to do it yet though, I wanna at least give him a few more hits..

Goku: Okay I'll watch!

Cabban wakes up and gets in fighting stance...

Cabban: You're gonna pay for that!

Cabban and Kuzon start to pummel each other to death, Kuzon punches Cabban, Cabban knees Kuzon, Kuzon smashes Cabban, etc. While Kuzon and Cabban pummel each other, Goku watches in the side lines....

<Goku: Man, Kuzon's almost as great a fighter as me, he's so confident...

'Kuzon and Cabban continue to pummel each other, while Goku waits to form the Super Spirit bomb, will it be the instrument of Cabban's defeat? Find out next!

Chapter 12: Cabbans knock out, Form the Super Spirit Bomb!Edit

Previously on Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan, Cabban and Kuzon went in the final all out battle of the century, and Kuzon had a great idea, Form the Super Spirit bomb! King Kai insisted he do it, and now Cabban's nightmare plan is about to be over!

At the battle scene...

Kuzon gives Cabban a kick in the face and Cabban falls to the ground,...

Kuzon: Okay Goku! Start forming the Spirit bomb! Now!

Kuzon gets pounded in the face by Cabban, Kuzon kicks him in the face to the ground, Kuzon flies to the ground and Him and Cabban pummel each other, while Goku makes the Spirit Bomb. The Spirit bomb starts to form bigger and bigger..

Goku: Hey Kuzon I need you energy! That will be a lot for it!

Kuzon: Okay! Wait!

Kuzon punches Cabban in the face, and throws a Ki blast and Go's up to Goku and gives a lot of energy and the bomb grows bigger..

Kuzon: I'll make sure Cabban don't get in your way.

Cabban: Grr.., What the heck are they doing.. AHH! NOW WHAT KIND OF KI BLAST IS THAT!?!

Kuzon: Here he comes! (Flies down to Cabban and punches him, Cabban flips over Kuzon, Kuzon kicks Cabban in the stomach and They start to pummel each other)

Goku: It's getting bigger, hurry up and get big!

Kuzon tries to keep Cabban from getting to Goku...

Kuzon: The Super bomb will keep him for a while... (Forms the Bomb...)

Kuzon blasts the bomb at Cabban, Cabban tries to dodge the giant bomb, but his hands get hot and Cabban dissapears and appears behind Kuzon and elbows him in the back of the neck, the bomb go's away and Kuzon and Cabban continue to pummel each other..

Goku: Woah, that's the Super Bomb,!

Kuzon: This is you end Cabban, you about to die!

Cabban: What are you talking about!? Your the one who's about to die!

Kuzon kicks Cabban in the stomach to the ground as a final move....

Kuzon: OKAY GOKU! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Goku: Okay, HERE IT GO'S!!!! (Throws Spirit bomb at ground where Cabban is)




Kuzon: AHHH!! AGH

Cabban has been defeated.., and the world is in peace once again. The bomb, and the blinding light fades away from existance. Kuzon and Goku hang in the air with their arms around each others shoulders, bloody, scared up, and tired, like a couple of drunk mean..smiling..

Goku: Ya know what!?

Kuzon: What?.......

Goku: I got, uhhhh, a question...

Kuzon: Yeahhh....

Goku: Do chicken...?....

Kuzon: Haaaa, ahhh...

Goku and Kuzon fall to the ground unconcious, 2 friends together, and with Cabban defeated, the world is in peace, for now...

At Master Roshi's....


Yamcha: Wow! You know, whats taking Goku and Kuzon so long?

Gohan: Wait, everybody's energy just went away.....

Gotan: Maybe Cabban is defeated?

Gohan: His is gone too, lets go check it out...

Goten: Right,


Bulma: Wow, Cabban may actually be dead, I hope he is! And I have a cousin in law now!

Gohan and Goten fly off to find Kuzon and Goku, They eventually find them, and heal them at Kami's, they get new clothes and go back to their normal lives, Kuzon gets a home at the Capsule corp., and life on Earth is livable again, Until the next time everybody! On Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan!

Read the Kuzon Saga here: Kuzon Saga!

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