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Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten
Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Gender: Male
Date of Death: 16 October, Age 738
Maximum Power Level: 3,700
Height: 229 cm or 7'6"
Eye Color: Orange
Organizations: Planet Trade Organization
  • Frieza (boss)
  • Zarbon (leader)
  • Ryugon (comrade)
  • Clen (comrade)
  • Ayato (comrade)

  • "The General will reward me handsomely for your head."
    Unsung Legend

    Buto (ブト) is a member of Zarbon's replacement team after Ledas and Vegeta killed Zarbon's previous team. His name is a pun on the Budo, which is the Japanese translation of Grape.


    After his team of elites is killed by Vegeta and Ledas, Zarbon receives a replacement team led by Buto. Buto and his team are initially assigned to assassinate the crime lord Tenrin who ruled a criminal empire on Planet Frieza 184, but the mission was then given to Chaiva, Cuber, and several other Saiyan children, much to Buto's annoyance.

    Upon the commencement of the Saiyan genocide, Buto and his team are sent to Planet Frieza 114 to kill Ocra and the Saiyan children she is supervising. By the time Zarbon's elites arrive, the children had already escaped the planet while Ocra chose to stay behind. Clen fights Ocra and is briefly defeated; before the Saiyan can react, Ayato finishes her off with a Full Power Energy Wave Volley. After Ocra's death, Buto and his team are able to track the Saiyan children through Cuber's scouter.

    When Buto and his team catch up to the Saiyan children at their destination, Buto orders his subordinates to eliminate their targets on the planet while he himself awaits for their return on one of the the planet's moons. After witnessing multiple explosion from space, Buto attempts to contact his subordinates, but receives no responses. Realizing that they had failed, Buto takes it upon himself to finish what his teammates could not.

    Upon landing, Buto is able to stop the Saiyan children from escaping the planet, but Dogom prevent him from securing his kills. At the conclusion of an intense fight, Dogom kills Buto with the Unpredictable Barrage, destroying the alien's head, shoulders, and arms, while casting his remains into outer space.


    • Blazing Talon – A blue-white ki blade, over a meter in length, that comes out of the right hand
    • Corrected – A small blue-white ki sphere that adheres to surfaces before exploding violently
    • Energy Kick – An orange-white energy wave fired out of a kick
    • Flight – The ability to use ki to fly
    • Full Power Energy Wave Volley – A barrage of powerful energy bolts, fired from alternating palms – Buto's energy waves are blue-white in color.
    • Ki blast – The most basic form of energy attack, fired as a bolt or sphere from the palm – Buto's basic ki blasts are blue-white in color

  • Attack Ball – A space pod used for interstellar travel
  • Battle Armor – Armor worn by Planet Trade Organization personnel
  • Scouter – A communicator used to read Power Levels

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